JHU CE 560.786: Structural Reliability



Sanjay Arwade

202 Latrobe Hall


office hours by appointment


Lectures: MW 5:00-6:15, Latrobe 107


Homework #1
Homework #2

This course presents methods for calculating the probability of failure for engineering systems.  Emphasis is placed on structural systems relevant to the practice of civil engineering.  A review of the necessary probability and statistics concepts is included so that the course should be accessible to any graduate student with even a rudimentary knowledge of probability and statistics.  The following topics will be covered:


  1. Review of probability and statistics
  2. Random vector and stochastic processes
  3. Probability models for loads
  4. Probability models for materials and property degradation
  5. Structural reliability theory
  6. Reliability of structural systems
  7. Series systems
  8. Parallel systems
  9. Load combinations
  10. Application of reliability to the development of design codes



Homework 15%

Midterm 35%

Project 50%