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ACRPS 1Innovative Finance and Alternative Sources of Revenue for Airports
ACRPS 2Airport Aviation Activity Forecasting
CEP/ASCE Volume 1Number 1 Spring 1986
CEP/ASCE Volume 1Number 2 Fall 1986
CEP/ASCE Volume 2Number 1 Spring 1987
CEP/ASCE Volume 2Number 2 Fall 1987
CEP/ASCE Volume 3Number 1 Spring 1988
CEP/ASCE Volume 3Number 2 Fall 1988
CEP/ASCE Volume 4Number 1 Spring 1989
CEP/ASCE Volume 4Number 2 Fall 1989
CEP/ASCE Volume 5Number 1 Spring 1990
CEP/ASCE Volume 5Number 2 Fall 1990
CEP/ASCE Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 1991
CEP/ASCE Volume 6 Number 2 Fall 1991
CEP/ASCE Volume 7Number 1 Spring 1992
CEP/ASCE Volume 7Number 2 Fall 1992
CEP/ASCE Volume 8Number 1 Spring/Summer 1993
CEP/ASCE Volume 8Number 2 Fall/Winter 1993
CEP/ASCE Volume 9Number 1 Spring/Summer 1994
CEP/ASCE Volume 9Number 2 Fall/Winter 1994
CEP/ASCE Volume 10Number 1 Spring Summer 1995
CEP/ASCE Volume 10 Number 2 Fall/Winter 1995
CEP/ASCE Volume 11Number 1 Spring/Summer 1996
CEP/ASCE Volume 11Number 2 Fall/Winter 1996
CEP/ASCE Volume 12Number 1 Spring/Summer 1997
CEP/ASCE Volume 12Number 2 Fall/Winter 1997
CEP/ASCE Volume 13Number 1 Spring/Summer 1998
CEP/ASCE Volume 13Number 2 Fall/Winter 1998
CEP/ASCE Volume 14Number 1 Spring/Summer 1999
CEP/ASCE Volume 14Number 2 Fall/Winter 1999
CEP/ASCE Volume 15Number 1 Spring/Summer 2000
CEP/ASCE Volume 15Number 2 Fall/Winter 2000
CEP/ASCE Volume 16Number 1 Spring/Summer 2001
CEP/ASCE Volume 16Number 2 Fall/Winter 2001
CEP/ASCE Volume 17Number 1 Spring/Summer 2002
CEP/ASCE Volume 17Number 2 Fall/Winter 2002
CEP/ASCE Volume 18Number 1 Spring/Summer 2003
CEP/ASCE Volume 18Number 2 Fall/Winter 2003
CEP/ASCE Volume 19Number 1 Spring/Summer 2004
CEP/ASCE Volume 19Number 2 Fall/Winter 2004
CEP/ASCE Volume 20Number 1 Spring/Summer 2005
CEP/ASCE Volume 20Number 2 Fall/Winter 2005
CEP/ASCE Volume 21Number 1 Spring/Summer 2006
CEP/ASCE Volume 21Number 2/Fall/Winter 2006
CEP/ASCE Volume 22Number 1 Spring/Summer 2007
CRRD 1Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report, October 2002
CRRD 2Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report, November 2003
CRRD 3Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report, December 2004
CRRD 4Individual Differences and the "High-Risk" Commercial Driver
CRRD 5Training of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drives
CRRD 6Operational Differences and Similarities Among the Motor Coach, School Bus, and Trucking Industries
CRRD 7Motorcoach Industry Hours of Service and Fatigue Management Techniques
CRRD 8Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Belt Usage
CRRD 9Literature Review on Health and Fatigue Issues Associated with Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Hours of Work.
CTBSSP 5Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report
CTBSSP 11Impact of Behavior-Based Safety Techniques on Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
CTBSSP 12Commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Management Certification
CTBSSP 13Effectiveness of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Curricula and Delivery Meathods
CTBSSP 14The Role of Safety Culture in Preventing Commercila Motor Vehicle Crashes
CTBSSP 15Health and Wellness Programs for Commercial Drivers
Fall/Winter 1994New England Journal of Public Policy
HRB 297Forecasting Highway Trips
HRB 39Bibliography: Automobile Parking
HRB 44Bibliography: Parking
HRB 47Bibliography: Parking
HRB 54Bibliography : Parking
HRB 55Pavement Temperatures: Annotated Bibliography
HRB 92Evaluation of Mutually Exclusive Design Projects
HRB 93Improved Street Utilization Through Traffic Engineering
HRB 126Structural Design of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Systems
HRB 127Guide to Compounds of Interest in Cement and Concrete Research
HRB 128Automation Systems for Highway Organizations
HRB 129The Changeable Message Concept of Traffic Control
HRB 130Measures of the Quality of Traffic Service
HRB 131State of the Art: Compaction of Asphalt Pavements
HRB 132Systems for Building Bridges
HRB 133Pavement Evaluation Using Road Meters
HRB 134Highway Visibility
HRB 136Demand-Responsive Transportation Systems
HRB 137Public Transportation Research Needs
HRB 140Structural Design of Asphalt Concrete Pavement To Prevent Fatigue Cracking
HRB 142Citizen Participation in Transportation Planning
HRB 144Issues in Public Transportation
HRB 146Issues in Statewide Transportation Planning
HRB 147Demand-Responsive Transportation
HRB 148Innovations in Construction and Maintenance of Transportation Facilities
HRR 49Traffic and Operations - General, 1963
HRR 89Traffic Flow Theory
HRR 100Engineering Economy
HRR 102Urban Transportation Planning Techniques and Concepts
HRR 106Economic Forecasting
HRR 130Shopping Centers and Parking
HRR 141 Origin and Destination
HRR 148Transportation System Evaluation
HRR 165Origin and Destination: Advances in Transportation Planning
HRR 166Highway Corridor Planning and Land Acquisition
HRR 168Parking
HRR 169Highway Research & Urban Transportation Planning in Other Countries
HRR 180Transportation System Analysis & Evaluation of Alternate Plans
HRR 182Highways and Environmental Quality
HRR 183Shifting Emphasis in Transportation & Its Implications for Research
HRR 191Origin and Destination Characteristics
HRR 208Freeway Traffic Characteristics
HRR 213Passenger Transportation
HRR 229 Transportation System Planning & Current Census Techniques for Planning
HRR 233Public Attitudes Toward Highway Improvements
HRR 237Parking
HRR 238Transportation System Evaluation
HRR 240Developing Transportation Plans
HRR 245Economic Factors Influencing Engineering Decisions
HRR 250Origin and Destination Technology
HRR 252Highway Costs and Finance
HRR 258Selected Problems in Eminent Domain Law
HRR 260Legal Studies
HRR 264Statewide Transportation Planning
HRR 266Manpower Planning and Personal Training
HRR 267Parking
HRR 271Planning: Conservation of the Physical Environment
HRR 282Soil Theories: Reinforced Earth, Displacements, Bearing, & Seepage
HRR 283Travel Factors & Travel Models
HRR 297Improvements in the Transportation Planning Process
HRR 309Transportation Analysis: Past & Prospects
HRR 314Costs & Benefits of Transportation Planning
HRR 318Mass Transportation
HRR 321Highway Capacity & Quality Of Service
HRR 322Travel Analysis
HRR 326Development of Wisconsin's Integrated Operation System
HRR 355Pedestrians
HRR 357Quality Assurance, Concrete Construction, Bridge Deck Coating, & Joint Seals
HRR 359Maintenance Operations & Applied Systems Engineering
HRR 360Frost Action & Drainage
HRR 361Asphaltic Concrete Pavements & Constituent Materials
HRR 362Pavement Systems
HRR 363Operational Improvements for Freeways
HRR 364Driving Simulation
HRR 365Improvement of Transportation Safety
HRR 368Accomplishments in Freeway Operations
HRR 369Choice of Travel Mode & Considerations in Travel Forecasting
HRR 370Concrete
HRR 371Highway Design Practices
HRR 372Design and Construction of Highways in Urban Areas
HRR 373Design of Culverts, Energy Dissipators, and Filter Systems
HRR 374Soil: Compaction, Classification, and Laterities
HRR 375Aerial Surveys & Photogrammetry
HRR 376Anti-Skid Program Management & Related Papers
HRR 377Visibility
HRR 378Nondestructive Testing on Concrete
HRR 379Cement-Stabilized Soil
HRR 381Compaction & Stabilization
HRR 382Loading History of Bridges
HRR 383Transportation Costs
HRR 384Traffic Records
HRR 385Bituminous Construction & Quality Control
HRR 387Manpower Management
HRR 388Freeway Operations & Control
HRR 389Concrete Pavement Construction & Joint Sealants
HRR 390 Geometric Design: Implications & Vehicle Noise
HRR 391Maintenance Systems: Estimating Maintenance Costs, Solid-Waste Disposal Systems, Maintenance Station Locations, Manager Training, & Equipment Management (7)
HRR 392Transportation Demand & Analysis Techniques
HRR 393Frost Action in Soils
HRR 395Parking Allocation Techniques
HRR 396Pavement Friction Characteristics & Water Depths
HRR 398Highway Capacity & Quality of Service Evaluation
HRR 400Bridge Design, Construction, & Repair
HRR 401Intermodal Transportation Planning at the State, Multistate, & National Scale
HRR 402Emergency Communications
HRR 403Transit for the Poor, the Aged, and the Disadvantaged
HRR 404Asphalt Mixture Characterization & Asphalt Grading
HRR 405Soils & Bases: Characteristics, Classification, & Planning
HRR 406Pedestrian Protection
HRR 407Pavement Technology
HRR 408Transportation Planning for Natural Resource & Recreation Development
HRR 409Traffic Flow Characteristics & Models
HRR 410Use of Economic, Social, and Environmental Indicators in Transportation Planning
HRR 411Planting & Managing Highway Roadsides
HRR 412Nuclear Applications, Pipe Corrosion, & Aggregate and Glass Bead Testing
HRR 413Soil-Structure Interaction: A Symposium
HRR 414Motorist Information Systems
HRR 415Mass Transportation: Application of Current Technology
HRR 416Lighting
HRR 417Public Transportation & Passenger Characteristics
HRR 418New Tire Studs, Alternate Traction Aids, and Wear Resistant Pavement
HRR 419Public Transportation for Small & Medium-Sized Cities
HRR 421Remote Sensing for Highway Engineering
HRR 422Land Use & Transportation Planning
HRR 423Concrete Properties & Performance
HRR 424Unionization in Highway & State Transportation Departments
HRR 426Soil Classification
HRR 427Advanced Transportation Systems & Technology
HRR 428Bridge Evaluation & Analysis
HRR 429Soils: Loess, Suction, and Frost Action
HRR 430Utilization of Waste Materials and Upgrading of Low Quality Aggregates
HRR 431Soil Mechanics: Design
HRR 432Relations Between Geometric Design & Operations
HRR 433Corrosion, Concrete, & Quality Control
HRR 434Performance of Composite Pavement, Overlays, & Shoulders
HRR 435Transportation Systems Planning and Analysis
HRR 436Pedestrians and Safety
HRR 437Geometrics
HRR 438Soil Compaction and Corrugations
HRR 439Passenger Transportation Characteristics in Urban Areas
HRR 440Visibility and Driver Information
HRR 441Grading of Concrete Aggregates
HRR 442Soil Stabilization
HRR 443Structural Performance of Drainage Structures
HRR 444Parking Demand & Allocation
HRR 446Travel Behavior
HRR 447Materials for Pavement Marking & for Joints in Concrete Structures
HRR 448Noise Abutement and Control
HRR 449Transit Planning and Development
HRR 450Motorist Communications and Services
HRR 451Highway & Bridge Maintenance: Operations, Costs, & Modeling
HRR 452Photogrammetric Analysis of Urban & Rural Environments
HRR 453Traffic: Capacity, Delay, and Quality of Service
HRR 454Construction
HRR 455Application of Interactive Graphics to Transportation Systems Planning
HRR 456Traffic Flow: Properties & Theory
HRR 457Soil Slopes & Embankments
HRR 458Transportation Planning Improvement Priorities
HRR 459Evaluation of Bus Transit Strategies
HRR 460Traffic Safety barriers and Lighting Supports
HRR 461Effectiveness of Traffic Operational Measures
HRR 462Education in Transportation Systems Planning
HRR 464Driver Behavior: Research Methods
HRR 465Air Pollution Controls for Urban Transportation
HRR 466Pavement Systems Analyses
HRR 467Transportation Systems Planning & Resource Allocation
HRR 468Asphalt & Asphalt Mix Technology
HRR 469Freeway Operational Improvements
HRR 470Citizen Participation & Social Indicators
HRR 471Evaluation of Pavement Surface Properties & Vehicle Interaction
HRR 472Transportation Forecasting
HRR 476Price-Subsidy Issues in Urban Transportation
HRR 477Winter Driving Traction Aids
HRR 478Management of Research
HRR 479Highways and the Catastrophic Floods of 1972
IDEAHigh-Speed Rail: New IDEAs for High-Speed Rail
IDEANCHRP Highway: New IDEAs for Highway Systems
ITSITS/Operations Resource Guide 2002
ITS Dynamic Lane Merge System: Reducing Aggressive Driving and Optimizing Throughput at Work Zone Merges in Michigan
ITS Real-Time Work Zone Traffic Control System: Using an Automated Traffic Information System to Reduce Congestion and Improve Safety During Reconstruction of the I-55 Lake Springfield Bridge in Illinois
ITS The Future of Transportation Starts Here
ITS Work Zone and Travel Time System: Reducing Congestion with the Use of a Traffic Management Contract Incentive During the Reconstruction of Arizona State Route 69
JCCE 7Number 2
JCEM 121 1Routing Large Vehicles on Industrial Construction Sites
JCEM 121 2Improving Construction Safety by Providing Positive Feedback on Backup Alarms
JCEM 121 3Rational Design of Shoring-Tower-Based Formwork
JCEM 121 4Constructibility Information Classification Scheme
JCEM 122 1Construction Engineers Driving Into the 21st Century
JCEM 122 2Fully Automated Rebar CAD/CAM System: Economic Evaluation and Field Implementation
JCEM 122 3Organizing and Managing a Finance-Design-Build Project in Turkey: Fourth Roebling Lecture, 1995
JCEM 122 4Culture of Using Mobile Cranes for Building Construction
JCEM 123 1The Architect/Engineer's Role in Rehabilitation Work
JCEM 123 2International Trends in Building and Construction Research
JCEM 123 3Crew Design Methodology for Construction Contractors
JCEM 123 4Field Implications of Current Compaction Specification Design Practices
JCEM 124 1Competitive Bidding Strategy Model and Software System for Bid Preparation
JCEM 124 2Impact of Subcontracting on Site Productivity: Lessons Learned in Taiwan
JCEM 124 3Construction of the New Coleman Bridge: Fifth Roebling Lecture, 1997
JCEM 124 4Interactions between Construction Planning and Influence Factors
JEE The Art and Science of Engineering Education Research
JME 10 1Seminars: A Tool for Marketing Professional Services
JME 10 2What is The Market Value of Your Firm?
JME 10 3Consolidation in the Environmental Engineering Industry
JME 10 4Redefining Public Involvement
JME 10 5Mentoring for Consulting Engineers
JME 10 6Six Steps to Better Recruiting
JME 11 1Taking the Pain Out of Performance Appraisals
JME 11 2Straight From the Source
JME 11 3Planning for Succession
JME 11 4Re-engineering Rationale
JME 11 5The Importance of Civil Engineering Leadership in the Government Sector
JME 11 6Think Value Engineering
JME 12 1 It's Project Management, Stupid!
