SPIKE is highly regarded as the world's fastest and most scalable banded system solver. SPIKE is also a poly-algorithm that uses many different strategies to solve large banded systems in parallel and can be used either as a direct scheme or a preconditioned iterative scheme [Link]. SPIKE offers HPC users a new and valuable tool for solving large linear systems.

The current version of the solver is parallelized with MPI to take advantage of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and other parallel architectures. The large number of options/decision schemes available for SPIKE created the need for the automatic generation of a sophisticated decision tree --SPIKE-ADAPT-- that has been developed by Intel. In June 2008, SPIKE and SPIKE-ADAPT have been regrouped into one comprehensive package - named Intel Adaptive Spike-Based Solver - which was released in the Intel whatif website. The SPIKE package proposed here does not include the adaptive layer.

The current version of the SPIKE package only offers real double precision arithmetics and binary codes. New open-source versions are currently in preparation including a shared-memory SPIKE-OpenMP package that can outperform banded threaded LAPACK routines, and a new enhanced SPIKE-MPI package.