ECE242- Data Structures and Algorithms (Fall 2017)

Date Topics Slides Textbook Homework Project
W- 9/6/17 Lecture: Course Introduction [PDF] Chapter-1
F- 9/8/17 Lecture: Arrays I- Intro [PDF] Chap2: 33-52
M- 9/11/17 Lecture: Arrays II- Binary search [PDF] Chap2: 52-64
W- 9/13/17 Lecture: Arrays III- Big O notation [PDF] Chap2: 70-73
T- 9/14/17 Discussion [Project1]
F- 9/15/17 Lecture: Simple Sorting I- Bubble/Selection [PDF] Chap3: 77-95
M- 9/18/17 Lecture: Simple Sorting II- Insertion [PDF] Chap3: 95-108 [HW1]
W- 9/20/17 Lecture: Stacks and Queues I- Stacks [PDF] Chap4:115-131
T- 9/21/17 Discussion [HW1s]
F- 9/22/17 Lecture: Stacks and Queues II- Stacks Applications [PDF] Chap4:150-173
M- 9/25/17 Lecture: Stacks and Queues III- Queues [PDF] Chap4:132-140
W- 9/27/17 Lecture: Stacks and Queues IV- Priority Q [PDF] Chap4:143-149 [Project1s]
T- 9/28/17 Discussion [Project2]
F- 9/29/17 Lecture: Linked List I- Intro [PDF] Chap5:180-192
M- 10/2/17 Lecture: Linked List II- Simple linked-list [PDF] Chap5:193-202 [HW2]
W- 10/4/17 Lecture: Linked-List III- Stack/Queue/List/ADT [PDF] Chap5:203-221
T- 10/5/17 Discussion [HW2s]
F- 10/6/17 Lecture: Linked-List IV- Doubly Linked-List [PDF] Chap5:222-245
T- 10/10/17 Lecture: Recursion I- Intro [PDF] Chap6:251-272 [Mid-Term f16]
W- 10/11/17 Lecture: Recursion II- MergeSort [PDF] Chap6:273-293 [Project2s]
T- 10/12/17 Discussion [Mid-Term f16sol] [Project3]
F- 10/13/17 Lecture: Advanced Sorting I- ShellSort [PDF] Chap7:315-332
M- 10/16/17 Lecture: Advanced Sorting II- QuickSort [PDF] Chap7:333-357 [HW3]
W- 10/18/17 Lecture: Review Mid-semester [PDF]
T- 10/19/17 Discussion [HW3s]
F- 10/20/17 Mid-term
M- 10/23/17 Lecture: Trees I- Trees/Binary Tree/BST [PDF] Chap8:365-378 [HW4]
W 10/25/17 Lecture: Trees II- Search/Insert/Traversal [PDF] Chap8:379-389
T- 10/26/17 Discussion [HW4s]
F- 10/27/17 Lecture: Trees III- Deletion/Display/Array [PDF] Chap8:390-414
M- 10/30/17 Lecture: Trees IV- Red-Black Trees [PDF] Chap9:429-462
W- 11/1/17 Lecture: N/A [Project3s]
T- 11/2/17 Discussion [Project4]
F- 11/3/17 Lecture: Mid-Term: solutions [PDF][Results]
M- 11/6/17 Lecture: Heaps I: Intro/Insert/Remove [PDF] Chap12:579-599 [HW5]
W- 11/8/17 Lecture: Heaps II: Heapify/Heapsort [PDF] Chap12:600-612
T- 11/9/17 Discussion [HW5s]
F- 11/10/17 Lecture: Hash Tables I: Intro/Hashing [PDF] Chap11:519-541
M- 11/13/17 Lecture: Hash Tables II: Collisions/HashFunctions [PDF] Chap11:542-571
W- 11/15/17 Lecture: Graphs I: Intro [PDF] Chap13:615-634 [Project4s]
T- 11/16/17 Discussion [Project5]
F- 11/17/17 Lecture: N/A
M- 11/27/17 Lecture: Graphs II: BFS/DFS/MST [PDF] Chap13:635-660
W- 11/29/17 Lecture: Graphs III: Weighted Graphs MSTW [PDF] Chap14:669-686 [Project5s]
T- 11/30/17 Discussion [Project6]
F- 12/01/17 Lecture: Graphs IV: Weighted Graphs -Dijkstra [PDF] Chap14:687-707
M- 12/04/17 Lecture: N/A [Final f16] [HW6]
W- 12/06/17 Lecture: When to use What+ intro to scientific computing [PDF] [PDF] Chap15: 717-725
T- 12/07/17 Discussion
F- 12/08/17 Lecture: Review Final [PDF]
M- 12/11/17 Lecture:N/A [Final f16sol]