JME 12 2Thinking Ahead with Forward Pricing
JME 12 3Partnering for Performance
JME 12 4Controlling Overhead Costs
JME 12 5Assessing ESOP's
JME 12 6Consensus! Students Need More Management Education
JME 13 1Meeting the Challenges of the Next Century
JME 13 2Getting Business You're Not Really Looking For
JME 13 3The Constructibility Review Process: A Constructor's Perspective
JME 13 4Our Work in Perspective
JME 13 5Engineering and Construction: Building a Stronger Global Industry
JME 13 6Documenting Defensively
JME 14 1Techniques for Administrative Creativity in Local Government
JME 14 2Speak Out: The Engineer as Communicator
JME 14 3Into the 21st Century: A Great Time to Be a Civil Engineer
JPT Vol. 7 No. 4Journal of Public Transportation
JTE 109Number 3
JTE 109Number 5
JTE 109Number 6
JTE 110Number 1
JTE 110Number 2
JTE 110Number 3
JTE 110Number 4
JTE 110Number 5
JTE 110Number 6
JTE 111Number 1
JTE 111Number 2
JTE 111Number 3
JTE 111Number 4
JTE 111Number 5
JTE 111Number 6
JTE 112Number 1
JTE 112Number 2
JTE 112Number 3
JTE 112Number 4
JTE 112Number 5
JTE 112Number 6
JTE 113Number 1
JTE 113Number 2
JTE 113Number 3
JTE 113Number 4
JTE 113Number 5
JTE 113Number 6
JTE 114Number 1
JTE 114Number 2
JTE 114Number 3
JTE 114Number 4
JTE 114Number 5
JTE 114Number 6
JTE 116Number 1
JTE 116Number 2
JTE 116Number 3
JTE 116Number 4
JTE 116Number 5
JTE 116Number 6
JTE 117Number 1
JTE 117Number 2
JTE 117Number 3
JTE 117Number 4
JTE 117Number 5
JTE 117Number 6
JTE 118Number 1
JTE 118Number 2
JTE 118Number 3
JTE 118Number 4
JTE 118Number 5
JTE 118Number 6
JTE 119Number 1
JTE 119Number 2
JTE 119Number 3
JTE 119Number 4
JTE 119Number 5
JTE 119Number 6
JTE 120Number 1
JTE 120Number 2
JTE 120Number 3
JTE 120Number 4
JTE 120Number 5
JTE 120Number 6
JTE 121Number 4
JTE 121Number 6
JTE 122Number 2
JTE 122Number 3
JTE 122Number 5
JTE 123Number 1
JTE 123Number 2
JTE 123Number 5
JTE 123Number 6
JTE 124Number 1
JTE 124Number 2
JTE 124Number 3
JTE 124Number 4
JTE 124Number 5
JTE 124Number 6
JTE 125Number 1
JTE 125Number 2
JTE 125Number 3
JTE 125Number 4
JTE 125Number 5
JTE 125Number 6
JTE 126Number 1
JTE 126Number 2
JTE 126Number 3
JTE 126Number 4
JTE 126Number 5
JTE 126Number 6
JTE 127Number 1
JTE 127Number 2
JTE 127Number 3
JTE 127Number 4
JTE 127Number 5
JTE 127Number 6
JTE 128Number 1
JTE 128Number 2
JTE 128Number 3
JTE 128Number 4
JTE 128Number 5
JTE 128Number 6
JTE 129Number 1
JTE 129Number 2
JTE 129Number 3
JTE 129Number 4
JTE 129Number 5
JTE 130Number 4
JTS 1Number 1
JTS 1Number 2
JTS 1Number 3
JTS 2Number 1
JTS 2Number 2
MISC Books 
NACEMembership Directory 2002-2003
NCHRP2002 Summary of Progress
NCHRP2003 Summary of Progress
NCHRP2004 Summary of Progress
NCHRP2005 Summary of Progress
NCHRP2006 Summary of Progress
NCHRPProgress Report 95: For the Period July 1 Through December 31, 2001
NCHRPSummary of Progress December 31, 1999
NCHRPSummary of Progress December 31, 2000
NCHRPSummary of Progress December 31, 2001
NCHRP Leveraging Resources for Better Transportation
NCHRP Milestones 2002
NCHRP 24Urban Travel Patterns for Airports, Shopping Centers and Industrial Plants
NCHRP 33Values of Time Savings of Commercial Vehicles
NCHRP 41Effect of Control Devices on Traffic Operations
NCHRP 44Traffic Attraction of Rural Outdoor Recreational Areas
NCHRP 49National Survey of Transportation Attitudes and Behavior Phase 1 Summary Report
NCHRP 53Multiple Use of Lands Within Highway Rights-of-Way
NCHRP 55Research Needs in Highway Transportation
NCHRP 58Comparative Analysis of Traffic Assignment Techniques With Actual Highway Use
NCHRP 71Analytical Study of Weighing Methods for Highway Vehicles in Motion
NCHRP 96Strategies for the Evaluation of Alternative Transportation Plans
NCHRP 119Control of Highway Advertising Signs: Some Legal Problems
NCHRP 123Development of Information Requirements and Transmission Techniques for Highway Users
NCHRP 124Improved Criteria for Traffic Signal Systems in Urban Networks
NCHRP 125Optimization of Density and Moisture Content Measurements by Nuclear Methods
NCHRP 127Snow Removal and Ice Control Techniques at Interchanges
NCHRP 128Evaluation of AASHO Interim Guides for Design of Pavement Structures
NCHRP 129Guardrail Crash Test: New Concepts and End Designs
NCHRP 130Roadway Delineation Systems
NCHRP 132Relationships Between Physiographic Units and Highway Design Factors
NCHRP 133Procedures for Estimating Highway User Costs, Air Pollution, and Noise Effects
NCHRP 134Damages Due to Drainage, Runoff, Blasting and Slides
NCHRP 135Promising Replacements for Conventional Aggregates for Highway Use
NCHRP 137Roadside Development: Evaluation of Research
NCHRP 138Instrumentation for Measurement of Moisture: Literature Review and Recommended Research
NCHRP 139Flexible Pavement Design and Management: Systems Formulation
NCHRP 140Flexible Pavement Design and Management: Materials Characterization
NCHRP 141Changes in Legal Vehicle Weights and Dimensions: Some Economic Effects on Highways
NCHRP 142Valuation of Air Space
NCHRP 143Bus Use of Highways: State of the Art
NCHRP 144Highway Noise: A Field Evaluation of Traffic Noise Reduction Measures
NCHRP 145Improving Traffic Operations and Safety at Exit Gore Areas
NCHRP 146Alternative Multimodal Passenger Transportation Systems: Comparative Economic Analysis
NCHRP 147Fatigue Strength of Steel Beams with Welded Stiffeners and Attachments
NCHRP 149Bridge Rail Design: Factors, Trends and Guidelines
NCHRP 150Effects of Curb Geometry and Location on Vehicle Behavior
NCHRP 151Locked-Wheel Pavement Skid Tester Correlation and Calibration Techniques
NCHRP 152Warrants for Highway Lighting
NCHRP 153Recommended Procedures for Vehicle Crash Testing of Highway Appurtenances
NCHRP 154Determining Pavement Skid-Resistance Requirements at Intersections and Braking Sites
NCHRP 155Bus Use of Highways: Planning and Design Guidelines
NCHRP 156Transportation Decision-Making: A Guide to Social and Environmental Considerations
NCHRP 157Crash Cushions of Waste Materials
NCHRP 158Selection of Safe Roadside Cross Sections
NCHRP 159Weaving Areas: Design and Analysis
NCHRP 160Flexible Pavement Design and Management: Systems Approach Implementation
NCHRP 161Techniques for Reducing Roadway Occupancy During Routine Maintenance Activities
NCHRP 163Design of Bent Caps for Concrete Box-Girder Bridges
NCHRP 164Fatigue Strength of High-Yield Reinforcing Bars
NCHRP 165Waterproof Membranes for Protection of Concrete Bridge Decks: Laboratory Phase
NCHRP 166Waste Materials as Potential Replacements for Highway Aggregates
NCHRP 167Transportation Planning for Small Urban Areas
NCHRP 168Rapid Measurement of Concrete Pavement Thickness and Reinforcement Location: Field Evaluation of Nondestructive Systems
NCHRP 169Peak-Period Traffic Congestion: Options for Current Programs
NCHRP 171Highway Fog: Visibility Measures and Guidance Systems
NCHRP 172Density Standards for Field Compaction of Granular Bases and Subbases
NCHRP 173Highway Noise: Generation and Control
NCHRP 174Highway Noise: A design Guide for Prediction and Control
NCHRP 175Freeway Lane Drops
NCHRP 176Studded Tires and Highway Safety: Feasibility of Determining Indirect Benefits
NCHRP 180Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks: Laboratory Phase
NCHRP 184Influence of Combined Highway Grade and Horizontal Alignment on Skidding
NCHRP 185Grade Effects on Traffic Flow Stability and Capacity
NCHRP 186Travel Estimation Procedures for Quick Response to Urban Policy Issues
NCHRP 188Fatigue of Welded Steel Bridge Members Under Variable-Amplitude Loadings
NCHRP 189Quantifying the Benefits of Separating Pedestrians and Vehicles
NCHRP 190Use of Polymers in Highway Concrete
NCHRP 191Effect of Air Pollution Regulations on Highway Construction and Maintenance
NCHRP 192Predicting Moisture-Induced Damage to Asphaltic Concrete
NCHRP 193Beneficial Effects Associated with Freeway Construction: Environmental, Social, and Economic
NCHRP 194Traffic Control in Oversaturated Street Networks
NCHRP 195Minimizing Premature Cracking in Asphalted Concrete Pavement
NCHRP 196Reconditioning Heavy-Duty Freeways in Urban Areas
NCHRP 197Cost and Safety Effectiveness of Highway Design Elements
NCHRP 198State Laws and Regulations on Truck Size and Weight
NCHRP 199Evaluating Options in Statewide Transportation Planning/Programming: Techniques and Applications
NCHRP 200Monitoring Carbon Monoxide Concentrations in Urban Areas
NCHRP 201Acceptance Criteria for Electro slag Weldments in Bridges
NCHRP 202Improved Pavement-Shoulder Joint Design
NCHRP 203Safety at Narrow Bridge Sites
NCHRP 204Bridge Deck Joint-Sealing Systems: Evaluation and Performance Specification
NCHRP 205Implementing Packages of Congestion-Reducing Techniques: Strategies for Dealing With Institutional Problems of Cooperative Programs
NCHRP 206Detection and Repair of Fatigue Damage in Welded Highway Bridges
NCHRP 207Upgrading of Low-Quality Aggregates for PCC and Bituminous Pavements
NCHRP 208Market Opportunity Analysis for Short-Range Public Transportation Planning: Procedures for Evaluating Alternative Service Concepts
NCHRP 209Market Opportunity Analysis for Short-Range Public Transportation Planning: Transportation Services for the Transportation Disadvantaged
NCHRP 210Market Opportunity Analysis for Short-Range Public Transportation Planning: Economic, Energy, and Environmental Impacts
NCHRP 211Market Opportunity Analysis for Short-Range Public Transportation Planning: Goals and Policy Development, Institutional Constraints, and Alternative Organizational Arrangements
NCHRP 212Market Opportunity Analysis for Short-Range Public Transportation Planning: Method and Demonstration
NCHRP 213Bayesian Methodology for Verifying Recommendations to Minimize Asphalt Pavement Distress
NCHRP 218AEcological Effects of Highway Fills on Wetlands: Research Report
NCHRP 218BEcological Effects of Highway Fills on Wetlands: User's Manual
NCHRP 222Bridges on Secondary Highways and Local Roads: Rehabilitation and Replacement
NCHRP 223Maintenances Levels-of-Services Guidelines
NCHRP 229Methods for Analyzing Fuel Supply Limitations on Passenger Travel
NCHRP 231State Transportation Finance Within the Context of Energy Constraints
NCHRP 232Guidelines for Selection of Ramp Control Systems
NCHRP 233Selecting Traffic Signal Control at Individual Intersections
NCHRP 234Galvanic Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks
NCHRP 235Effectiveness of Changeable Message Displays in Advance of High-Speed Freeway Lane Closures
NCHRP 236Evaluation of Traffic Controls for Highway Work Zones
NCHRP 237Locating Voids Beneath Pavement Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Waves
NCHRP 238Estimating Exceedances and Design Values from Urban Ozone Monitoring Network Data
NCHRP 239Multiple-Service-Level Highway Bridge Railing Selection Procedures
NCHRP 240A Manual to Determine Benefits of Separating Pedestrians and Vehicles
NCHRP 242Ultrasonic Measurement of Weld Flaw Size
NCHRP 243Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bridges on Secondary Highways and Local Roads
NCHRP 244Concrete Sealers for Protection of Bridges Structures
NCHRP 246Predicting Moisture-Induced Damage to Asphaltic Concrete: Field Evaluation
NCHRP 247Effectiveness of Clear Recovery Zones
NCHRP 249Peak-Hour Traffic Signal Warrant
NCHRP 250New Approaches to Understanding Travel Behavior
NCHRP 251Assessment of Deficiencies and Preservation of Bridge Substructures Below the Waterline
NCHRP 252Adding Dust Collector Fines to Asphalt Paving Mixtures
NCHRP 253Application of Disaggregate Travel Demand Models
NCHRP 256Partial Lighting of Interchanges
NCHRP 257Long-Term Rehabilitation of Salt-Contaminated Bridge Decks
NCHRP 259Design of Emulsified Asphalt Paving Mixtures
NCHRP 261Cost-Effectiveness of Transportation Services for Handicapped Persons: Research Report
NCHRP 262Planning Transportation Services for Handicapped Persons: User's Guide
NCHRP 263Simplified Procedures for Evaluating Low-Cost TSM Projects: User's Manual
NCHRP 264Guidelines for the Management of Highway Runoff on Wetlands
NCHRP 265Removal of Lead-Based Bridge Paints
NCHRP 266Forecasting Inputs to Transportation Planning
NCHRP 267 Steel Bridge Members Under Variable Amplitude Long Life Fatigue Loading
NCHRP 268Influence of Asphalt Temperature Susceptibility on Pavement Construction and Performance
NCHRP 269Paving with Asphalt Cements Produced in the 1980's
NCHRP 270 Parameters Affecting Stopping Sight Distance
NCHRP 271Guidelines for Evaluation and Repair of Damaged Steel Bridge Members
NCHRP 272Performance of Weathering Steel in Bridges
NCHRP 274Use of Antistripping Additives in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures: Laboratory Phase
NCHRP 277Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Evaluation System: Copes
NCHRP 278Cathodic Protection of Concrete Bridge Substructures
NCHRP 279Intersection Channelization Design Guide
NCHRP 280Guidelines for Evaluation and Repair of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members
NCHRP 281Joint Repair Methods for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
NCHRP 282Multilane Design Alternatives for Improving Suburban Highways
NCHRP 283Training Aid for Applying NCHRP Report 263: Simplified Procedures for Evaluating Low-Cost TSM Projects
NCHRP 284Evaluation of Procedures Used to Measure Cement and Water Content in Fresh Concrete
NCHRP 285Evaluating Alternative Maintenance Strategies
NCHRP 286Evaluation of Fatigue Tests and Design Criteria of Welded Details
NCHRP 287Load Distribution and Connection Design for Precast Stemmed Multibeam Bridge Superstructures
NCHRP 288Evaluating Grade-Separated Rail and Highway Crossing Alternatives
NCHRP 289Performance of Longitudinal Traffic Barriers
NCHRP 291Development of Pavement Structural Subsystems
NCHRP 292Strength Evaluation of Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridges
NCHRP 293Methods of Strengthening Existing Highway Bridges
NCHRP 294APlanning and Implementing Pedestrian Facilities in Suburban and Developing Rural Areas: Research Report
NCHRP 294BPlanning and Implementing Pedestrian Facilities in Suburban and Developing Rural Areas: State-of-the-Art Report
NCHRP 295Automated Field Survey Data Collection System
NCHRP 296Durability of In-Place Concrete Containing High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures
NCHRP 297Evaluation of Bridge Deck Protective Strategies
NCHRP 298Performance of Elastomeric Bearings
NCHRP 299Fatigue Evaluation Procedures for Steel Bridges
NCHRP 300Bridge Management Systems
NCHRP 301Load Capacity Evaluation of Existing Bridges
NCHRP 302Fatigue and Fracture Evaluation for Rating Riveted Bridges
NCHRP 304Determining Deteriorated Areas in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Using Radar and Video Imaging
NCHRP 305Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation of Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)
NCHRP 306Correlation of Bridge Load Capacity Estimates with Test Data
NCHRP 307Public and Private Partnerships for Financing Highway Improvements
NCHRP 309Protection of Pipelines Through Highway Roadbeds
NCHRP 310Dealing With Hazardous Waste Sites: A Compendium for Highway Agencies
NCHRP 311Predicting Stop-and-Go Traffic Noise Levels
NCHRP 312Condition Surveys of Concrete Bridge Components - User's Manual
NCHRP 313Corrosion Protection of Prestressing Systems in Concrete Bridges
NCHRP 314Guidelines for the Use of Weathering Steel in Bridges
NCHRP 315Potential Benefits of Geosynthetics in Flexible Pavement Systems
NCHRP 316Laboratory Evaluation of Piles Installed with Vibratory Drivers
NCHRP 317Transient Protection, Grounding, and Shielding of Electronic Traffic Control Equipment
NCHRP 318Roadside Safety Design for Small Vehicles
NCHRP 319Recommended Guidelines for Redundancy Design and Rating of Two-Girder Steel Bridges
NCHRP 320Guidelines for Converting Stop to Yield Control at Intersections
NCHRP 321Welded Repair of Cracks in Steel Bridge Members
NCHRP 322Design of Precast Prestressed Bridge Girders Made Continuous
NCHRP 323Travel Characteristics at Large-Scale Suburban Activity Centers
NCHRP 324Evaluation of Safety Roadside Rest Areas
NCHRP 325Low Temperature Behavior and Acceptance Criteria for Elastomeric Bridge Bearings
NCHRP 327Determining Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Structural Properties by Nondestructive Testing
NCHRP 328Forecasting the Basic Inputs to Transportation Planning at the Zonal Level
NCHRP 331Strategic Planning and Management Guidelines for Transportation Agencies
NCHRP 332Framework for Development of Performance-Related Specifications for Asphaltic Hot-Mix Concrete
NCHRP 333Guidelines for Evaluating Corrosion Effect in Existing Steel Bridges
NCHRP 334Improvement in Data Acquisition Technology for Maintenance Management Systems
NCHRP 335Acceptance Criteria for Steel Bridge Welds
NCHRP 336Distortion-Induced Fatigues Cracking in Steel Bridges
NCHRP 338Asphalt-Aggregate Mixture Analysis System (AAMAS)
NCHRP 341Bond and Insurance Coverages for Highway Construction Contractors
NCHRP 342Primer on Transportation, Productivity and Economic Development
NCHRP 343Manuals for the Design of Bridge Foundations: Shallow Foundations, Driven Piles, Retaining Walls and Abutments, Drilled Shafts, Estimating Tolerable Movements, Load Factor Design Specifications and Commentary
NCHRP 344Maintenance Contracting
