Current UMTC Research Projects
Toolkit and Mapping for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVES)

Dr. Michael A. Knodler Jr., Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Sponsor: Massachusetts State Police

UMassSafe has developed and maintains a Transportation Safety Data Warehouse that houses 13 databases from 8 data owners with almost 150 years of cumulative safety data. As part of this grant project, UMassSafe will work with data owners to create agreements authorizing and enabling the sharing of that data with the MSP for their internal analysis and planning. After such agreements are created and authorized by data owners a data transfer and sharing plan will be developed with MSP to include what data will be shared in what format, how the data will be transferred, what security measures will be implemented, how the data will be stored and used. A tool will be created to enable the MSP access to this data, this tool will be pilot tested and then regular data sharing will be implemented. 1.) Provision of access for MSP to multiple Massachusetts highway safety datasets. 2.) Provision of on-going technical assistance to MSP CVES with data collection, data access, and analysis. 3.) Development and maintenance of an electronic web based toolbox framework for public information and education materials for law enforcement personnel, as well as other CMV safety stakeholders, on CMV data quality and prevention countermeasures. 4.) Development and/or updating of police training TEACH curriculum materials for use by MSP CVES. 5.) Development or expansion of query and/or mapping tools targeting high visibility CMV enforcement and deployment methods.

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