Transportation Organizations
Council of University Transportation Center
The Council of University Transportation Center (CUTC) was established in 1979 by the major transportation research centers and institutes in the United States. CUTC provides a forum for the Universities and Centers to interact collectively with government and industry.
MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
The MIT Center's site contains information regarding transportation projects, graduate theses, and staff.
National LTAP Association
The Local Technical Assistance Program is a national network of centers that seek to rapidly and inexpensively deliver training and technical assistance to connect customers with current advances in transportation technology.
New England University Transportation Center (Region 1)
The University Transportation Centers program was created to attract the nation's best talent to the study of transportation. It established ten university transportation centers, one each in the ten standard Federal regions, to provide a national resource for research and education in both freight and passenger transportation.
New England Transportation Consortium
The New England Transportation Consortium (NETC) pools the financial, professional and academic resources of the region and uses them to research and develop improved methods of dealing with common problems in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction and operation of transportation systems in the participating states.
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AASHTO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing highway and transportation departments in the United States. The site contains news and information about their various programs and services.
Intelligent Transportation Society of America
Intelligent transportation systems encompass a range of wireless and wireline communication, control and electronics technologies integrated into transportation systems and vehicles themselves.
Intelligent Transportation Society of Massachusetts
ITS Massachusetts serves as a forum and a resource for information about ITS projects, activities, and opportunities throughout the state.
American Society of Civil Engineers
The American Society of Civil Engineers works to provide career resources and quality information to Civil Engineers.
The I-95 Corridor Coalition
The I-95 Corridor Coalition is a regional partnership of public and private transportation agencies, toll authorities, and industry associations serving the northeast United States from Maine to Virginia. The coalition is dedicated to addressing ITS solutions to shared transportation problems and challenges.

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