NCHRP 346Implementation Strategies for Sign Retroreflectivity Standards
NCHRP 347Civil Engineering Careers: Awareness, Retention, and Curriculum
NCHRP 347IICivil Engineering Careers: A User's Guide for Awareness, Retention, and Curriculum Programs
NCHRP 348Access Management Guidelines For Activity Centers
NCHRP 349Maintenance Considerations in Highway Design
NCHRP 351Hazardous Wastes in Highway Rights-of-Way
NCHRP 352Inelastic Rating Procedures for Steel Beam and Girder Bridges
NCHRP 353Effects of Heavy-Vehicle Characteristics on Pavement Response and Performance
NCHRP 354Resistance of Welded Details Under Variable Amplitude Long-Life Fatigue Loading
NCHRP 355Notch Toughness Variability in Bridge Steel Plates
NCHRP 356Anchorage Zone Reinforcement for Post-Tensioned Concrete Girders
NCHRP 357Measuring State Transportation Program Performance
NCHRP 358Recommended Practices for Use of Traffic Barrier and Control Treatments for Restricted Work Zones
NCHRP 359Adaptation of Geographic Information Systems for Transportation
NCHRP 360Professional Development of Maintenance Engineers and Managers
NCHRP 361Field Demonstrations of Advanced Data Acquisition Technology for Maintenance Management
NCHRP 362Roadways Widths for Low-Traffic-Volume Roads
NCHRP 363Role of Highway Maintenance in Interated Management Systems
NCHRP 364Public Outreach Handbook for Departments of Transportation
NCHRP 365Travel Estimation Techniques for Urban Planning
NCHRP 366Guidelines for Effects Maintenance-Budgeting Strategies
NCHRP 367Long-Term Performance of Geosynthetics in Drainage Applications
NCHRP 368Calibration of LRFD Bridge Design Code
NCHRP 369Use of Shoulders and Narrow Lanes to Increase Freeway Capacity
NCHRP 370Performance of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel in Highway Bridges
NCHRP 371State Departments of Transportation: Strategies for Change
NCHRP 372Support Under Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
NCHRP 373Use of Antistripping Additives in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures: Field Evaluation
NCHRP 374Effect of Highway Standards on Safety
NCHRP 375Median Intersection Design
NCHRP 376Customer-Based Quality in Transportation
NCHRP 378Recommended Guidelines for Sealing Geotechnical Exploratory Holes
NCHRP 379Guidelines for the Development of Wetland Replacement Areas
NCHRP 380Transverse Cracking in Newly Constructed Bridge Decks
NCHRP 381Report on the 1995 Scanning Review of European Bridge Structures
NCHRP 382Facilitating the Implementation of Research Findings: A Summary Report
NCHRP 383Intersection Sight Distance
NCHRP 384Plasma Arc Cutting of Bridge Steels
NCHRP 385Comparisons of the 1994 Highway Capacity Manual's Ramp Analysis Procedures and the FRESIM Model
NCHRP 386Design and Evaluation of Large-Stone Asphalt Mixes
NCHRP 387Planning Techniques to Estimate Speeds and Service Volumes for Planning Applications
NCHRP 389Macroeconomic Analysis of the Linkages Between Transportation Investments and Economic Performance
NCHRP 390Constructibility Review Process for Transportation Facilities
NCHRP 391Constructibility Review Process for Transportation Facilities: Workbook
NCHRP 392Pavement Marketing Materials: Assessing Environment-Friendly Performance
NCHRP 393Design and Construction Guidelines for Downdrag on Uncoated and Bitumen-Coated Piles
NCHRP 394Improving transportation Data for Mobile Source Emission Estimates
NCHRP 395Capacity and Operational Effects of Midblock Left-Turn Lanes
NCHRP 396Instrumentation for Measuring Scour at Bridge Piers and Abutments
NCHRP 397ASonar Scour Monitor: Installation, Operation and Fabrication Manual
NCHRP 397BMagnetic Sliding Collar Scour Monitor: Installation, Operation and Fabrication Manual
NCHRP 399Multimodal Corridor and Capacity Analysis Manual
NCHRP 402Fatigue Design of Modular Bridge Expansion Joints
NCHRP 405Aggregate Tests Related to Asphalt Concrete Performance in Pavements
NCHRP 406Redundancy in Highway Bridge Superstructures
NCHRP 407Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks
NCHRP 408Corrosion of Steel Piling in Nonmarine Applications
NCHRP 409Quality Control and Acceptance of Superpave-Designed Hot Mix Asphalt
NCHRP 410Silica Fume Concrete for Bridge Decks
NCHRP 411Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaries and Traffic Signals
NCHRP 412Fatigue-Resistant Design of Cantilevered Signal, Sign and Light Supports
NCHRP 413Development of an HOV Systems Manual
NCHRP 414HOV Systems Manual
NCHRP 415Evaluation of Unbonded Portland Cement Concrete Overlays
NCHRP 416Alternative Approaches to the Taxation of Heavy Vehicles
NCHRP 417Highway Infrastructure Damage Caused by the 1993 Upper Mississippi River Basin Flooding
NCHRP 418Research on the Relationship Between Economic Development and Transportation Investment
NCHRP 419Tourism Travel and Transportation System Development
NCHRP 420Impacts of Access Management Techniques
NCHRP 421Economic Trends and Multimodal Transportation Requirements
NCHRP 422Maintenance QA Program Implementation Manual
NCHRP 423ALand Use Impacts of Transportation: A Guidebook
NCHRP 424Improved Design Specifications for Horizontally Curved Steel Girder Highway Bridges
NCHRP 425Designing Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures for Rut-Resistant Pavements Part 1: Summary of Research Results, Part 2: Mixture Design Method, Construction Guidelines, and Quality Control/Quality Assurance Procedures
NCHRP 426CAESAR: An Expert System for Evaluation of Scour and Stream Stability
NCHRP 427Implementation Plan for Automating Highway-Materials Testing
NCHRP 428Guidebook for Highway Contracting for Innovation: The Role of Procurement and Contracting Approaches in Facilitating the Implementation of Research Findings
NCHRP 429HDPE Pipe: Recommended Material Specifications and Design Requirements
NCHRP 430Improved Safety Information To Support Highway Design
NCHRP 431Valuation of Travel-Time Savings and Predictability in Congested Conditions for Highway User-Cost Estimation
NCHRP 432High-Load Multi-Rotational Bridge Bearings
NCHRP 433Guidelines for Developing and Maintaining Successful Partnerships for Multimodal Transportation Projects
NCHRP 434Guidelines for Longitudinal Pavement Profile Measurement
NCHRP 435Guidebook for Transportation Corridor Studies: A Process for Effective Decision-Making
NCHRP 436Guidance for Communicating the Economic Impacts of Transportation Investments
NCHRP 437Collection and Presentation of Roadway Inventory Data
NCHRP 438Recommended LRFD Specifications for Plastic Pipe and Culverts
NCHRP 440Accident Mitigation Guide for Conjested Rural Two-lane Highways
NCHRP 441Segregation in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements
NCHRP 442Systems Approach to Evaluating Innovations for Integration into Highway Practice
NCHRP 443Primer: Environmental Impact of Construction and Repair Materials on Surface and Ground Waters
NCHRP 444Compatibility of a Test for Moisture-Induced Damage with Superpave Volumetric Mix Design
NCHRP 445Debris Forces on Highway Bridges
NCHRP 446A Guidebook for Performance-Based Transportation Planning
NCHRP 447Testing and Inspection Levels for Hot-Mix Asphaltic Concrete Overlays
NCHRP 448Environmental Impact of Construction and Repair Materials in Surface and Ground Waters: Summary of Methodology, Laboratory Results, and Model Development
NCHRP 449Elastomeric Bridge Bearings: Recommended Test Methods
NCHRP 451Guidelines for Warranty, Multi-Parameter, and Best Value Contracting
NCHRP 453Performance-Related Tests of Aggregates for Use in Unbound Pavement Layers
NCHRP 454Calibration of Load Factors for LRFR Bridge Evaluation
NCHRP 455Recommended Performance-Related Specifications for Hot-Mix Asphalt Construction: Results of the WesTrack Project
NCHRP 456Guidebook for Assessing the Social and Economic Effects of Transportation Projects
NCHRP 457Evaluating Intersection Improvements: An Engineering Study Guide
NCHRP 458Redundancy in Highway Bridge Substructures
NCHRP 459Characterization of Modified Asphalt Binders in Superpave Mix Design
NCHRP 460Guidelines for the Implementation of Multimodal Transportation Location Referencing Systems
NCHRP 461Static and Dynamic Lateral Loading of Pile Groups
NCHRP 462Quantifying Air-Quality and Other Benefits and Costs of Transportation Control Measures
NCHRP 463Economic Implications of Congestion
NCHRP 464The Restricted Zone in the Superpave Aggregate Gradation Specification
NCHRP 465Simple Performance Test for Superpave Mix Design
NCHRP 466Desk Reference for Estimating the Indirect Effects of Proposed Transportation Projects
NCHRP 467Performance Testing for Modular Bridge Joint Systems
NCHRP 468Contributions of Pavement Structural Layers to Rutting of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
NCHRP 469Fatigue-Resistant Design of Cantilevered Signal, Sign and Light Supports
NCHRP 470Traffic-Control Devices for Passive Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
NCHRP 471Evaluation of Roadside Features to Accommodate Vans, Minivans, Pickup Trucks and 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles
NCHRP 472Comprehensive Specification for the Seismic Design of Bridges
NCHRP 473Recommended Specifications for Large-Span Culverts
NCHRP 474Assessing the Impacts of Bridge Deck Runoff Contaminants in Receiving Waters Volume 1: Final Report
NCHRP 474Assessing the Impacts of Bridge Deck Runoff Contaminants in Receiving Waters Volume 2: Practitioner's Handbook
NCHRP 475A Procedure for Assessing and Planning Nighttime Highway Construction and Maintenance
NCHRP 476Guidelines for Design and Operation of Nighttime Traffic Control for Highway Maintenance and Construction
NCHRP 477Recommended Practice for Evaluation of Metal-Tensioned Systems in Geotechnical Applications
NCHRP 478Relationship of Superpave Gyratory Compaction Properties to HMA Rutting Behavior
NCHRP 479Short Term Monitoring for Compliance with Air Quality Standards
NCHRP 480A Guide to Best Practices for Achieving Context Sensitive Solutions
NCHRP 482Guidelines for Selecting Compensatory Wetlands Mitigation Options
NCHRP 483Bridge Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
NCHRP 484Feasibility Study for an All-White Pavement Marking System
NCHRP 490In-Service Performance of Traffic Barriers
NCHRP 495Effect of Truck Weight on Bridge Network Costs
NCHRP 496Prestress Losses in Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Bridge Girders
NCHRP 497Financing and Improving Land Access to U.S. Intermodal Cargo Hubs
NCHRP 498Illumination Guidelines for Nighttime Highway Work
NCHRP 500V 7: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Collisions on Horizontal Curves
NCHRP 500V 8: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Utility Poles
NCHRP 500V 9: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Older Drivers
NCHRP 500V 10: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Pedestrians
NCHRP 500V 12: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Collisions at Signalizes Intersections
NCHRP 500V 14: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Crashes Involving Drowsy Drivers and Distracted Drivers
NCHRP 500V 15: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Enhancing Rural Emergency Medical Services
NCHRP 501V 17: Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan : A Guide for Reducing Work Zone Collisons
NCHRP 502Geometric design Consistency on High-Speed Rural Two-Lane Roadways
NCHRP 503Application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites to the Highway Infrastructure
NCHRP 504Design Speed, Operating Speed, and Posted Speed Practices
NCHRP 505Review of Truck Characteristics as Factors in Roadway Design
NCHRP 506Quality and Accuracy of Positional Data in Transportation
NCHRP 507Load and resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Deep Foundations
NCHRP 508Accelerated Laboratory Rutting Tests: Evaluation of the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer
NCHRP 509Equipment for Collecting Traffic Load Data
NCHRP 510Interim Planning for a Future Strategic Highway Research Program
NCHRP 511Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities
NCHRP 512Accelerated Pavement Testing: Data Guidelines
NCHRP 513Simple Performance Tester for Superpave Mix Design: First-Article Development and Evaluation
NCHRP 514Bonded Repair and Retrofit of Concrete Structures Using FRP Composites
NCHRP 515Portable Scour Monitoring Equipment
NCHRP 516Pier and Contraction Scour in Cohesive Soils
NCHRP 517Extending Span Ranges of Precast Prestressed Concrete Girders
NCHRP 518Safety Evaluation of Permanent Raised Pavement Markers
NCHRP 519Connection of Simple Span Precast Concrete Girders for Continuity
NCHRP 520Sharing Information between Public Safety and Transportation Agencies for Traffic Incident Management
NCHRP 521Identification of Research Needs Related to Highway Runoff management
NCHRP 522A Review of DOT Compliance With GASB 34 Requirements
NCHRP 523Optimal Timing of Pavement Preventive Maintenance Treatment Applications
NCHRP 524Safety of U-Turns at Unsignalized Median Openings
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 1: Responding to Threats: A field Personnel Manual
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 2: Information Sharing and Analysis Centers: Overview and Supporting Software Features
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 3: Incorporating Security Into the Transportation Planning Process
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 4: A Self-Stude Course On Terrorism- Related Risk Management of Highway Infrastructure
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 5: Guidance for Transportation Agencies on Managing Sensitive Information
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 6: Guide for Emergency Transportation Operations
NCHRP 525Surface Transportation Security Volume 7: Guide for Emergency Transportation Operations
NCHRP 526Snow and Ice Control: Guidelines for Materials and Methods
NCHRP 527Integral Steel Box-Beam Pier Caps
NCHRP 528Thermally Sprayed Metal Coatings to Protect Steel Pilings: Final Report and Guide
NCHRP 529Guideline and Recommended Standard for Geofoam Applications in Highway Embankments
NCHRP 530Evaluation of Indirect Tensile Test (IDT) Procedures for Low-Temperature Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt
NCHRP 531Relationship of Air Voids, Lift Thickness, and Permeability in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
NCHRP 532Effective Methods for Environmental Justice Assessment
NCHRP 533Handbook for Predicting Stream Meander Migration
NCHRP 534Guidelines for Inspection and Stength Evaluation of Suspension Bridge Parallel-Wire Cables
NCHRP 535Predicting Air Quality Effects of Traffic-Flow Improvements: Final Reports and User's Guide
NCHRP 536/TCRP 106Guidance to Foster Collaborative Multimodal Decision Making
NCHRP 537Recommended Guidelines for Curb and Curb Barrier Installations
NCHRP 538Traffic Data Collection, Analysis, and Forcasdting for Mechanistic Pavement Design
NCHRP 539Aggregate Properties and the Performance of Superpave-Designed Hot Mix Asphalt
NCHRP 540Guidelines for Early-Opening-to-Traffic Portland Cement Concrete for Pavement Rehabilitation
NCHRP 541Consideration of Environmental Factors in Transportation Systems Planning
NCHRP 542Evaluating Cultural Resource Significance: Implimentation Tools
NCHRP 543Effective Slab Width for Composite Steel Bridge Members
NCHRP 544Environmentally Sensitive Channel- and Bank-Protection Measures
NCHRP 545Analytical Tools for Asset Management
NCHRP 546Incorporating Safety into Long-Range Transportation Planning
NCHRP 548A Guidebook for Including Access Management in Transportation Planning
NCHRP 549Simplified Shear Design of Structural Concrete Members
NCHRP 550/TCRP 110Commuting in America III: The third National Report on Communting Patterns and Trends
NCHRP 551Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management
NCHRP 552Guidelines for Analysis of Investments in Bicycle Facilities
NCHRP 554Aesthetic Concrete Barrier Design
NCHRP 555Test Meathods for Charachterizing Agregate Shape, Texture and Angularity
NCHRP 556Design and Construction Guidelines for Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments with a Flexible Facing
NCHRP 557Aggregate Tests for Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures Used in Pavements
NCHRP 558Manual on Service Life of Corrosion-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridge Superstructure Elements
NCHRP 561Best-Value Procurement Methods for Highway Cosntruction Projects
NCHRP 562/TCRP112Improving Pedestrian Safety and Unsignalized Crossings
NCHRP 563Development of LRFD Specification for Horicontally Curved Steel Girder Bridges
NCHRP 565Evaluation of Best Management Practices for Highway Runoff Control
NCHRP 567Volumetric Requirements for Superpave Mix Design
NCHRP 568Riprap Design Critera, Recommended Specification, and Quality Control
NCHRP 569Comparative Review and Analysis of State Transit Funding Programs
NCHRP 570Guidebook for Freight Policy, Planning, and Programming in Small- and Medium- Sized Metropolitan Areas
NCHRP 572Roundabouts in the United States
NCHRP 573Superpave Mix Design: Verifying Gyration Levels in the Ndesign Table
NCHRP 574Guidance for Cost Estimation and Management for Highway Projects During Planning, Programming, and Preconstruction
