Current UMTC Research Projects
Development of a Conceptual Framework toward an Integrated Transportation System

Dr. Daiheng Ni, Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Sponsor: New England University Transportation Center, Region 1

United States relies heavily on an efficient and safe transportation system. However, such a system is facing many critical issues, among which congestion and safety are the foremost ones. While no single solution can respond to all transportation problems, there is a growing demand for integrated solutions that could address many of the problems and could potentially lead to fundamental changes in the way that transportation systems are managed and operated in the decades to come. This research envisions an integrated transportation system based on simulation and sensor technology where global-level traffic control will be proactive, local-level traffic control will be cooperative, and vehicle-level control will be attentive. Underlying this research are sensor technology which enables ubiquitous situation-awareness and transportation simulation which assists decision-making at these three levels. Recognizing that such an integrated transportation system is not feasible in a single step, this research intends to advance the current state-of-the-practice towards such a system by achieving the following objectives: (1) develop a conceptual framework of the integrated transportation system, (2) identify enabling technologies for the framework, and (3) design a prototype application under the framework.

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