Images of ice shells constructed at Johns Hopkins University in the winter of 2004 by undergraduates Liakos Ariston, Tom Lydigsen, Andy Myers, and Ben McKay.The shells were formed using weather baloons and cheesecloth painstakingly stapled into large sheets by Liakos.



The first attempt, inspired by Heinz Islers pneumatic forms.The now upright icicles provide evidence of the upside down construction.



Liakosí next attempt, a three legged alien on the lawn in front of Latrobe Hall, the civil engineering building at Hopkins.Unfortunately this was built during the winter break, so few got to observe it.


Once school was back in session, on what was to turn out to be the last really cold night of the Baltimore winter, Liakos, Tom, and Andy built one more thin shell in a very prominent location on campus.It attracted masses of inquiring people thenext day before collapsing in the noontime sun.Following is a series of images of this structure.



Liakos in the background with the garden sprayers used to place the water.



Andy Myers posing for scale with his creation.



Close up of the dome surface.



Failure mode!