NCHRP 576TransXML: XML Schemas for Exchange of Transportation Data
NCHRP 577Guidelines for the Selectioon of Snow and Ice Control Materials to Mitigate Environmental Impacts
NCHRP 578Evaluating Air Entraining Admixtures for highway Conctrete
NCHRP 579Application of LRFD Bridge Design Specs. To Highway Streength Structural Concrete: Shear Provisions
NCHRP 581Design of Highway Work Zones on High-speed Highways
NCHRPD 319Bridge Deck Joint Performance
NCHRPD 320Intergrating Freight Facilities and Operations with Community Goals
NCHRPD 321Roadway Safety Tools for Local Agencies
NCHRPD 323Recruiting and Retraining Individuals in State Transportation Agencies
NCHRPD 324Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems to Limit Traffic Disruption During Construction
NCHRPD 325Significant Findings from Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing
NCHRPD 326Strategic Planning and Decision Making in State Departments of Transportation
NCHRPS 6Principles of Project Scheduling and Monitoring
NCHRPS 9Pavement Rehabilitation: Materials and Techniques
NCHRPS 10Recruiting, Training and Retaining Maintenance and Equipment Personnel
NCHRPS 11Development of Management Capability
NCHRPS 12Telecommunications Systems for Highway Administration and Operations
NCHRPS 13Radio Spectrum Frequency Management
NCHRPS 14Skid Resistance
NCHRPS 15Statewide Transportation Planning: Needs and Requirements
NCHRPS 16Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
NCHRPS 17Pavement Traffic Marking: Materials and Application Affecting Serviceability
NCHRPS 18Erosion Control on Highway Construction
NCHRPS 19Design, Construction and Maintenance of PCC Pavement Joints
NCHRPS 21Highway Location Reference Methods
NCHRPS 22Maintenance Management of Traffic Signal Equipment and Systems
NCHRPS 23Getting Research Findings into Practice
NCHRPS 24Minimizing Deicing Chemical Use
NCHRPS 25Reconditioning High-Volume Freeways in Urban Areas
NCHRPS 26Roadway Design in Seasonal Frost Areas
NCHRPS 27PCC Pavements for Low-Volume Roads and City Streets
NCHRPS 28Partial-Lane Pavement Widening
NCHRPS 29Treatment of Soft Foundations for Highway Embankments
NCHRPS 30Bituminous Emulsions for Highway Pavements
NCHRPS 31Highway Tunnel Operations
NCHRPS 32Effects of Studded Tires
NCHRPS 33Acquisition and Use of Geotechnical Information
NCHRPS 34Policies for Accommodation of Utilities on Highway Rights-Of-Way
NCHRPS 35Design and Control of Freeway Off-Ramp Terminals
NCHRPS 36Instrumentation and Equipment for Testing Highway Materials, Products and Performance
NCHRPS 37Lime-Fly Ash-Stabilized Bases and Subbases
NCHRPS 38Statistically Oriented End-Result Specifications
NCHRPS 39Transportation Requirements for the Handicapped, Elderly and Economically Disadvantaged
NCHRPS 40Staffing and Management for Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Assessments
NCHRPS 41Bridge Bearings
NCHRPS 42Design of Pile Foundations
NCHRPS 44Consolidation of Concrete for Pavements, Bridge Decks, and Overlays
NCHRPS 49Open-Graded Friction Courses for Highways
NCHRPS 50Durability of Drainage Pipe
NCHRPS 51Construction Contract Staffing
NCHRPS 52Management and Selection Systems for Highway Maintenance Equipment
NCHRPS 53Precast Concrete Elements for Transportation Facilities
NCHRPS 54Recycling Materials for Highways
NCHRPS 55Storage and Retrieval Systems for Highway and Transportation Data
NCHRPS 56Joint-Related Distress in PCC Pavement: Cause, Prevention and Rehabilitation
NCHRPS 57Durability of Concrete Bridge Decks
NCHRPS 58Consequences of Deferred Maintenance
NCHRPS 59Relationship of Asphalt Cement Properties to Pavement Durability
NCHRPS 60Failure and Repair of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
NCHRPS 61Changeable Message Signs
NCHRPS 62State Resources for Financing Transportation Programs
NCHRPS 63Design and Use of Highway Shoulders
NCHRPS 64Bituminous Patching Mixtures
NCHRPS 65Quality Assurance
NCHRPS 66Glare Screen Guidelines
NCHRPS 67Bridge Drainage Systems
NCHRPS 68Motor Vehicle Size and Weight Regulations, Enforcement and Permit Operations
NCHRPS 69Bus Route and Schedule Planning Guidelines
NCHRPS 70Design of Sedimentation Basins
NCHRPS 71Direction Finding from Arterials to Destinations
NCHRPS 72Transportation Needs Studies and Financial Constraints
NCHRPS 73Alternative Work Schedules: Impacts on Transportation
NCHRPS 74State Transit-Management Assistance to Local Communities
NCHRPS 75Transit Boards - Composition, Roles and Procedures
NCHRPS 77Evaluation of Pavement Maintenance Strategies
NCHRPS 78Value Engineering in Preconstruction and Construction
NCHRPS 79Contract Time Determination
NCHRPS 81Experiences in Transportation System Management
NCHRPS 82Criteria for Evaluation of Truck Weight Enforcement Programs
NCHRPS 83Bus Transit Accessibility for the Handicapped in Urban Areas
NCHRPS 84Evaluation Criteria and Priority Setting for State Highway Programs
NCHRPS 85Energy Involved in Construction Materials and Procedures
NCHRPS 86Effects of Traffic-Induced Vibrations on Bridge Deck Repairs
NCHRPS 87Highway Noise Barriers
NCHRPS 88Underwater Inspection and Repair of Bridge Substructures
NCHRPS 89Geotechnical Instrumentation for Monitoring Field Performance
NCHRPS 90New-Product Evaluation Procedures
NCHRPS 91Highway Accident Analysis Systems
NCHRPS 93Coordination of Transportation System Management and Land Use Management
NCHRPS 95Statewide Transportation Planning
NCHRPS 96Pavement Subsurface Drainage Systems
NCHRPS 97Transit Ownership/Operation Options for Small Urban and Rural Areas
NCHRPS 98Resealing Joints and Cracks in Rigid and Flexible Pavements
NCHRPS 99Resurfacing with Portland Cement Concrete
NCHRPS 100Managing State Highway Finance
NCHRPS 101Historic Bridges - Criteria for Decision-Making
NCHRPS 102Material Certification and Material-Certification Effectiveness
NCHRPS 104Criteria for Use of Asphalt Friction Surfaces
NCHRPS 105Construction Contract Claims: Causes and Methods of Settlement
NCHRPS 107Shallow Foundations for Highway Structures
NCHRPS 108Bridge Weight-Limit Posting Practice
NCHRPS 109Highway Uses of Epoxy with Concrete
NCHRPS 110Maintenance Management Systems
NCHRPS 111Distribution of Wheel Loads on Highway Bridges
NCHRPS 112Cost-Effectiveness of Hot-Dip Galvanizing for Exposed Steel
NCHRPS 113Administration of Research, Development, and Implementation of Activities in Highway Agencies
NCHRPS 114Management of Traffic Signal Maintenance
NCHRPS 115Reducing Construction Conflicts Between Highways and Utilities
NCHRPS 116Asphalt Overlay Design Procedures
NCHRPS 117Toll Highway Financing
NCHRPS 118Detecting Defects and Deterioration in Highway Structures
NCHRPS 119Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems
NCHRPS 120Professional Resource Management and Forecasting
NCHRPS 123Bridge Designs to Reduce and Facilitate Maintenance and Repair
NCHRPS 125Maintenance Activities Accomplished by Contract
NCHRPS 126Equipment for Obtaining Pavement Condition and Traffic Loading Data
NCHRPS 127Use of Fly Ash in Concrete
NCHRPS 129Freezing and Thawing Resistance of High-Strength Concrete
NCHRPS 131Effects of Permit and Illegal Overloads on Pavements
NCHRPS 132System-Wide Safety Improvements: An Approach to Safety Consistency
NCHRPS 133Integrated Highway Information Systems
NCHRPS 134D-Cracking of Concrete Pavements
NCHRPS 136Protective Coatings for Bridge Steel
NCHRPS 137Negotiating and Contracting for Professional Engineering Services
NCHRPS 138Pavement Markings: Materials and Application for Extended Service Life
NCHRPS 139Pedestrians and Traffic-Control Measures
NCHRPS 140Durability of Prestressed Concrete Highway Structures
NCHRPS 141Bridge Deck Joints
NCHRPS 142Methods of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Highway Projects
NCHRPS 143Uniformity Efforts in Oversize/Overweight Permits
NCHRPS 144Breaking/Cracking and Seating Concrete Pavements
NCHRPS 145Staffing Considerations in Construction Engineering Management
NCHRPS 146Use of Consultants for Construction Engineering and Inspection
NCHRPS 147Treatment of Problem Foundations for Highway Embankments
NCHRPS 148Indicators of Quality in Maintenance
NCHRPS 149Partnerships for Innovation: Private-Sector Contributions to Innovation in the Highway Industry
NCHRPS 150Technology Transfer in Selected Highway Agencies
NCHRPS 151Process for Recapitalizing Highway Transportation Systems
NCHRPS 153Evolution and Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Strategies
NCHRPS 154Recycling of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
NCHRPS 155Freeway Guide Sign Replacement: Policies and Criteria
NCHRPS 156Freeway Incident Management
NCHRPS 157Maintenance Management of Street and Highway Signs
NCHRPS 158Wet-Pavement Safety Programs
NCHRPS 159Design and Construction of Bridge Approaches
NCHRPS 160Cold-Recycled Bituminous Concrete Using Bituminous Materials
NCHRPS 162Signing Policies, Procedures, Practices, and Fees for Logo and Tourist-Oriented Directional Signing
NCHRPS 163Innovative Strategies for Upgrading Personnel in State Transportation Departments
NCHRPS 164Measures to Curtail State Fuel Tax Evasion
NCHRPS 165Transportation Telecommunications
NCHRPS 166Traffic Signal Control Equipment: State of the Art
NCHRPS 168Contract Management Systems
NCHRPS 169Removing Concrete from Bridges
NCHRPS 170Managing Urban Freeway Maintenance
NCHRPS 171Fabrics in Asphalt Overlays and Pavement Maintenance
NCHRPS 172Signal Timing Improvement Practices
NCHRPS 174Stormwater Management for Transportation Facilities
NCHRPS 175Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete
NCHRPS 176Bridge Paint: Removal, Containment, Disposal
NCHRPS 178Truck Escape Ramps
NCHRPS 179Latex-Modified Concretes and Mortars
NCHRPS 180Performance Characteristics of Open-Graded Friction Courses
NCHRPS 181In-Service Experience With Traffic Noise Barriers
NCHRPS 182Performance and Operational Experience of Truck-Mounted Attenuators
NCHRPS 184Disposal of Roadside Litter Mixtures
NCHRPS 185Preferential Lane Treatments for High-Occupancy Vehicles
NCHRPS 186Supplemental Advance Warning Systems
NCHRPS 187Rapid Test Methods for Asphalt Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete
NCHRPS 188Management Training and Development Programs
NCHRPS 190Criteria for Qualifying Contractors for Bidding Purposes
NCHRPS 191Use of Rumble Strips to Enhance Safety
NCHRPS 192Accident Data Quality
NCHRPS 193Hot In-Place Recycling of Asphalt Concrete
NCHRPS 194Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) Systems
NCHRPS 195Use of Warranties in Road Construction
NCHRPS 196Highway Maintenance Procedures Dealing with Hazardous Materials Incidents
NCHRPS 197Corridor Preservation
NCHRPS 198Uses of Recycled Rubber Tires in Highways
NCHRPS 200Underwater Bridge Maintenance and Repair
NCHRPS 201Multimodal Evaluation in Passenger Transportation
NCHRPS 202Severity Indices for Roadside Features
NCHRPS 203Current Practices in Determining Pavement Condition
NCHRPS 204Portland Cement Concrete Resurfacing
NCHRPS 205Performance and Operational Experience of Crash Cushions
NCHRPS 206Managing Highway Tort Liability
NCHRPS 208Development and Implementation of Traffic Control Plans for Highway Work Zones
NCHRPS 209Sealers for Portland Cement Concrete Highway Facilities
NCHRPS 210Road Pricing for Congestion Management: A Survey of International Practice
NCHRPS 211Design, Construction and Maintenance of PCC Pavement Joints
NCHRPS 212Performance-Related Specifications for Highway Construction and Rehabilitation
NCHRPS 213Effective Use of Park-and-Ride Facilities
NCHRPS 214Resolution of Disputes to Avoid Construction Claims
NCHRPS 215Determination of Contract Time for Highway Construction Projects
NCHRPS 216Implementation of Technology from Abroad
NCHRPS 217Consideration of the 15 Factors in the Metropolitan Planning Process
NCHRPS 218Mitigation of Nighttime Construction Noise, Vibrations and Other Nuisances
NCHRPS 219Photographic Enforcement of Traffic Laws
NCHRPS 220Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks
NCHRPS 222Pavement Management Methodologies to Select Projects and Recommend Preservation Treatments
NCHRPS 223Cost-Effective Preventive Pavement Maintenance
NCHRPS 224Longitudinal Occupancy of Controlled Access Right-of-Way by Utilities
NCHRPS 226Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
NCHRPS 227Collecting and Managing Cost Data for Bridge Management Systems
NCHRPS 228Reduced Visibility Due to Fog on the Highway
NCHRPS 231Managing Contract Research Programs
NCHRPS 232Variability in Highway Pavement Construction
NCHRPS 233Land Development Regulations that Promote Access Management
NCHRPS 234Settlement of Bridge Approaches (The Bump at the End of the Bridge)
NCHRPS 235Application of Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing
NCHRPS 236Methods for Household Travel Surveys
NCHRPS 237Changeable Message Signs
NCHRPS 238Performance Measurement in State Departments of Transportation
NCHRPS 239Pavement Subsurface Drainage Systems
NCHRPS 241Truck Operating Characteristics
NCHRPS 242Trenchless Installation of Conduits Beneath Roadways
NCHRPS 243Methods for Capital Programming and Project Selection
NCHRPS 244Guardrail and Median Barrier Crashworthiness
NCHRPS 245Traffic Signal Control Systems Maintenance Management Practices
NCHRPS 246Outsourcing of State Highway Facilities and Services
NCHRPS 247Stabilization of Existing Subgrades to Improve Constructibility During Interstate Pavement Reconstruction
NCHRPS 248Evaluating and Measuring the Effectiveness of Training
NCHRPS 249Methods for Increasing Live Load Capacity of Existing Highway Bridges
NCHRPS 250Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Surfaces
NCHRPS 251Lead-Based Paint Removal for Steel Highway Bridges
NCHRPS 252Response of Small Urbanized Areas MPOs to ISTEA
NCHRPS 253Dynamic Effects of Pile Installations on Adjacent Structures
NCHRPS 254Service Life of Drainage Pipe
NCHRPS 255Ground Penetrating Radar for Evaluating Subsurface Conditions for Transportation Facilities
NCHRPS 256Submittal of Bid Proposals in Electronic Format
NCHRPS 257Maintenance Issues and Alternate Corrosion Protection Methods for Exposed Bridge Steel
NCHRPS 259Management of Surface Transportation Systems
NCHRPS 260Thin-Surfaced Pavements
NCHRPS 261Criteria for Highway Routing of Hazardous Materials
NCHRPS 262Tolling Practices for Highway Facilities
NCHRPS 263State DOT Management Techniques for Materials and Construction Acceptance
NCHRPS 264Modern Roundabout Practice in the United States
NCHRPS 265Managing Product Liability to Achieve Highway Innovations
NCHRPS 266Dynamic Impact Factors for Bridges
NCHRPS 267Transportation Development Process
NCHRPS 268Relationship Between Pavement Surface Texture and Highway Traffic Noise
NCHRPS 269Road User and Mitigation Costs in Highway Pavements Projects
NCHRPS 270Transportation Management Center Functions
NCHRPS 271Traffic Signal Operations Near Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
NCHRPS 272Best Management Practices for Environmental Issues Related to Highway and Street Maintenance
NCHRPS 273Project Development Methodologies for Reconstruction of Urban Freeways and Expressways
NCHRPS 274Methods to Achieve Rut-Resistant Durable Pavements
NCHRPS 275Historic Highway Bridge Preservation Practices
NCHRPS 276Geotechnical Related Development and Implementation of Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Methods
NCHRPS 277Consultants for DOT Preconstruction Engineering Work
NCHRPS 278Measuring In Site Mechanical Properties of Pavement Subgrade Soils
NCHRPS 279Roadway Incident Diversion Practices
NCHRPS 280Seven Keys to Building a Robust Research Program
NCHRPS 281Operational Impacts of Median Width on Larger Vehicles
NCHRPS 282Project Management Information Systems
NCHRPS 283Fleet Management and Selection Systems for Highway Maintenance Equipment
NCHRPS 284Performance Survey on Open-Graded Friction Course Mixes
NCHRPS 285Maintenance of Highway Edgedrains
NCHRPS 286Multimodal Aspects of Statewide Transportation Planning
NCHRPS 287Sleep Deprivation Countermeasures for Motorist Safety
NCHRPS 288Data Sharing and Data Partnerships for Highways
NCHRPS 289Corridor Management
NCHRPS 291Evaluation of Pavement Friction Characteristics
NCHRPS 292Innovative Practices to Reduce Delivery Time for Right-of-Way in Project Development
NCHRPS 293Reducing and Mitigating Impacts of Lane Occupancy During Construction and Maintenance
NCHRPS 295Statistical Methods in Highway Safety Analysis
NCHRPS 296Impact of New Information and Communication Technologies on Transportation Agencies
NCHRPS 297Building Effective Relationships Between Central Cities and Regional, State and Federal Agencies
NCHRPS 298Truck Trip Generation Data
NCHRPS 300Performance Measures for Research, Development, and Technology Programs
NCHRPS 301Collecting, Processing and Integrating GPS Data into GIS
NCHRPS 302Mitigation of Ecological Impacts
NCHRPS 303Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Culverts
NCHRPS 304Driveway Regulation Practices
NCHRPS 305Interaction Between Roadways and Wildlife Ecology
NCHRPS 306Long-Term Pavement Marking Practices
NCHRPS 308Owner Controlled Insurance Programs
NCHRPS 327Cost-Effective Practices for Off-System and Local Interest Bridges
NCHRPS 328State Product Evaluation Programs
NCHRPS 329Integrating Tourism and Recreation Travel with Transportation Planning and Project Delivery
