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The Dauenhauer research group focuses on the fundamental reaction engineering technology necessary to produce fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass. Renewable carbon sources such as hybrid poplar trees and switchgrass are fundamentally different feedstocks than conventional carbon-sources such as natural gas and petroleum. Biomass exists as a complex mixture of biopolymers which form a solid and fibrous composite material that is highly oxygenated and overfunctionalized. Conversion to fuels and chemicals requires a significant reduction in species size, reduction in the number of functional groups, and overall reduction in oxidation state. Research focused on the development and utilization of inorganic catalysts for biomass transformation will permit the efficient, economical use of non-food-based biomass.



Alex Paulsen's paper on Diffuse Reflectance in situ Spectroscopy of Particles (DRiSP) accepted to ChemSusChem!

We welcome Kristeen Joseph, Saurabh Maduskar, and Katherine Vinter to UMass and the research team!

Andrew Teixeira's papers accepted and published in Langmuir (Link) and Journal of Physical Chemistry C (Link).

Jin Yang graduates and begins her career at Dow Chemical. Congratuations to Jin!

Dauenhauer named a DuPont Young Professor. Full story here.

Dauenhauer named College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Faculty! Full story here.

Dauenhauer awarded NSF CAREER award! Full story here.

Jin Yang's work featured on the cover of Journal of Computational Chemistry. Full story here.

Dauenhauer appointed associate editor of Chemical Engineering Science. Full story here.

Discovery of renewable route to para-xylene plastics! Full story here.

Levoglucosan chemistry highlighted on the cover of Energy and Environmental Science. Full story here.

Mini-Cellulose Discovery Highlighted in Nature Chemistry! Our discovery of the mini-cellulose molecule was published in Energy & Environmental Science (here) and was recently highlighted in Nature Chemistry (here). This discovery was subsequently reported in both Biorefining Magazine (here) and Ethanol Producer Magazine (here).

Dauenhauer Interviewed in Nature Chemistry! Full interview here.

Aerosol Discovery Highlighted in Science! Our recent article revealing our discovery of Reactive Boiling Ejection was highlighted in Science (Science 2011, 331, 1681). Full story here.

Dauenhauer Research Group Partners with ReCommunity. We partner with ReCommunity Recycling to develop advanced energy products based on recycled materials. Full story here.

Dauenhauer Group Awarded Grant from the Northeast Sun Grant Initative. We will explore a novel biomass reactor for autothermal pyrolysis of lignocellulosic feedstocks. Full story here.

Paul Dauenhauer Awarded the Department of Energy - Early Career Award. Full story here.

Paul Dauenhauer Awarded the 3M Nontenured Faculty Award. Full story here.

Dauenhauer Awarded the National Science Foundation EAGER Award. Full story here.

Recent article in Biomass Magazine. Double Down, by Lisa Gibson Click here for more information.

Recent research highlighted in MIT's Technology Review Magazine. Increasing Yield from Gasification by Kevin Bullis. Click here for more information.

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