Dr. Paul W. Shuldiner
Professor Emeritus

B.S.C.E. - University of Illinois, 1951
M.S.C.E. - University of Illinois, 1953
Eng.D. - UC Berkeley, 1961

Research Interests:
Transportation engineering, transportation and regional planning, environmental assessment.

Dr. Shuldiner is Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he served from 1971 until retirement in 2003. He also served as the Director of the University of Massachusetts Transportation Center from 1999 until June 2006. He is currently the Principal Investigator for the UMass Regional Traveler Information Center.

He has been Deputy Director, National Transportation Planning Study conducted for the President's Advisory Commission on Management Improvement at the National Academy of Sciences. He was Chief of Systems Planning and Acting Deputy Director, Office of High Speed Ground Transportation at the U.S. Department of Transportation. He is a founding Principal and Vice President of Transfomation Systems, Inc., a professional consulting firm engaged in the application of video and machine vision technology to transportation planning and traffic engineering.

Dr. Shuldiner's many published works include the following books and papers: The Technology of Urban Transportation , An Analysis of Urban Travel Demands , “Video Technology in Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning”, “Using Video Technology to Conduct the 1991 Boston Regional External Cordon Survey”.

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