NCHRPS 330Public Benefits of Highway System Preservation and Maintenance
NCHRPS 331State Highway Letting Program Management
NCHRPS 332Access Management on Crossroads in the Vicinity of Interchanges
NCHRPS 333Concrete Bridge Deck Performance
NCHRPS 334Automated Pavement Distress Collection Techniques
NCHRPS 335Pavement Management Applications Using Geographic Information Systems
NCHRPS 337Cooperative Agreements for Corridor Management
NCHRPS 338Thin and Ultra-Thin Whitetopping
NCHRPS 339Centerline Rumble Strips
NCHRPS 340Convertible Roadways and Lanes
NCHRPS 341Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management
NCHRPS 342Chip Seal Best Practices
NCHRPS 343Management of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Issues in construction Contracting
NCHRPS 344Winter Highway Operations
NCHRPS 345Steel Bridge Erection Practices
NCHRPS 346State Construction Quality Assurance Programs
NCHRPS 347Managing Archaeological Investigations
NCHRPS 348Improving the Safety of Older Road Users
NCHRPS 349Developing Transportation Agency Leaders
NCHRPS 350Crash Records Systems
NCHRPS 351Access Rights
NCHRPS 352Value Engineering Applications in Transportation
NCHRPS 353Inspection and Maintenance of Bridge Stay Cable Systems
NCHRPS 354Inspection and Management of Bridges with Fracture-Critical Details
NCHRPS 360Rock-Socketed Shafts for Highway Structure Foundations
NCHRPS 361Visualization for Project Development
NCHRPS 362Training Programs, Processes, Policies, and Practices
NCHRPS 363Control of Invasive Species
NCHRPS 364Estimating Toll Road Demand and Revenue
NCHRPS 365Preserving and Using Institutional Memory Through Knowledge Management Practices
NCHRPS 366Tribal Transportation Problems
NCHRPS 366Technologies for Impproving Safey Data
NCHRPS 369State DOT Crash Reconstruction Practices
NCTRDP 1Transit Bus Energy Efficiency and Productivity: Bus Equipment Selection Handbook
NCTRDP 2Impacts of Federal Grant Requirements of Transit Agencies
NCTRDP 3Reduction of Peak-Power Demand for Electric Rail Transit Systems
NCTRDP 4Improving Decision-Making for Major Urban Transit Investments
NCTRDP 5Assessment of Quality-of-Work-Life Programs for the Transit Industry: Research Report
NCTRDP 6Assessment of Quality-of-Work-Life Programs for the Transit Industry: Model Programs
NCTRDP 7Detection of Low-Current Short Circuits
NCTRDP 8Simplified Guidelines for Evaluating Transit Service in Small Urban Areas
NCTRDP 9Modular Approach to On-Board Automatic Data Collection Systems
NCTRDP 10Public Transit Bus Maintenance Manpower Planning
NCTRDP 11Small Transit Vehicles: How to Buy, Operate and Maintain Them
NCTRDP 12Strategies to Implement Benefit-Sharing for Fixed-Transit Facilities
NCTRDP 13Conversion to One-Person Operation of Rapid-Transit Trains
NCTRDP 14Improved Service Life of Urban Transit Coach Brakes
NCTRDP 15Transit Capital Investments to Reduce Operating Deficits - Alternative Bus Replacement Strategies
NCTRDP 16Estimating Incremental Costs of Bus Route Service Changes
NCTRDP 17Impacts of Standardized vs. Nonstandardized Bus Fleets
NCTRDPS 1Cleaning Transit Buses: Equipment and Procedures
NCTRDPS 2Enforcement of Priority Treatment for Buses on Urban Streets
NCTRDPS 3Diesel Fuel Quality and Effects of Fuel Additives
NCTRDPS 4Allocation of Time for Transit Bus Maintenance Functions
NCTRDPS 5Extraboard Management: Procedures and Tools
NCTRDPS 6Transit Bus Fare Collection: Problems with and Alternatives to Paper Currency
NCTRDPS 7Passenger Information Systems for Transit Transfer Facilities
NCTRDPS 8Bus Communication Systems
NCTRDPS 9Use of Part-Time Operators
NCTRDPS 11Traffic Control and Regulation at Transit Stops
NCTRDPS 12Transit Marketing: Successes and Failures
NCTRDPS 13Use of Incentives to Attain Specified Performance Standards in Collective Bargaining for Mass Transit
NCTRDPS 14Issues in the Shift from Regional to Local provision of Bus Service
NCTRDPS 15Supervision Strategies for Improved Reliability of Bus Routes
NCTRDPS 16Collection and Application of Rider ship Data on Rapid Transit Systems
NCTRP 38-1Project 38-1
NLRD 1Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NLRD 2Supplement to Liability of State Highway Departments for Design, Construction and Maintenance Defects
NLRD 5Supplement to Labor Standards in Federal-Aid Highway Construction Contracts
NLRD 6Impact of the Discretionary Function Exception on Tort Liability of State Highway Departments
NLRD 8Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NLRD 9Liability of State and Local Governments for Snow and Ice Control
NLRD 10Supplement to Liability of the State for Injury-Producing Defects in Highway Surface
NLRD 11Impact of 42 U.S.C. 1983 (Civil Right Act) On Highway Departments, Personnal, and Officials
NLRD 12Suspension, Debarment and Disqualification of Highway Construction Contractors
NLRD 13Civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Applications in the Highway Construction Industry
NLRD 14Supplement to Liability of State Highway Departments for Defects in Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Bridges
NLRD 16Supplement to Payment of Attorney Fees in Eminent Domain and Environmental Litigation
NLRD 17The Public Duty Defense to Tort Liability
NLRD 18Supplement to Planning and Precondemnation Activities as Constituting a Taking Under Inverse Law
NLRD 19Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NLRD 20Supplement to Legal Aspects of Historic Preservation in Highway and Transportation Programs
NLRD 21Supplement to Liability of the State for Highway Traffic Noise
NLRD 23Supplement to Valuation Changes Resulting from Influence of Public Improvements
NLRD 24Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NLRD 26Supplement to Legal Implications of Highway Department's Failure to Comply with Design Safety or Maintenance Guidelines
NLRD 27Supplement to Liability of the State for Injury or Damage Occurring in Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by Trees, Shrubbery, or Other Vegetative Obstruction Located in Right-of-Way or Growing on Adjacent Private Property
NLRD 28Preventing and Defending Against Highway Construction Contract Claims: The Use of Changes or Differing Site Conditions Clauses and New York State's Exculpatory Contract Provisions and No Claims Clauses
NLRD 29Highways and the Environment: Resource Protection and the Federal Highway Program
NLRD 30Legal Issues Relating to the Acquisition of Right-of-Way and the Construction and Operation of Highways over Indian Lands
NLRD 31Federal Air Quality Laws Governing State and Regional Transportation Planning
NLRD 32Federalism and the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
NLRD 33Freedom of Information Acts, Federal Data Collections, and Disclosure Statutes Applicable to Highway Projects and the Discovery Process
NLRD 34Transportation Agencies as Potentially Responsible Parties at Hazardous Waste Sites
NLRD 35Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NLRD 37Indemnification and Insurance Requirements for Design Consultants and Contractors on Highway Projects
NLRD 38Risk Management for Transportation Programs Employing Written Guidelines as Design and Performance Standards
NLRD 39Liability of Contractors to State Transportation Departments for Latent Defects in Construction After Project Acceptance
NLRD 43Application of the Fourth Amendment to the Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles and Drivers
NLRD 44Reexamination of the Line Between Governmental Exercise of the Police Power and Eminent Domain
NLRD 46Drug and Alcohol Testing - A Survey of Labor-Management Relations
NLRD 47Judicial Enforcement of Variable Speed Limits
NRRD 82Use of Guard/Girder/Restraining Rails
NRRD 107Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 129Legal Implications of Highway Department's Failure to Comply with Design, Safety or Maintenance Guidelines
NRRD 130Variability in Temperature Susceptibility of Asphalt Cement
NRRD 131Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Jan. 1982)
NRRD 132NCHRP Research on Bridge Engineering
NRRD 134Procedural Aspects of Inverse Condemnation - Title on Interest Acquired by Transportation and Other Public Agencies
NRRD 135Liability of the State for Injury-Producing Defects in Highway Surface
NRRD 136State Highway Programs Versus the Spending Powers of Congress
NRRD 137The Effects of Federal and State Public Information Acts on Highway and Transportation Department Activities
NRRD 138Legal Aspects of Historic Preservation in Highway Programs
NRRD 139Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Jan. 1983)
NRRD 140Development of a New Highway Capacity Manual
NRRD 141Liability of State Highway Departments for Defects in Design, Construction and Maintenance of Bridges
NRRD 142Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1983)
NRRD 145First Amendment Aspects of Control of Outdoor Advertising
NRRD 147Mineral Rights in Rights-of-Way: Acquisition, Valuation and Disposition
NRRD 148Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1985)
NRRD 149Exaction by Right-of-Way by Exercise of Police Power
NRRD 150Planning and Precondemnation Activities as Constituting a Taking Under Inverse Law
NRRD 151Liability of State for Injury or Damage Occurring in Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by Trees, Shrubbery or Other Vegetative Obstruction Located in Right-of-Way of Growing on Adjacent Private Property
NRRD 152Enforceability of the Requirement of Notice in Highway Construction Contracts
NRRD 153Liability of the State for Injuries Caused by Obstructions or Defects in Highway Shoulder or Berm
NRRD 154Trial Strategy and Techniques in Enforcing Laws Relating to Truck Weights and Sizes
NRRD 155NCHRP Research on Bridge Engineering (Feb. 1986)
NRRD 156Continuing Project on Legal Problems Arising Out of Highway Programs
NRRD 157Supplement to Licensing and Qualification of Bidders in Selected Studies in Highway Law
NRRD 158Legal and Procedural Issues Related to Relocation Assistance
NRRD 159Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 160Acquisition of Uneconomic Remnants Under 23 U.S.C. 109 (f)
NRRD 161Public and Private Partnerships for Financing Highway Improvements
NRRD 163Supplement to Competitive Bidding and Award of Construction Contracts in Selected Studies in Highway Law
NRRD 164Rights of Abutting Property Owner Upon Conversion of Uncontrolled-Access Road into Limited-Access Highway
NRRD 165Legal Techniques for Reserving Right-of-Way for Future Projects Including Corridor Protection
NRRD 166Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 167NCHRP Research on Bridge Engineering
NRRD 168 Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1988)
NRRD 169Rapid Replacement of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Segments
NRRD 170Research Program Design Administration of Highway and Transportation Agencies
NRRD 171Pot Bearings and PTFE Surfaces
NRRD 172Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1989)
NRRD 173Guidelines for Establishing Executive Management Information Systems for State Departments of Transportation
NRRD 175NCHRP Research on Construction Engineering
NRRD 176Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1990)
NRRD 177NCHRP Research on Maintenance Engineering
NRRD 179Financing Highway Improvements Through Public and Private Partnerships
NRRD 181Video Image Processing for Evaluating Pavement Surface Distress
NRRD 182Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1991)
NRRD 183Administration of Highway and Transportation Agencies "Project 20-24 Series"
NRRD 185NCHRP Supports Advances in Differential GPS Satellite Surveying
NRRD 186Data Interchange Standards for Bridge Management Systems and Integrated Highway Information Systems
NRRD 187Distribution of Wheel Loads on Highway Bridges
NRRD 192Procedure for Determining Work Zone Speed Limits
NRRD 198Development of Comprehensive Bridge Specifications and Commentary
NRRD 202Congestion Impacts on Business and Strategies to Mitigate Them
NRRD 203Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (Dec. 1994)
NRRD 204Winter Maintenance Technology and Practices - Learning from Abroad
NRRD 205Requirements for Application of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to Traffic Control Signals
NRRD 207On the Implementation of Research Findings in Surface Transportation
NRRD 208Durability Testing of High-Strength Concrete Containing High-Range, Water-Reducing Admixtures
NRRD 209Continuing Project to Synthesize Information On Highway Problems (Dec. 1995)
NRRD 210Effects of Highway Bypasses on Rural Communities and Small Urban Areas
NRRD 211Current State Practices in the Transportation-Tourism Interface
NRRD 212Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems (July 1996)
NRRD 213Nondestructive Testing of Unknown Subsurface Bridge Foundations - Results of NCHRP Project 21-5
NRRD 214On-Site Evaluation and Calibration Procedures for Weigh-in-Motion Systems
NRRD 217Relationships Between Implemented Transportation Control Measures and Measured Pollutant Levels
NRRD 222Pavement Marking Assessment System (PAMAS)
NRRD 224Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 225Putting Research Into Practice: A Synopsis of Successful Strategies and Case Histories
NRRD 226Multimodal Transportation: Development of a Performance-Based Planning Process
NRRD 228Development of Training Material for Highway Construction Personnel
NRRD 229Developing Measures of Effectiveness for Truck Weight Enforcement Activities
NRRD 230Review of Travel Assumptions Employed in Emission Factor Models
NRRD 231Economic Effects of Restricting Left Turns
NRRD 232Report on the 1997 Scanning Review of Asian Bridge Structures
NRRD 233Summary of Economic Development Research Projects
NRRD 234Manual for Bride Rating Through Load Testing
NRRD 235Assessment of Impacts of Bridge Deck Runoff Contaminants on Receiving Waters
NRRD 236Emerging Models for Delivering Transportation Programs and Services: A Report of the Transportation Agency Organization and Management Scan Tour
NRRD 237Superpave Gyratory Compaction Guidelines
NRRD 238Report on the 1998 Scanning review of European Winter Service Technology
NRRD 239Improved Safety Information for Highway Design
NRRD 240Conversion of AASHTO Documents to Metric Units
NRRD 2411998 Scanning Review of European Practice for Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures
NRRD 242Metrication and Enhancement of MicroBENCOST Software Package
NRRD 244Operation Guidelines for Longitudinal Pavement Profile Measurement
NRRD 245Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 246Methodology to Improve Pavement-Investment Decisions
NRRD 247The Relationship Between Access Density and Accident Rates: Comparisons of NCHRP Report 420 and Minnesota Data
NRRD 248Updated and Enhanced Database for Macroeconomic Analysis of Transportation Investments and Economic Performance
NRRD 249Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 250Improved Visibility for Snowplowing Operations
NRRD 251Guidance for Selecting Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Options
NRRD 253Recommended Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in the Superpave Mix Design Method: Guidelines
NRRD 254Assessing Pavement Layer Condition Using Deflection Data
NRRD 255Impacts of Resurfacing Projects With and Without Additional Safety Improvements
NRRD 256Strategic Plan for Improving Roadside Safety
NRRD 257Effective Motivation of Highway Maintenance Personnel: Tools for peak Performance
NRRD 258Development of a Computer for Multimodal, MultiCriteria Transportation Investment Analysis
NRRD 259Guidelines for the Effective Use and Procurement of Advanced Warning Arrow Panels
NRRD 260Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 261The Case for Standardizing Household Travel Surveys
NRRD 262Field Shear Test for Hot Mix Asphalt
NRRD 263Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 264LTPP Data Analysis: Factors Affecting Pavement Smoothness
NRRD 265AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Case Studies
NRRD 266Asset Management Guidance for Transportation Agencies
NRRD 267Utility of Machine Translation Software
NRRD 268Performance of Pavement Subsurface Drainage
NRRD 269Significance of "As-Constructed" HMA Air Voids to Pavement Performance from an Analysis of LTPP Data
NRRD 270Relationship of Portland Characteristics to Concrete Durability
NRRD 271Determination of Insitu Material Properties of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Layers from nondestructive Tests
NRRD 272A Process for Selecting Strategies for Rehabilitation of Rigid Pavements
NRRD 273Development of an Improved Roadside Barrier System- Phase I
NRRD 274Quality Assurance of Structural Materials
NRRD 276Business Needs for Pavement Engineering
NRRD 279Making the Business Case for Translating Non-English Transportation Information
NRRD 280Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 281Aggregate Tests for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements: Review and Recommendations
NRRD 282Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites for Concrete Bridge Deck Reinforcement
NRRD 283Jackknife Testing - An Experimental Approach to Refine Model Calibration and Validation
NRRD 284Refining the Calibration and Validation of Hot Mix Asphalt Performance Models: An Experimental Plan and Database
