David Irwin
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office: Knowles Engineering Building (KEB) 211D
Email: irwin [at] ecs [dot] umass [dot] edu
Phone: 413-545-5822


08/20/2018 Papers on programmable solar and solar performance modeling accepted to BuildSys 2018!
08/03/2018 Paper on cloud index tracking accepted to SoCC 2018!
05/17/2018 I co-organized and co-chair'd the NSF Workshop on Cloud Economics at Stanford! Stay tuned for the final report!
05/12/2018 Received the Barbara H. and Joseph I. Goldstein Outstanding Junior Faculty award!
05/07/2018 Paper on analyzing big energy data to identify faults in energy-inefficient buildings accepted to KDD 2018!
05/01/2018 Paper on mechanisms and policies for solar control accepted to ACM TOSN!
04/15/2018 Papers accepted to ACM e-Energy and IEEE ICDCS on energy data analytics and privacy!
01/07/2018 I am co-chairing the ACM e-Energy Conference! Please submit by 1/22/18!
12/20/2017 I am serving as the TPC Co-Chair for NILM 2018! Please submit by 1/7/18!
11/12/2017 BuildSys paper nominated for best paper award!
10/11/2017 Paper on exposing weather-based privacy threats in big energy data accepted to BigData 2017!
09/21/2017 I am serving as the TPC Co-Chair for ACM e-Energy 2018! Please submit!
08/30/2017 New papers over the summer at SoCC, BuildSys, Greenmetrics, ICCCN, and IEEE IoT
07/01/2017 New NSF grant on Software-defined Solar awarded!
04/02/2017 Eleven new papers this year at SIGMETRICS, e-Energy, ICCPS, TPDS, TCPS, and Internet Computing
08/30/2016 Seven papers accepted over the summer at SC, e-Energy, SmartGridComm, IGSC, BuildSys!
04/12/2016 Two papers on spot markets accepted to HotCloud!
03/21/2016 ICDCS paper on SpotLight accepted!
03/12/2016 News article on MassNZ data center!
02/26/2016 Ribbon cutting for the Massachusetts Net Zero data center we built!
02/12/2016 Google Research Award announced on enhancing the value of preemptible instances!
01/29/2016 Flint paper accepted to EuroSys!
01/10/2016 I am serving as TPC Co-Chair of BuildSys 2016. Please submit!

11/15/2015 Two papers accepted to ICPE!
09/15/2015 NSF grant on creating utility-driven smart energy services announced!
08/31/2015 iProgram paper accepted to BuildSys!
08/06/2015 IGSC paper on optimizing HPC applications for green energy accepted!
07/20/2015 Posted camera-ready version of SoCC paper!
06/20/2015 SoCC paper on optimizing spot markets for batch jobs accepted!
05/28/2015 Posted camera-ready version of e-Energy paper!
05/17/2015 NSF grant on smart meter privacy funded!
04/15/2015 Posted camera-ready version of HPDC paper!
04/01/2015 e-Energy paper on distributed energy storage placement accepted!
03/16/2015 HPDC paper accepted on using spot markets for online Internet services!
01/23/2015 SpotCheck paper accepted to EuroSys!
12/29/2014 Journal version of CHPr paper accepted to Transactions on Smart Grid!

11/06/2014 PowerPlay paper selected as one of top three best papers at BuildSys!
Micorgrid paper selected as one of top three best papers at BuildSys!
08/24/2014 Three papers accepted to BuildSys!
08/20/2014 CloudLab grant funded and Slashdotted!
08/13/2014 Posted recent papers on publications page.

08/05/2014 NSF grant to study Transient Servers funded!
07/31/2014 NSF grant to build programmable building testbed funded!
07/09/2014 Paper on Non-Intrusive Load Identification accepted to SmartGridComm!
07/04/2014 Cloudy Computing journal paper accepted to
04/21/2014 Paper smart meter data analysis accepted to NILM!
04/10/2014 BlinkFS journal paper accepted to SUSCOM!
03/15/2014 Paper on smart meter data analysis accepted to JSAC!
02/28/2014 Paper on transient servers accepted to IEEE Internet Computing!
01/24/2014 Posted final version of PerCom paper
12/11/2014 Paper on Smart Meter Privacy accepted to PerCom 2014!
10/31/2013 I am on the cover of the CoE annual report (article inside)!
10/08/2013 Consider submitting to Workshop on Cloud Analytics, due 11/24
09/13/2013 Two papers accepted to BuildSys 2013!
05/22/2013 Our e-Energy 2013 paper was runner-up for the best paper award!

05/07/2013 My Senior Design Project team featured in Yahoo News article!
04/23/2013 Two papers accepted to IEEE IGCC 2013!
03/21/2013 Paper accepted to ACM e-Energy 2013!
02/28/2013 My research is featured on UMass InPictures website!
02/21/2013 More press coverage on In the Loop!
02/21/2013 Posted final version of Yank paper published in NSDI 2013!
02/20/2013 Article on my research in UMass's Daily Collegian Newspaper!

