High-Dimensional Signal Processing Group


Marco F. Duarte

Graduate Students

Sushma Suresh Babu - M.Sc. Student, 2020-present.

Undergraduate Students

Kevin Eykholt - NSF REU, Summer 2013; Ph.D. U. Michigan; now at IBM Research.

Ping Fung - NSF REU, Summer 2014; now Graduate Student at UMass Amherst.

Lubin Jian - NSF REU, Summer 2015.

Mark Wagner - Honors Thesis, 2013-2014; Ph.D. UCSD; now at Northrop Grumman.

Derek Foster - Honors Thesis, 2015-2016; now at MITRE.

Maxwell Rapier - Honors Thesis, 2020-2021.


Hamid Dadkhahi - Ph.D. 2016; now at IBM Research.

Dian Mo - M.Sc. 2013, Ph.D. 2018; now at Microsoft Research.

Siwei Feng - M.Sc. 2014, Ph.D. 2019; now Assistant Professor at Soochow University.

Shermin Hamzehei - M.Sc., 2019; now at Bose Corporation.

Byoungdoo Kong - M.Sc, 2020; now at KEPCO.

Karsten Fyhn - Visiting Ph.D. Student, Aalborg University, Fall 2012; now at Philips Denmark.

Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students for our group should have interests or expertise in statistical signal processing, optimization, functional analysis, and machine learning. The research work we are focused on requires a strong background in applied mathematics, probability, and engineering. Take a look at the Research page to find out more about our general interests. Our Department is always looking for good students; if you are interested in our research and possess the required background, please apply to the ECE graduate program - making sure of noting your interest in our research group in your personal statement - and e-mail Prof. Duarte with your CV after submitting your application.

We receive a large number of e-mail messages from students expressing an interest in joining our Department or working with me. Unfortunately we cannot reply to each one of these queries individually, but we do appreciate your interest.

UMass Undergraduate Students

We are interested in working with undergraduate students that want to gain research experience in signal processing. Contact Prof. Duarte by e-mail to arrange for a meeting to discuss potential projects.