NRRD 285Laboratory Determination of Resilient Modulus for Flexible Pavement Design
NRRD 286Development of A Highway Safety Manual
NRRD 287Highway Capacity Manual Application Guidebook
NRRD 288A New Vision of Mobility: Guidance to Foster Collaborattive Multimodal Decision Making
NRRD 289Measuring and Communicating the Effects of Traffic Incident Management Improvements
NRRD 291Quality Characteristics for Use With Performance-Related Specification for Hot Mix Asphalt
NRRD 292Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 293Training Program for Night Road Work to Improve Safety and Operations
NRRD 294Transit -Oriented Development: Developing A Strategy To Aeasure Success
NRRD 295Availablility aand Accessibility of Liability and Excess Insurance for Public Transit and Private Coach Operators
NRRD 296Comprehensive Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems
NRRD 297New Facility for Calibrating Retrolectometers
NRRD 298Use od Event Data Recorder Technology for Highway Crash Data Analysis
NRRD 299Crash Reduction Factors for Traffic Engineering and Intelligent Transportation System Improvements: State-of-Kowledge Report
NRRD 300Outcomes of the Environmental Strewamlining Pilot Projects
NRRD 301Continuing Project To Synthesize Information On Highway Problems
NRRD 305Pavement Marking Materials and Markers: Testing the Relationship Between Retroreflectivity and Safety
NRRD 306Identification of Liability-Related Impediments to Sharing 409 Safety Data Among Transportation Agencies and A Synthesis of Best Practices
NRRD 307Independent Review of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide and Software
NRRD 308Changes to the Mechnaistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Software Through Version 0.900, July 2006
NRRD 309Continuing Project to Synthesize Information on Highway Problems
NRRD 310Itegrating Geospatial Technologies into the Right-of Way Data-Management Process
NRRD 311FMCSA Regulations as They Apply to FTA Section 5310/5311 Providers: A Handbook
NRRD 311Guide to Effective Freeway Performance Measurement
NRRD 313Cost Allocation Methods For Commuter, Intercity, and Freight Rail Operations on Shared-Use Rail Systems and Corridors
NRRD 314State DOT Staff Recommendations for Administering Federal Public Transportation Problems
NRRD 315Centralized versus Decentralized State Procurement of Paratransit Vehicles for the Federal Section 5310 Program
NRRD 316Using Surfave Energy Measurements to Select Materials for HMA Pavements
NRRD 317Prototype Software for an Enviromnental Information Management and Decision Support System
NRRD 318An Expert System for Recomending Speed Limits in Speed Zones
NRRD 319Buy America Issues Associated with State DOT Procurement of Paratransit Vehicles Using FTA Funds
NRRD 320Current Sate Issues with Implementing Federal Transit Admin. (FTA) Sections 5310 & 5311 Programs
NRRD 322Public Information and Education in the Promotion of Highway Safety
PROCEEDINGS 21Information Requirement for Transportation Economic Analysis
PROCEEDINGS 22Risk Management in The Marine Transportation System
PROCEEDINGS 23Maintenance Management
PROCEEDINGS 24Second National Conference on Transportation Finance
PROCEEDINGS 25Global Intermodal Freight: State of Readiness for the 221st Century
PROCEEDINGS 26Performance Measures to Improve Transportartion Systems and Agency Operations
PROCEEDINGS 27Transportation in an Aging Society: A Decade of Experience
PROCEEDINGS 29Remote Sensing for Transportation
PROCEEDINGS 30Marine Salvage Capabilities: Responding to Terrorist Attack in U.S. Ports- Actions to Improve Readiness
PROCEEDINGS 31Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Transportation Organizations: Toward a Foundation for Improved Decision Making
PROCEEDINGS 32Smart Growth and Transportation Issues and Lessons Learned
PROCEEDINGS 33Transportation Finance Meeting the Funding Challenge Today, Shaping Polocies for Tomorrow
PROCEEDINGS 34International Perspectives on Road Pricing
PROCEEDINGS 35Research on Women's Issues in Transportation-Volume 2: Technical Papers
PROCEEDINGS 36Performance Measures to Improve Transportartion Systems
PROCEEDINGS 37Intergrating Sustainablility into the Transportation Planning Process
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2000
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2001
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2003
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2004
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2005
TCRPAnnual Report of Progress 2006
TCRPSelected Studies in Transportation Law Vol 7 Transit Charter Bus Service
TCRP 1Artificial Intelligence for Transit Railcar Diagnostics
TCRP 2Applicability of Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles in North America
TCRP 3Workbook for Estimating Demand for Rural Passenger Transportation
TCRP 4Aids for Rail Car Side-Door Observation
TCRP 5Guidelines for Development of Public Transportation Facilities and Equipment Management Systems
TCRP 6User's Manual for Assessing Service-Delivery Systems for Rural Passenger Transportation
TCRP 7Reducing the Visual Impact of Overhead Contact Systems
TCRP 8The Quality Journey: A TQM Roadmap for Public Transportation
TCRP 9Transit Operations for Individuals with Disabilities
TCRP 12Guidelines for Transit Facility Signing and Graphics
TCRP 14Institutional Barriers to Intermodal Transportation Policies and Planning in Metropolitan Areas
TCRP 15Procurement Specification Guidelines for Mass Transit Vehicle Window Glazing
TCRP 16Transit and Urban Form Vol. 1 Part I: Transit, Urban Form, and the Built Environment: A Summary of Knowledge, Part II: Commuter and Light Rail Transit Corridors: The Land Use Connection
TCRP 17Integration of Light Rail Transit into City Streets
TCRP 18A Handbook for Acquiring Demand-Responsive Transit Software
TCRP 21Strategies to Assist Local Transportation Agencies in Becoming Mobility Managers
TCRP 22The Role of Transit in Creating Livable Metropolitan Communities
TCRP 24Guidebook for Attracting Paratransit Patrons to Fixed-Route Services
TCRP 25Bus Operator Workstation Evaluation and Design Guidelines
TCRP 26Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials
TCRP 27Building Transit Rider ship: An Exploration of Transit's Market Share and the Public Policies That Influence It
TCRP 28Transit Markets of the Future: The Challenge of Change
TCRP 29Closing the Knowledge Gap for Transit Maintenance Employees: A Systems Approach
TCRP 30Transit Scheduling: Basic and Advanced Manuals
TCRP 31Funding Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 1: Final Report
TCRP 31Funding Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 2: Casebook
TCRP 32Multipurpose Transit Payment Media
TCRP 33Transit-Friendly Streets: Design and Traffic Management Strategies to Support Livable Communities
TCRP 34Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Rural Public Transportation
TCRP 35Economic Impact Analysis of Transit Investments: Guidebook for Practitioners
TCRP 36A Handbook: Using Marketing Segmentation to Increase Transit Rider ship
TCRP 37A Handbook: Integrating Market Research into Transit Management
TCRP 39The Costs of Sprawl - Revisited
TCRP 40Strategies to Attract Auto Users to Public Transportation
TCRP 41New Designs and Operating Experiences with Low-Floor Buses
TCRP 42Consequences of the Interstate Highway System for Transit: Summary of Findings
TCRP 43Understanding and Applying Advanced On-Board Bus Electronics
TCRP 44Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence Technology for Transit Railcar Diagnostics
TCRP 45Passenger Information Services: A Guidebook for Transit Systems
TCRP 46The Role of Transit Amenities and Vehicle Characteristics in Building Transit Rider ship: Amenities for Transit Handbook and The Transit Design Game Workbook
TCRP 47A Handbook for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality
TCRP 49Using Public Transportation to Reduce the Economic, Social, and Human Costs of Personal Immobility
TCRP 50A Handbook of Proven Marketing Strategies for Public Transit
TCRP 51A Guidebook for Marketing Transit Services to Business
TCRP 51Transit Advertising Sales Agreements
TCRP 51Transit Advertising Sales Agreements
TCRP 52Joint Operation of Light Rail Transit or Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles with Railroads
TCRP 52Transit Operator Health and Wellness Programs
TCRP 53New Paradigms for Local Public Transportation Organizations Task 1 Report: Forces and Factors That Require Consideration of New Paradigms
TCRP 55Guidelines for Enhancing Suburban Mobility Using Public Transportation
TCRP 56Integrating School Bus and Public Transportation Services in Non-Urban Communities
TCRP 57Track Design Handbook for Light Rail Transit
TCRP 58New Paradigms for Local Public Transportation Organizations Task 5 Report: Opening the Door for Fundamental Change
TCRP 59Hybrid-Electric Transit Buses: Status, Issues and Benefits
TCRP 60Using Geographic Information Systems for Welfare to Work Transportation Planning and Service Delivery: A Handbook
TCRP 61Analyzing the Costs of Operating Small Transit Vehicles User's Guide - STVe
TCRP 62Improving Public Transportation Access to Large Airports
TCRP 63Enhancing the Image and Visibility of Transit in the United States and Canada
TCRP 64Guidebook for Developing Welfare-to-Work Transportation Services
TCRP 65Evaluation of Bus Bulbs
TCRP 66Effective Practices to Reduce Bus Accidents
TCRP 67Wheel and Rail Vibration Absorber Testing and Demonstration
TCRP 68Part-Time Transit Operators: The Trends and Impacts
TCRP 69Light Rail Service: Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety
TCRP 70Guidebook for Change and Innovation at Rural and Small Urban Transit Systems
TCRP 71Track-Related Research: Volume 1 Broken Rail Detection, Control of Wheel/Rail Friction, Wide-Gap Welding Techniques A Compendium of Three Reports on Joint Track-Related Research with the Association for American Railroads/Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
TCRP 71Track-Related Research: Volume 3 Exothermic Welding of Heavy Electrical Cables to Rail, Applicability of AREMA Track Recommended Practices for Transit Agencies
TCRP 71Track-Related Research: Volume 4 Friction Control Methods Used by the Transit Industry
TCRP 71Track-Related Research: Volume 5 Flange Climb Derailment Criteria and Wheel/Rail Profile Management and Maintenance Guidelines for Transit Operations
TCRP 71Track-Related Research: Volume 6 Direct Fixation Track Design Specifications, Research, and Related Material
TCRP 72Simulators and Bus Safety: Guidelines for Acquiring and Using Transit Bus Operator Driving Simulators
TCRP 73Characteristics of Urban Travel Demand
TCRP 74Costs of Sprawl - 2000
TCRP 76Guidebook for Selecting Appropriate Technology Systems for Small Urban and Rural Public Transportation Operators
TCRP 77Managing Transit's Workforce in the New Millennium
TCRP 78Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Public Transit Projects: A Guidebook for Practitioners
TCRP 79Effective Approaches to Meeting Rural Intercity Bus Transportation Needs
TCRP 80A Toolkit for Self-Service, Barrier-Free Fare Collection
TCRP 81Toolbox for Transit Operator Fatigue
TCRP 82Improving Public Transit Options for Older Persons Volume 1: Handbook
TCRP 82Improving Public Transit Options for Older Persons Volume 2: Final Report
TCRP 83Strategies for Improving Public Transportation Access to Large Airports
TCRP 84E Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation
TCRP 84e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 1: Supply Chain: Parts and Inventory Management
TCRP 84e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 2: Application Service Provider Implementation Guidelines
TCRP 84e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 3: Using the Internet for Transit Training and Certification
TCRP 84e-transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 5: Concept for an e-Transit Reference Enterprise Architecture
TCRP 84e-transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 6: Strategies to Expand and Improve Deployment of ITS in Rural Transit Systems
TCRP 84e-transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation Volume 7: The Successful Adoption of Web-Based Collaborative Software
TCRP 85Public Transit Board Governance Guidebook
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 1 Communication of Threats: A Guide
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 10 Hazard and Security Plan Workshop: Instructor Guide
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 2 K9 Units in Public Transportation: A Guide for Decision-Makers
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 4 Intrusion Detection for Public Transportation Facilities Hankbook
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 5 Security-Related Customer Communications and Training for Public Transportation Providers
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 6 Applicability of Portable Explosive Detection Devices in Transit Environments
TCRP 86Public Transportation Security: Volume 7 Public Transportation Emergency Mobilization and Emergency Operations Guide
TCRP 86Report 86
TCRP 86/NCHRP 525Continuity of Operations (Coop) Planning Guidelines for Transportation Agencies
TCRP 86/NCHRP 525 V. 12Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure
TCRP 87Strategies for Increasing the Effectiveness of Commuter Benefits Programs
TCRP 88A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System
TCRP 90Bus Rapid Transit Volume 2: Implementation Guidelines
TCRP 93Travel Matters: Mitigating Climate Change with Sustainable Surface Transportation
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 2: HOV Facilities- Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 3: Park-and-Ride/Pool
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 5: Vanpools and Buspools
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 6: Demand Responsive/ADA
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 9: Transit Scheduling and Frequency
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 10: Bus Routing and Coverage
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 11: Transit Information and Promotion
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 12: Transit Pricing and Fares
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 13: Parking Pricing and Fees
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 14: Road Value Pricing
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 15: Land Use and Site Design
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 15: Transit Oriented Development
TCRP 95Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Chapter 18: Parking Management and Supply
TCRP 96Determining Training for New Technologies A Decision Game and Facilitation Guide
TCRP 97Emerging New Paradigms: A Guide to Fundamental Change in Local Public Transportation Organizations
TCRP 98Resource Requirements for Demand-Responsive Transportation Services
TCRP 99Report 99
TCRP 100Transit Capacity and Quality of Service
TCRP 101Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation Services
TCRP 102Report 102
TCRP 103Public Transportation Operating Agencies as Employers of Choice
TCRP 104Public Transportation Board Effectiveness: A Self-Assessment Handbook
TCRP 105Strategies to Increase Coordination of Transportation Services for the Transportation Disadvantaged
TCRP 107Analyzing the Effectiveness of Commuter Benefitss Programs
TCRP 108Car Sharing: Where and How It Succeeds
TCRP 109A Guidebook for Developing and Sharing Transit Bus Maintenance Practices
TCRP 110/NCHRP 550Commuting in America III: The third National Report on Communting Patterns and Trends
TCRP 111Elements needed to Create High Ridership Transit systems
TCRP 112Improving Pedestrian Safety and Unsignalized Crossings
TCRP 113Using Archived AVL-APC Data to Improve Transit Performance and Management
TCRP 114Center Truck Performance on Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles
TCRP 115Smartcard Interoperability Issues for the Transit Industry
TCRP 116Guidebook for Evaluating, Selecting, and Implementing Suburban Transit Services
TCRP 117Design, Operation and Safety of At-grade Crossings of Exclusive Busways
TCRP 118Bud Rapid transit Practitioner's Guide
TCRPS 1Safe Operating Procedures for Alternative Fuel Buses
TCRPS 2Low-Floor Transit Buses
TCRPS 3Incentive Programs to Improve Transit Employee Performance
TCRPS 4Integration of Bicycles and Transit
TCRPS 5Management Information Systems
TCRPS 6The Role of Performance-Based Measures in Allocating Funding for Transit Operations
TCRPS 7Regulatory Impacts on Design and Retrofit of Bus Maintenance Facilities
TCRPS 8Retrofit of Buses to Meet Clean Air Regulations
TCRPS 9Waste Control Practices at Bus Maintenance Facilities
TCRPS 10Bus Route Evaluation Standards
TCRPS 11System-Specific Spare Bus Ratios
TCRPS 12Transit Bus Service Line and Cleaning Functions
TCRPS 13Risk Management for Small and Medium Transit Agencies
TCRPS 14Innovative Suburb-to-Suburb Transit Practices
TCRPS 15System-Specific Spare Rail Vehicle Ratios
TCRPS 16Changing Roles and Practices of Bus Field Supervisors
TCRPS 17Customer Information at Bus Stops
TCRPS 18Bus Occupant Safety
TCRPS 19Passenger Transfer System Review
TCRPS 20Transit-Focused Development
