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Regional Traveler Information Center
The Regional Traveler Information Center (RTIC) is a joint venture of the University of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) in collaboration with the Regional Planning Agencies and Transit Authorities of Western Massachusetts. RTIC is managed by the UMass Transportation Center with operational and facility support provided by UMass Transit Services. Established in 1999 to provide traffic congestion information related to the reconstruction of the Coolidge Bridge connecting Hadley and Northampton, RTIC currently provides a wide range of travel-related information for the I-91 Corridor and other areas in the Pioneer Valley by means of its website,
UMass Amherst Human Performance Laboratory
The Human Performance laboratory contains a new state-of-the art driving simulator. This fully instrumented vehicle can be used for on-the-road experimenting in transportation engineering.
Baystate Roads Program
The Baystate Roads Program provides a wide variety of free publications and videos from an extensive library of transportation and training tapes. They also offer free training and information workshops that can be arranged to cover community-specific concerns as well as scheduled workshops held throughout Massachusetts.
UMass Transit
UMass Transit provides busing for the Five Colleges and has routes throughout Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, Sunderland, Belchertown and Deerfield. The bus is free for students.
Massachusetts Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)
MTAP coordinates and delivers customized in-house workshops to Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) personnel throughout the state. Technical training is at the core of this program, however, personal development topics are also included to meet the needs of both technical and administrative staff.
Massachusetts Cooperative Research Program (MCRP)
Supports the Massachusetts Transportation Research Program and facilitates the use of the resources of the multiple campus system of UMass and other State Colleges for transportation research, technology transfer, and technology implementation.
UMassSafe Traffic Safety Research Program
UMassSafe is a multidisciplinary traffic safety research program that houses a statewide data warehouse, conducts transportation safety research on various topics, and translates research into the development of highway safety programs.

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