Current UMTC Research Projects
Integrated Transportation Payment Systems: Principles, Concepts, and Applications

John Collura, Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Wayne Burleson, Co-Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Kevin Fu, Co-Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Sponsor: University of Massachusetts, President's Office Science and Technology Initiative

Transportation agencies across the country are now more than ever trying to think of ways to reduce operating costs and increase revenues while at the same time improve customer convenience and quality of service. Integrated transportation payment systems (ITPS) have the potential of doing all of the above provided the general public and elected officials perceive that these payment systems are secure, preserve privacy and do not lead to fraud. The product of this education project will be a graduate level internet based course on the subject of transportation payment systems. The emphasis on the course will be on integrated transportation payment systems which by definition serve all modes of surface transportation and involve public agencies from all levels of government and political jurisdictions and in some cases in a multi-state region. In addition, an integrated system balances interests in increasing efficiency, mobility and customer convenience with concerns for security and privacy. The course will involve five faculty from three New England UTC campuses and include twelve, 2 ½ hour modules, three quizzes, and two, 2 hour examinations. This course will be offered to students enrolled in the U.S. DOT Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate Program and other distance based transportation certificate and graduate degree programs.

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