E r i c     P o l i z z i

My research group and I are part of the Nanoelectronics Theory and Simulation Laboratory.
Our research has been supported by NSF, Intel and SRC.
Researh group members (with short bio and personal motto), and alumni are listed below (last update 10/2014)

G R O U P     L E A D E R

Eric Polizzi    "There is no spoon"

Prof. Eric Polizzi joined the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty at UMass, Amherst in 2005. He also holds an adjunct faculty position in the department of Mathematics and Statistics since 2014. Prof. Polizzi has an interdisciplinary background with an undergraduate and graduate education in Theoretical and Computational Physics, and a PhD in Applied Mathematics (2001) from the University of Toulouse, France. Prior to joining UMass, he has served as a postdoctoral research associate in Electrical Engineering (2002-2003) and as a senior research scientist in Computer Sciences (2003-2005), both at Purdue University. His awards include the NSF-CAREER Award (2009), the Goldstein Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (2011), and a faculty exceptional merit award (2012). -->[BIO+]<--


"Do what you like.
Like what you do."

Tejas Addagarla (2011-present)
PhD thesis, in progress
MS thesis, Dec. 2012: Geometry Optimization of Molecular Systems Using All-Electron Density Functional Theory in a Real-Space Mesh Framework

Brendan Gavin
"One tends to learn more
when doing things the
hard way"

Brendan Gavin (2011-present)
PhD thesis, in progress
MS thesis, May. 2013: A Non-Linear Eigensolver-Based Alternative to Traditional Self-Consistent Electronic Structure Calculation Methods

James Kestyn
"think small, live big"

James Kestyn (2011-present)
PhD thesis, in progress
Senior Honors thesis, April. 2012:All-Electron Band Structure Calculations Using Real-Space DFT Techniques
Undergraduate RA 2011/2012
REU, Summer 2011

Braegan Spring
"Keep It Simple"

Breagan Spring (2011-present)
PhD thesis, in progress
MS thesis, May. 2014: Enhanced capabilities of the SPIKE algorithm and a new SPIKE-OpenMP solver



Dustin Lagoy (2012-2013)
Senior Honors thesis, April 2013: Nanoscale Electron Transport Through Single Molecules From First Principles
REU, Summer 2012


Zuojing Chen (2007-2013)
PhD thesis, Mar. 2013: Computational All-Electron Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory in Real Space and Real-Time: Applications to Molecules and Nanostructures
MS thesis, Feb. 2010: Efficient Modeling Techniques for Time-Dependent Quantum System with Applications to Carbon Nanotubes


Alan Levin (2010-2012)
MS thesis, May 2012: Reformulation of the Muffin-Tin Problem in Electronic Structure Calculations within the FEAST Framework
Senior Honors thesis, May. 2010: Derivation and Study of New Electron Transport Method for Arbitrary Nanoscale Devices
Position after graduation: Performance Engineer at EMC


Matthew Ferrante (2011-2012)
REU, Summer 2011
Undergraduate RA 2011/2012
Position after graduation: Graduate school ECE- Stanford


Karan Mendiratta (2009-2011)
MS thesis, June 2011: A banded SPIKE Algorithm and solver for shared-memory architectures
Position after graduation: Software Engineer at CISCO


Karthik Prakhya (2010-2011)
Senior Honors thesis, May 2011: Finite Element Method to Solve Spin-Dependent 1D Schrodinger Equation with Open Boundary Conditions
REU, Summer 2010
Position after graduation: Software System Engineer at MITRE


Deyin Zhang (2006-2011)
PhD thesis, Dec. 2010: First Principle Electronic Structure Calculations Within Real-Space Mesh Framework: Application to Atoms, Molecules and Nanostructures
MS thesis, Aug. 2007: Efficient modeling techniques for atomistic-based electronic density calculations
Position after graduation: Senior R&D Engineer at Apache Design Solutions