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Members of the Forbes Group
Forbes Group 2012

From left to right: Miaomin Zhang, Adam St. Jean, Charley Swofford, Carolina Morell, Jan Panteli, Bhushan Toley (currently at University of Washington) Neil Forbes

Current lab members
Carolina Morell
Jan Panteli
Adam St. Jean
Charley Swofford
Miaomin Zhang
Dana Thornlow
Dr. Yumei Dai, PhD
Dr. Sabha Ganai, MD PhD
Dr. Rachel Kasinskas, PhD
Dr. Byoung-jin Kim, PhD
Dr. Connie J. Rossini, MD
Dr. Raja Venkatasubramanian, PhD
Dr. Bhushan Toley, PhD
Undergraduate Alumni
Brett Babin
Zachary Brentzel
Aaron Behanzin
Carlos Benitez
Sophia Carrell
John Chapin
Kristina Easley
Brittany Forcus
Jean Foster
Dan Ganz
Yuval Harel
Josephine Harrington
Jason Lee
Michael Hunnewell
Marissa McGarry
Alison Paul
Jeremy Sauer
Moira Shea
James Snow
Zach Tropeano-Lovatt
Colin Walsh
Richard B Arenas, MD,
Chief of Surgical Oncology
Baystate Medical Center
Michael A Henson, PhD,
Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts
Vincent M Rotello, PhD
University of Massachusetts
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