If you are using FEAST, please consider citing one or more publications below in your work.

Main Reference

  • E. Polizzi,
    Density-Matrix-Based Algorithms for Solving Eigenvalue Problems,
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Specific References

  • Mathematical analysis and convergence studies

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  • Non-Hermitian solver

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  • Hermitian solver using Zolotarev quadrature

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  • Eigenvalue count using stochastic estimates

    E. Di Napoli, E. Polizzi, Y. Saad
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FEAST Framework applied to First-Principle Calculations

  • The self-consistent problem

    B. Gavin, E. Polizzi
    Non-linear Eigensolver-Based Alternative to Traditional SCF Methods
    J. Chem. Phys. 138, 194101 (2013) [Article link] [Preprint]

  • All-Electron Calculations

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  • Time-Domain Propagation

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