TCRPS 21Improving Transit Security
TCRPS 22Monitoring Bus Maintenance Performance
TCRPS 23Inspection Policy and Procedures for Rail Transit Tunnels and Underground Structures
TCRPS 24AVL Systems for Bus Transit
TCRPS 25Light Rail Vehicle Compression Requirements
TCRPS 27Emergency Preparedness for Transit Terrorism
TCRPS 28Managing Transit Construction Contract Claims
TCRPS 29Passenger Counting Technologies and Procedures
TCRPS 30ADA Paratransit Eligibility Certification Practices
TCRPS 32Transit Advertising Revenue: Traditional and New Sources and Structures
TCRPS 33Practices in Assuring Employee Availability
TCRPS 34Data Analysis for Bus Planning and Monitoring
TCRPS 35Information Technology Update for Transit
TCRPS 36Identifying and Reducing Fraudulent Third Party Tort Claims Against Public Transit Agencies
TCRPS 37Communicating with Persons with Disabilities in a Multimodal Transit Environment
TCRPS 38Electronic Surveillance Technology on Transit Vehicles
TCRPS 39Transportation on College and University Campuses
TCRPS 40A Challenged Employment System: Hiring, Training, Performance Evaluation and Retention of Bus Operators
TCRPS 41The Use of Small Buses in Transit Services
TCRPS 42Use of Flexible Funds for Transit Under ISTEA and TEA-21
TCRPS 43Effective Use of Transit Websites
TCRPS 44Training for On-Board Bus Electronics
TCRPS 45Customer-Focused Transit
TCRPS 46Diversity Training Initiatives
TCRPS 50Use of Rear-Facing Position for Common Wheelchairs in Transit Practice
TCRPS 51Transit Advertising Sales Agreements
TCRPS 52Transit Operator Health and Wellness Programs
TCRPS 53Operational Experiences with Flexible Transit Services
TCRPS 54Maintenance Productivity Practices
TCRPS 55Geographic Information Systems Applications in Transit
TCRPS 56Performance-Based Measures in Transit Fund Allocation
TCRPS 57Computer-Aided Scheduling and Dispatch in Demand-Reponsive Transit Services
TCRPS 58Emergency Response Procedures for Natural Gass Transit Vehicles
TCRPS 59Strategic Planning and Management in Transit Agencies
TCRPS 60Practices in No-Show and Late Cancellation Policies for ADA Paratransit
TCRPS 61Maintenance Staffing Levels for Light Rail Transit
TCRPS 62Integration of Bicycles and Transit
TCRPS 63On-Board and Intercept Transit Survey Techniques
TCRPS 65Research Problem Statements For User Information Systems
TCRPS 66Fixed-Route Transit Ridership Forecasting and Service Planning Methods
TCRPS 67Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning
TCRPS 68Methods of Rider Communication
TCRPS 69Web-Based Survey Techniques
TCRPS 70Mobile Data Terminals
TLRD 13Report on Innovative Financing Techniques for Transit Agencies
TLRD 14Treatment of Privacy Issues in the Public Transportation Industry
TLRD 15Impact of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 in the Transit Industry
TLRD 16Drug and Alcohol Testing - A Survey of Labor-Management Relations
TLRD 17Guide to Federal Buy America Requirements
TLRD 18Federal and State Licensing and Other Safety Requirements for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators and Equipment
TLRD 19Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Transit Operations
TLRD 20Transit Passengers and Civil Rights
TLRD 21Trademarking and Licensing for Transit Providers
TLRD 22The Case for Searches on Public Transportation
TLRD 23American Disabilities Act: The FTA'a Letters of Findings and Compliance Assessments
TRB 32Smart Growth and Transportation Issues and Lessons Learned
TRB 33Transportation Finance Meeting the Funding Challenge Today, Shaping Polocies for Tomorrow
TRB 55Pavement Temperatures: An Annotated Bibliography
TRB 67Assessing Transportation-Related Air Quality Impacts
TRB Compendium of Papers CD-ROM84th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers CD-ROM: January 9-13 2005
TRB Compendium of Papers CD-ROM85th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers CD-ROM: January 22-26, 2006
TRB Compendium of Papers CD-ROM86th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers CD-ROM: January 21-25, 2007
TRB PublicationsErrata (September 1998)
TRB PublicationsErrata January 1997
TRB 149Behavioral Demand Modeling and Valuation of Travel Time
TRB 151Future Role of Driver Licensing in Highway Safety
TRB 152Motor Vehicle Noise Control
TRB 153Better Use of Existing Transportation Facilities
TRB 154Demand-Responsive Transportation Systems and Services
TRB 155Research Needs for Evaluating Urban Public Transportation
TRB 156Driver Visual Needs in Night Driving
TRB 158Operation and Maintenance of Transportation Facilities: Statements of Research Problems
TRB 159Airport Landside Capacity
TRB 160Low-Volume Roads
TRB 162Test-Procedures for Characterizing Dynamic Stress-Strain Properties of Pavement Materials
TRB 164Paratransit: Proceedings of a conference held November 9-12, 1975
TRB 165Traffic Flow Theory: A Monograph
TRB 166Optimizing the Use of Materials and Energy in Transportation Construction
TRB 167Transportation and Land Use Planning Abroad
TRB 168Assessing Transportation-Related Air Quality
TRB 170Dual Mode Transportation
TRB 175Research in Airport Pavements
TRB 176Landslides: Analysis and Control
TRB 177Urban Transportation Alternatives: Evolution of Federal Policy
TRB 182Light-Rail Transit: Planning and Technology
TRB 184Service Innovations
TRB 185Snow Removal and Ice Control Research
TRB 186Paratransit: 1979
TRB 187Transportation Planning for Small and Medium Sized Communities
TRB 188Review of Transport Research Needs
TRB 189State Transportation Issues and Actions
TRB 191Considerations in Transportation Energy Contingency Planning
TRB 192Relocation and Real Property Acquisition
TRB 193Ridesharing Needs and Requirements: The Role of the Private and Public Sectors
TRB 196Urban Transportation Planning in the 1980s
TRB 197Bus Maintenance Improvement
TRB 197Transportation of Hazardous Materials: Toward a National Strategy (Volume 1)
TRB 198Transportation of Hazardous Materials: Toward a National Strategy (Volume 2)
TRB 199Future Directions of Urban Public Transportation
TRB 200The Trolley Bus: Where it is and Where it's Going
TRB 201Travel Analysis Methods for the 1980s
TRB 202America's Highways: Accelerating the Search for Innovation
TRB 20455: A Decade of Experience
TRB 207Transportation Professionals: Future Needs and Opportunities
TRB 211Twin Trailer Trucks
TRB 212Transportation Management for Major Highway Reconstruction
TRB 213Research for Public Transit: New Directions
TRB 215Measuring Airport Landside Capacity
TRB 216Zero Alcohol and Other Options: Limits for Truck and Bus Drivers
TRB 219Pipelines and Public Safety
TRB 221Light Rail Transit: New System Successes at Affordable Prices
TRB 222Improving School Bus Safety
TRB 224Safety Belts Airbags and Child Restraints
TRB 227New Trucks for Greater Productivity and Less Road Wear: An Evaluation of the Turner Proposal
TRB 229Safety Research for a Changing Highway Environment
TRB 231Transportation, Urban Form, and the Environment
TRB 233In Pursuit of Speed: New Options for Intercity Passenger Transport
TRB 241Compensating Injured Railroad Workers Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act
TRB 243Ensuring Railroad Tank Car Safety
TRB 248Shopping for Safety: Providing Consumer Automotive Safety Information
TRB 250Air Traffic Control Facilities: Improving Methods to Determine Staffing Requirements
TRB 251Toward a Sustainable Future: Addressing the Long-Term Effects of Motor Vehicle Transportation on Climate and Ecology
TRB 253National Automated Highway System Research Program: A Review
TRB 255Entry and Competition in the U.S. Airline Industry: Issues and Opportunities
TRB 256Managing Technology Transfer: A Strategy for the Federal Highway Administration
TRB 257Making Transit Work: Insight from Western Europe, Canada, and the United States
TRB 258Contracting for Bus and Demand-Responsive Transit Services
TRB 259Environmental Performance of Tanker Designs in Collision and Grounding: Method for Comparison
TRB 260Strategic Highway Research: Saving Lives, Reducing Congestion, Improving Quality of life
TRB 261The Federal Role in Highway Research and Technology
TRB 262A Process for Setting, Managing, and Monitoring Environmental Windows for Dredging Projects
TRB 263Future Flight: A Review of the Small Aircraft Transportation System Concept
TRB 264The Congestion Mitigating and Air Quality Improvement
TRB 265Rating System for Rollover Resistance: An Assessment
TRB 266Naval Engineering: Alternative Approaches fro Organizing Cooperative Research
TRB 267Regulation of Weights, Lengths, and Widths of Commercial Motor Vehicles
TRB 268Surface Transportation Environmental Research: A Long-Term Strategy
TRB 269The Relative Risks of School Travel: A national Perspective and Guidance for Local Community Risk Assessment
TRB 270Deterrence, Protection, and Preparation: The New Transportation Security Imperative
TRB 273Shipboard Automatic Identification System Displays: Meeting the Needs of the Marines
TRB 274Cyber security of Freight Information Systems: A Scoping Study
TRB 275The Workforce Challenge: Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Qualified Workers for Transportation and Transit Agencies
TRB 276A Concept for a National Freight Data Program
TRB 277Measuring Personal Travel and Goods Movement: A Review of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Surveys
TRB 278Buckling Up: Technologies to Increase Seat Belt Use
TRB 279The Marine Transportation System and the Federal Role: Measuring Performance, Targeting Improvement
TRB 280Development and Deployment of Standards for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Review of the Federal Program
TRB 281Transmission Pipelines and Land Use: A Ris-Informed Approach
TRB 282Does the Built Environment Influence Physical Activity?
TRB 283Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities Group
TRC 160Cooperative Research for Hazardous Material Transportation
TRC 164Implementation of Environmental Goals
TRC 165The Easement Approach: Can it Rescue Highway Visual Quality?
TRC 167Employee Reduction - A Workshop on Manpower Management
TRC 168Traffic Records Workshop: Deckers, Colorado 1973
TRC 169Executive Summary Carpooling Seminar
TRC 171Reports on OECD Conference on "Better Towns With Less Traffic" and Field Visits to Various Western European Cities - April 1975
TRC 175Highway Traffic Noise Prediction Methods
TRC 176Evaluation of Methods of Identifying Phases of Cement Paste
TRC 179Research Problem Statements
TRC 180State of the Art: Lime Stabilization - Reactions, Properties, Design, Construction
TRC 182Operational Effects of Secondary Stopping and Recovery Areas
TRC 183Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 187Transportation Research Needs Related to Social, Economic, and Environmental Issues
TRC 188The Role of the State Highway Safety Agency in Managing A State's Highway Safety Program: Criteria for Performance and Success
TRC 197progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnal
TRC 198Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 199Transportation and Land Development - Transportation and Urban Land Policy in Developing Countries, Metropolitan Region Transportation Planning: A New Era and New Directions
TRC 200Research Needs in Inland water Transportation
TRC 202Solving the Airport Auto Parking Problem
TRC 204Engineering Fabrics, A Literature Review (1978)
TRC 205The Role of Citizens in Implementing Transportation Pricing
TRC 206Historic Preservation of Transportation-Related Structures
TRC 209Local Rail Services Program: Perspectives of States and Railroads
TRC 211Combating Inflation in Rigid Pavement Construction
TRC 212Interim Materials on Highway Capacity
TRC 213Bibliography on Project Evaluation and Priority Programming Criteria
TRC 214Low-Volume Roads: Second International Conference Addresses and Research Needs
TRC 216Transportation of Energy Materials
TRC 217State Highway Finance
TRC 218Research Problem Statements
TRC 219The Ten Most Critical Issues in Hazardous Materials Transportation
TRC 220Forces Influencing International Air Travel to and From North America
TRC 221Impact on Air Transportation Operations and Maintenance Research From Loss of Cab Data Via Deregulation
TRC 222Highway Visibility Research Needs
TRC 223Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 224Utility Poles
TRC 225Impact of Airline Fare Reductions of 1978
TRC 227Research Problem Statements: Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities
TRC 228Energy Considerations in Fixed and Vehicular Lighting
TRC 229Conspicuity on the Highway: A Symposium Sponsored by the Committee on Visibility
TRC 230Assumptions and Issues Influencing the Future Growth of the Aviation Industry
TRC 231Truck-Accident Data Systems: State-of-the-Art Report
TRC 232Visibility in Construction and Maintenance Work Zones
TRC 233Management of Accident Data Systems
TRC 235Research Problem Statements: Simulation and Measurement of Driving
TRC 236Operation and Maintenance of Transportation Facilities
TRC 237Research Problem Statements: Bicycling and Bicycle Facilities
TRC 238Research Problem Statements: Motorist Services
TRC 239Uses and Misuses of Airline Traffic, Financial and Cost Data
TRC 240Traffic Factors Used in Flexible Pavement Design
TRC 241Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 242State of the Art: Vibratory Compaction of Asphalt Pavements
TRC 243Research Problem Statements: Transportation System Management
TRC 244Research Problem Statements: Operational Effects of Geometric
TRC 245Research Problem Statements: Pedestrians
TRC 246Roadside Maintenance, Discussion of 1980 Survey: Herbicides in Roadside Maintenance
TRC 2471981 Workshop on Aircraft and Airport Compatibility
TRC 248Statewide Transportation Planning: Update on Current Issues and Research
TRC 249Update on Transportation Education Programs
TRC 250Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 252Evaluation of Chemical Stabilizers
TRC 253Statewide Transportation Planning: Monitoring
TRC 254Research Problems in Transportation Communications
TRC 255Private-Sector Role in Public Transportation: An Overview
TRC 256Evaluation of Severity of Collisions with Roadside Features: Data Needs
TRC 257Transportation Information Systems
TRC 258Transportation Education and Training: An Update
TRC 259Economic Benefits and Financing of General Aviation Airports
TRC 261Research Problem Statements in Landscape and Environmental Design
TRC 262Second Look at Moisture Restrictions in Hot-Mix Plant Operations and Construction
TRC 264Mini and Microautomobile Forum: Overview and Potential Problems
TRC 265Conference Report: Efficient Intermodal Travel- The Reality or Myth
TRC 266Research Problem Statements: Driver Performance
TRC 267Recommendations for Hazardous Materials- Transportation Research and Development Projects
TRC 268Transportation System Planning
TRC 269Transportation Information Systems
TRC 270Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 271Research Problem Statements- Operational Effects of Geometric
TRC 272Research Problem Statements-Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities Group
TRC 273Incompatibility of Driver-Vehicle Highway Standards: Recent and Ongoing Research
TRC 274Development in Aircraft and Airport Compatibility
TRC 275Issues Relating to National Policy on Motorist Information and Roadside Amenities
TRC 276Motorcycle Design: Observations on Status and Research Needs
TRC 277Prospects for World Aviation
TRC 278Low-Volume Roads: Third International Conference Addresses and Research Needs
TRC 279Operational and Maintenance Problems with Highway Safety Appurtenances
TRC 280Benefits of Advance Planning to Meet Transportation Emergencies
TRC 281Proposed Chapters for the 1985 Highway Capacity Manual
TRC 282Developments in Traffic Signal Systems
TRC 284Proposed Chapters for the 1985 Highway Capacity Manual- Addendum 1 to TRB Circular 281
TRC 285 1984 Research Problem Statements- Operational Effects of Geometric
TRC 286Airfield and Airspace Capacity and Delay: Problems and Action Areas
TRC 287Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 288State of the Practice: Environmental Noise Measurements
TRC 289Proceedings of the 1984 Bus Maintenance Productivity Workshop
TRC 290Conference on Transportation Partnerships: Improving Urban Mobility Through Public-Private Partnerships
TRC 291Research Problem Statements-research in Engineering Fabrics (Geotextiles)
TRC 293Introduction to Comprehensive Computerized Safety Record keeping Systems
TRC 294Strategic Planning for Freight: Issues and Research Needs
TRC 296Research Problem Statements: Operational Effects of Geometric
TRC 297Providing Visibility and Visual Guidance to the Road User
TRC 299The Future of Aviation
TRC 300Definition of Practices for Bus Transit On-Time Performance: Preliminary Study
TRC 301Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 302Motorcycle Design: Observations on Status and Research Needs
TRC 303Research Problem Statements: Operator Education and Regulation
TRC 304Workshop on Transportation Requirements for Urban Activity Centers
TRC 306Reflectorized Devices for Driver Information
TRC 307Presentations to the Committee on Roadside Maintenance
TRC 308Tort Claims Involving Roadside Safety
TRC 309Shared Experience In Geotechnical Engineering:Wick Drains
TRC 312Citizen Advisory Committees: Bonus or Boondoggle?
