JHU CE 560.728: Stochastic Micromechanics



The course builds on the knowledge gained in classes on structural mechanics and solid mechanics, extending the concepts of those classes in two directions, (1) the inclusion of uncertainty in problems in mechanics and (2) consideration of mechanics phenomena which occur at small scales.  Students completing the course should


  1. have the necessary background in the theory of stochastic processes and fields for addressing problems in stochastic micromechanics
  2. be able to calculate from material measurements the types of statistics which are useful in quantifying material microstructure
  3. be able to develop probabilistic models for material microstructures of broad classes of engineering materials
  4. evaluate the connection between uncertainty in microstructural material properties and response variability in engineering systems
  5. Identify aspects of their own research in which material microstructure may play an important role and apply the techniques of the class to address such problems.



Sandstone microstructure
Concrete microstructure

Structures notes for Kim