02/05/2013 Article on CAREER grant posted to UMass Engineering website!
01/16/2013 Paper on energy sharing in microgrids accepted to ICCPS!
01/14/2013 NSF CAREER grant on model-based energy management is awarded!

12/04/2012 Yank paper accepted to NSDI 2013!
11/15/2012 GreenCache paper accepted to MMSys 2013!
09/29/2012 CloudCast paper accepted to IPCCC 2012!
08/10/2012 Released initial energy data set from Smart* Project!
07/09/2012 Journal version of MultiSense paper accepted to MMSJ!
07/06/2012 Paper on linking weather radars to clouds accepted to LCN 2012!
06/17/2012 Blink selected as Pick of the Month in June's issue of the IEEE Sustainable Computing Register!
06/09/2012 My first publication (from '03) was selected as one of the best papers ever at HPDC!
06/07/2012 Paper describing the open release of our energy data accepted to SustKDD 2012!
05/09/2012 Present work on using Intermittent Energy in the Internet at e-Energy 2012 in Madrid!
04/26/2012 Accept faculty position in ECE department at UMass Amherst, starting next fall!
04/13/2012 Posted camera-ready version of both e-Energy papers!
03/25/2012 SmartCharge paper accepted to e-Energy!
03/25/2012 Paper on an Intermittent Energy Internet Architecture accepted to e-Energy!
03/23/2012 Poster on integrating radar networks with the cloud accepted to IGARRS 2012!
02/15/2012 SmartCap paper in best papers session at PerCom!
01/26/2012 Posted camera-ready version of PerCom paper!
12/20/2011 Paper on flattening home electricity demand accepted to PerCom 2012!
12/15/2011 Posted camera-ready version of FC paper on privacy-preserving smart meters.
11/16/2011 Paper on designing privacy-preserving smart meters accepted to FC 2012!
11/02/2011 DiCloud tutorial at the 12th GENI Engineering Conference!
10/31/2011 GreenNets paper re-published in ACM CCR in Best of SIGCOMM Workshops section.
10/10/2011 Posted final versions of both BuildSys papers!
09/17/2011 Two papers on energy management in smart homes accepted to BuildSys 2011!
08/19/2011 GreenNet paper on DR in data centers wins best paper award!
07/18/2011 Paper on predicting solar generation using machine learning accepted to SmartGridComm!
06/13/2011 Posted final version of GreenNet 2011 paper!
04/17/2011 Paper on using demand response in data centers accepted to GreenNet 2011!
03/15/2011 'Knee' paper accepted to Simplex workshop co-located with ICDCS!
01/15/2011 Posted final versions of our ASPLOS (on blinking) and MMSys (on steerable cameras) papers!
11/11/2010 Paper on multiplexing steerable sensors accepted to MMSys 2011!
10/29/2010 Paper on using renewable energy in data centers accepted to ASPLOS 2011!
09/23/2010 Paper on the privacy implications of smart electricity meters accepted to BuildSys 2010.
08/31/2010 NSF SDCI grant awarded on leveraging cloud resources for cyber-physical radar systems!
08/15/2010 Paper on Cloud Network Orchestration accepted to MENS 2010.
06/21/2010 Presentation at SECON 2010 in Boston, MA on Cloudy Computing!
05/25/2010 Seminar at the Green High Performance Computing Educators' Conference in Holyoke, MA.
05/19/2010 Presentation at TridentCom 2010 in Berlin, Germany on ViSE.
03/25/2010 Paper on using weather forecasts in sensor networks accepted to SECON 2010.
02/23/2010 A picture of our latest wind turbine deployment in Western Massachusetts.
02/15/2010 Read a recent post from our lab at MITRE's cloud computing blog.
01/26/2010 Paper on ViSE's integration with GENI accepted to TridentCom 2010.
01/15/2010 Article on ViSE testbed and our work on GENI published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette .
01/11/2010 Check out pictures of our GENI seminar at the University of Puerto Rico, MayagŁez.
01/07/2010 Alabama beats Texas 37-21 to win the College Football National Championship!
12/18/2009 Paper on Negotiation for Cloud Computing accepted to AAMAS.
11/04/2009 Check out the article, released today, describing our two GENI-related ViSE projects.
10/12/2009 The GENI project office awards our project to connect GENI and ViSE to "the Cloud"!
07/01/2009 ViSE team pictured in the article An Update on the GENI Project in July's issue of CCR.
05/20/2009 ViSE project featured on the GENI website front page here! Check it out.
04/01/2009 Early work on multiplexing steerable sensors published as a technical report.
03/31/2009 ViSE demonstration at GEC4 in Miami, Florida.
02/13/2009 SRCP paper presented at EWSN in Cork, Ireland.
01/29/2009 Finish teaching Inside Google course at Williams College.
11/15/2008 SRCP paper accepted to EWSN.
10/29/2008 ViSE presentation at GEC3 in Palo Alto, California
10/01/2008 ViSE GENI project funding awarded!
03/10/2008 Close on our new home in Williamstown, MA.
11/29/2007 Defend Ph.D. dissertation at Duke University.
09/17/2007 Start as Research Fellow at the UMass-Amherst CS department.