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UTC Student of the Year

Each Year a student is selected as Student of the Year, highlighting his or her achievements and promise for future contributions to the transportation field.

UMass UTC 2009 Outstanding Student of the Year

Steven Andrews, M.S. 2009

Mr. Andrew's research focused on using determining how transportation system emergency evacuations fare in the face of disasters. Modeling gives operators the ability to discover bottlenecks, determine the potential benefit of using lane reversals, and find out the influence of evacuation speed on system efficiency. Steven used TransCAD, an off-the-shelf regional modeling software package for his research. Steven earned his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, and his M.S. in Civil Engineering from UMass in 2009. The title of his thesis is "Computer-Assisted Emergency Evacuation Planning Using TransCAD: Case Studies in Western Massachusetts".

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