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Spring 2012 trip to Switzerland

For ten days from May to June, 2012, with the support of the UMass International Programs Office (specifically Ashley Krause) I was able to visit Switzerland to investigate bridges by Robert Maillart and Christian Menn, and also some architectural sites suggested by my colleague Sigrid Miller Pollin of UMass architecture and design. Thanks also to my friend Rob Higley who loaned me his nice Pentax DSLR camera for the trip.

Here are moderate resolution versions of the photographs I took.  They can be used freely for non-commercial purposes with proper acknowledgement. You can download full resolution versions by clicking the 'listing' link on each page.

Salginatobel - Schiers
Sunniberg - Klosters
Stauffacher - Zurich
Felsenau - Bern
Schwandbach - near Rueggisberg
Rossgraben - Rossgraben (near Rueggisberg)
Zuoz - Zuoz
Ganter - Brig
Antonius Kirche - Basel
Centre Le Corbusier - Zurich
Atelier 5 Siedlung - Halen