TRC 313Traffic Noise Research Needs of State Highway Agencies
TRC 314Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 315Research Needs in the Inland Water Transportation Industry
TRC 316The Changing Government Roles in Airports
TRC 317Impact of Aging Driver Population and Impaired Drivers on Geometric Design
TRC 318Applying Strategic Planning to State Highway Safety Programs
TRC 319Research Problem Statements: Highway Capacity
TRC 320Amixtures for Shotcrete Grouts, Filling Voids, and Nucleation Kinetics of Calcium Chloride
TRC 321Nuclear Density gauge Monitoring of Asphalt Concrete Compaction
TRC 322Ports, Waterways, Cargo Forecasting, and Intermodal Coordination - Proceedings of the 11th Annual Ports and Waterways Conference
TRC 325Airport and Terminal-Area Operation sof the Future
TRC 327Research Problem Statementes:Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Quality
TRC 328Research Problem Statements on Landscape and Environmental Design
TRC 329The Future of Aviation
TRC 330Underwater Bridge Inspection Programs
TRC 332Ports, Waterways, Intermodal Terminals, and International Trade Transportation Issues
TRC 333Outlook for Commercial Supersonic and Hypersonic Transport Aircraft
TRC 334Transportation Trends and Current Research Activities
TRC 335Research Problem Statements on Traffic Control Devices
TRC 336Research Problem Statements on User Information Systems
TRC 337Bicycling and Bicycle Facilities - Research Problem Statements
TRC 338Research Needs Related to Intermodal Freight Transportation
TRC 339Research Problem Statements: Pedestrians
TRC 340Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities: Research Problem Statements
TRC 341International Roadside Safety - Hardware Research
TRC 342Use of Herbicides in Roadside Maintenance
TRC 343State Role in Public Transportation
TRC 345Truck Research Profiles: A Sample of Recent and Current U.S. and Canadian Projects
TRC 346Seventh Equipment Management Workshop
TRC 347Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 348Aviation Forecasting Methodology: A Special Workshop
TRC 349Research Problem Statements: Operational Effects of Geometric and Geometric Design
TRC 350Ports, Waterways, Intermodal Terminals, and International Trade Transportation Issues
TRC 351Safety Factors Related to high-Speed Rail passenger Systems
TRC 352Future Aviation Activities: Sixth International Workshop
TRC 353Safety of All-Terrain Vehicles - Discussion of Problems and Needs
TRC 355Adequacy of Research Funding for Transportation Management and Administration Research
TRC 356Microcomputer Software for geotechnical Engineering
TRC 357National Impact of Foreign-Born Engineers
TRC 358Travelers' Services - Research Problem Statements
TRC 359Traffic Congestion and Suburban Activity Centers
TRC 361Tort Liability and Risk Management
TRC 362Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis to Develop Roadside Safety Policies and Guidelines
TRC 363Research Problem Statements: Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities
TRC 365 Admixtures and ground Slag for Concrete
TRC 3661990 HOV Facilities Conference Proceedings
TRC 367 Proceedings of the Special Conference on Freight Transportation Data: The Changing Federal Role Singe deregulation
TRC 368Operation and Maintenance of Transportation Facilities
TRC 369Research Problem Statements: Public Transportation: Marketing, Fare Policy and Rural Public Transportation
TRC 370Research Problem Statements: Impact of Aging Driver Population on Geometric Design
TRC 371A Program of Research in Highway Capacity
TRC 372Forecasting Civil Aviation Activity - Methods and Approaches
TRC 373Interim Materials on Unsignalized Intersection Capacity
TRC 374Update of NCHRP Report 230: Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Appurtenances
TRC 375Strategic Highway Safety Plan
TRC 376Proceedings of the 8th Equipment Management Workshop
TRC 377A Research Agenda for Public Transportation
TRC 380Research Initiatives for Traffic Signal Control Systems
TRC 382Research Problem Statements: Impact of Aging Driver Population on Geometric Design
TRC 384National Conference on HOV Systems Proceedings: HOV facilities and Coming of Age
TRC 385Older Driver Resource Directory
TRC 386Innovative Contracting Practices
TRC 387Research Problem Statements: Safety Factors Related to High-Speed Rail and Maglev Passenger Systems
TRC 388Simulator Technology: Analysis of Applicability to Motor Vehicle Travel
TRC 390Future Aviation Activities: Seventh International Workshop
TRC 391Port-Land Access: Public Policy Issues
TRC 393Trends and Issues in International Aviation
TRC 394Inventory of Special Facilities for Highway Research
TRC 395Airport Access for Disabled and Elderly Persons
TRC 397Drugged and Drunk Driving
TRC 398Research and Development Needs for Maintaining the Safety and Mobility of Older Drivers
TRC 399Truck Research Profiles: 1991 Update
TRC 400Helicopter Operator Economics
TRC 401Maintenance Research Problem Statement
TRC 402Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 403Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement in Highway Structures
TRC 406Transportation Planning, Programming, and Finance: Proceedings of a Conference
TRC 407Transportation Data Needs: Programs for a New Era: Proceedings of a Conference
TRC 408Alcohol and Other Drugs in Transportation: Research Needs for the Next Decade
TRC 409Sixth National Conference on High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems
TRC 410National Conference on Advanced Technologies in Public Transportation
TRC 411Communicating With Vehicles: IVHS Research and Operational Test Requirements
TRC 413Alcohol and Other Drugs: Their Role in Transportation
TRC 416Issues Surrounding Highway and Roadside Safety Management
TRC 417Research Problem Statements: Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities
TRC 418Presentations for the 9th Equipment Management Workshop
TRC 419Driver Performance Data Book Update: Older Drivers and IVHS
TRC 420Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 422The Nature of and the Reasons for the Worldwide Decline in Drinking and Driving
TRC 423Characteristics of Bridge Management Systems
TRC 425Future Aviation Activities Eighth International Workshop
TRC 427Environmental Regulatory Process: Does It Work? Dredging U.S. Ports
TRC 429The Licensing of Older Drivers
TRC 432Workshop on Safety Research Related to High Speed Rail and Maglev passenger Systems
TRC 435Roadside Safety Issues
TRC 437Strategies for Dealing with the Persistent Drinking Driver
TRC 440Post - NCHRP Report 350: Issues and Research Needs
TRC 441Program of Research for HOV Systems
TRC 443Program of Research for Freeway Operations
TRC 444Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
TRC 445Airports of Tomorrow
TRC 446Assessing Worldwide Low-Volume Roads: Problems, Needs, and Impacts
TRC 447Presentations from the 10th Equipment Management Workshop
TRC 448Conduct of Research Workshop Proceedings
TRC 449Summary and Research Needs Statements from the National Symposium on the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program in State and Federal Highway Contracting
TRC 451International Crash Test Standards for Roadside Safety Features
TRC 453 Roadside Safety Issues Revisited
TRC 454Future Aviation Activities Ninth International Workshop
TRC 455Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 456Driveway and Street Intersection Spacing
TRC 458Graduated Licensing: Past Experiences and Future Status
TRC 460Public Transportation Management and Planning in a Rapidly Changing Environment: Strategies for Survival
TRC 461Transportation History and TRB's 75th Anniversary
TRC 4621994 Northridge Earthquake
TRC 464Research Problem Statements - Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities
TRC 465Conference on Transportation Programming Methods and issues
TRC 466Research Problem Statements: Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Water Quality
TRC 467Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Persil
TRC 468Review of International Practices Used to Evaluate Unsignalized Intersections
TRC 469Environmental Research Needs in Transportation
TRC 470Conduct of Research and Technology Transfer Workshop Proceedings
TRC 471Statewide Transportation Planning
TRC 472Research Problem Statements For User Information Systems
TRC 473Aircraft Noise Modeling
TRC 47511th Equipment Management Workshop
TRC 476FAA Cost-Benefit Analysis
TRC 477Assessing the Economic Impact of Transportation Projects: How to Choose the Appropriate Technique for Your Project
TRC 478Toward and Intelligent Air Transportation System: The Role of Technology Transfer
TRC 479Aggregate Tests for Hot-Mix Asphalt: State of the Practice
TRC 480Research Problem Statements for Pedestrians
TRC 481Highway Capacity Expansion and Induced Travel: Evidence and Implications
TRC 482Future Aviation Activities: 10th International Workshop
TRC 483Proceedings of the Workshop on International Transit Turnkey and Joint Development
TRC 484National Conference of Critical Issues for the Future of Intercity Passenger Rail
TRC 485Airport System capital Requirements
TRC 486Progress Report on Maintenance and Operation Personel
TRC 487Combating Impaired Driving in an Era of Diminished Resources and Shifting Priorities
TRC 488Transportation Technology Transfer: A Primer on the State of the Practice
TRC 490Research Problem Statements on Intercity Passenger Rail
TRC 491Inland Waterway Technical Studies
TRC 492Transportation, Energy, and Environment: Policies to Promote Sustainability
TRC 493Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 494Durability of Concrete
TRC 495Forum on Transportation Education and Training -Responding to the Changing Needs of the Profession
TRC 495Forum on Transportation Education and Training: Responding to the Changing Needs of the Profession
TRC 496Future Aviation Activities: 11th International Workshop
TRC 497Older Driver Resource Directory: Third Edition
TRC 498Presentations from the 8th International Bridge Management Conference: Volume 1
TRC 498Presentations from the 8th International Bridge Management Conference: Volume 2
TRC 499Chemical Properties of Asphalts and Their Effects on Pavement Performance
TRC 500Progress Report on Maintenance and Operations Personnel
TRC 502Alcohol and Other Drugs in Transportation: Research Needs and Priorities
TRC 503Perpetual Bituminous Pavements
TRC E-C008Transport Surveys: Raising the Standard
TRC E-C011Statewide Travel Demand Forecasting Conference Proceedings
TRC E-C018Fourth International Symposium on Highway Capacity
TRC E-C026Personal Travel: The Long and Short of It
TRRCommercial Trade and bus Safety Synthesis 7 Motorchoach Industry Hours of Service and Fatigue Management Techniques
TRRPavement Design & Management Systems
TRR Commercial Trade and bus Safety Synthesis 8 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Belt Usage
TRR 112Allocating & Managing Manpower Resources
TRR 480 Traffic Accident Analysis
TRR 481Citizen Participation & Housing Displacement
TRR 483Accommodating Utilities in Transportation Rights-of-Way
TRR 484Highway Maintenance Equipment and Employee Protection
TRR 485Pavement Design & Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Performance
TRR 486Behavioral Demand Modeling and Valuation of Travel Time
TRR 487Crime & Vandalism in Public Transportation
TRR 488Safety Appurtenances
TRR 489Highway Capacity & Safety
TRR 492Air Quality & Environmental Factors
TRR 493Transportation Research Information Services
TRR 494Problems in Implementing Roadway Pricing
TRR 495Incidents and Freeway Operations
TRR 497Soil Properties
TRR 498Pedestrian Programs & Motorist Services
TRR 499Travel Demand, Mode Choice, & System Analysis
TRR 500Corrosion & Corrosion Protection
TRR 501Soil Stabilization
TRR 502Visibility: Effects of Vehicle & Lighting Characteristics
TRR 503Traffic Control & Guidance
TRR 504Portland Cement Concrete
TRR 505Intermodal Transfer Facilities
TRR 509Traffic Flow: Theory and Practice
TRR 510Soil Mechanics
TRR 512Pavement Design and Management Systems
TRR 513Planning for Bus Transit
TRR 514Traffic Operations
TRR 515Characteristics of & Factors Influencing Bituminous Materials & Mixtures
TRR 517Performance of Earth Retaining Structures & Pile Foundations
TRR 518Geometric Highway & Culvert Design
TRR 519Public Transportation Planning Issues
TRR 520Driver Performance
TRR 521Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design & Evaluation
TRR 522 New Transportation Systems
TRR 523Skid Resistance
TRR 524Intergovernmental Relations in Transportation Planning
TRR 525Cement-Aggregate Reactions
TRR 526 Travel Demand Forecasting
TRR 527Travel Behavior Analysis
TRR 528Transportation Serving Community Needs
TRR 529Air Travel & Aviation Facilities Planning
TRR 530Driver Performance Studies
TRR 531Traffic Control & Motorist Information
TRR 532Frost, Moisture, & Erosion
TRR 533Freeway Entry, Flow, & Control
TRR 534Travel Behavior & Values
TRR 535Concrete Pavement Construction & Joints & Loader-Truck Production Studies
TRR 536Motorist & Transit-User Services
TRR 537Pavement & Soil Characteristics
TRR 538 Capacity & Quality of Service
TRR 539Corrosion, Concrete, Quality Control, & Paint Beads
TRR 540Urban Accident Patterns
TRR 541Effect of Roadway Geometric on Traffic Operations
TRR 542Polymer Concrete
TRR 544Asphalt Properties & Performance
TRR 545Inland Waterway Transportation
TRR 547Concrete & Steel Bridges
TRR 548Soil & Rock Mechanics, Culverts, & Compaction
TRR 549Bituminous Mixtures, Aggregates, & Pavements
TRR 550Application of Economic Analysis to Transportation Problems
TRR 551Mitigating Adverse Environments Effects of Highway Construction
TRR 552Rail Transit Development
TRR 553Application of Interactive Graphics in Citizen Participation
TRR 554Hazardous Materials Transportation & Highway Maintenance
TRR 555Citizen's Role in Transportation Planning
TRR 556Water Quality, Conduits, & Geometric
TRR 557Mode-Change Facilities
TRR 558Recent Developments in Accelerated Testing & Maturity of Concrete
TRR 559Transit Planning
TRR 560Stabilization
TRR 562Measures of Effectiveness, Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings, & Visibility
TRR 563Public Transportation Planning
TRR 564Concrete Admixtures
TRR 565Transportation & Land Development Policy
TRR 566Vehicle Barrier Systems
TRR 568Swelling Soils
TRR 569New Approaches to Travel Forecasting
TRR 570The Bicycle as a Transportation Mode
TRR 571Utility Facilities in Transportation Corridors
TRR 572Pavement Design, Performance, & Rehabilitation
TRR 574Planning & Programming for Transportation
TRR 575Role of Probability & Statistics in the Structural Analysis of Pavements
TRR 576Pavement & Bridge Icing
TRR 577Transportation Characteristics of Truck, Rail, & Water Freight
TRR 579Earthquake-Induced Dynamic Response of Bridges & Bridge Measurements
TRR 580Transportation Environmental Review Process
TRR 581Innovations in Subsurface Exploration of Soils
TRR 582Innovations in Transportation System Planning
TRR 583Social, Economic, & Environmental Implications in Transportation Planning
TRR 584Pavement Surface Properties & Vehicle Interaction
TRR 585Transportation Programming & Management
TRR 586Design for Crash Survival of Automobile Occupants
TRR 587Value of Travel Time
TRR 588Airport & Air Transport Planning
TRR 589Urban Transportation Finance
TRR 590Transit Marketing
TRR 593Use of Waste Materials & Soil Stabilization
TRR 594Photogrammetry, Water Quality, Safety Appurtenances, & Shoulder Design
TRR 595Asphalts, Aggregates, Mixes, & Stress-Absorbing Membranes
TRR 596Flow Theory
TRR 597Traffic Control: Signals and Other Devices
TRR 598Maintenance Management, The Federal Role, Unionization, Pavement Maintenance and Ice Control
TRR 599Transportation Programming, Economic Analysis, & Evaluation of Energy Constraints
TRR 600Motorist Information Systems & Services
TRR 601Freeways, Automatic Vehicle Identification, & Effects of Geometric
TRR 603Management of Transportation & Environmental Review Functions
TRR 604Bridge Decks: Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, & Pavement Seals
TRR 605Vehicle Operators & Pedestrians
TRR 606Bus Transportation Strategies
TRR 607Bridge Design, Testing, & Evaluation
TRR 608Demand-Responsive Transportation Systems & Other Paratransit Services
TRR 609Highway Safety, Traffic Records, and Law Enforcemnt
TRR 610Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting
TRR 611Railroad-Highway Crossings, Visibility, & Human Factors
TRR 613Air Sampling, Quality Control, & Concrete
TRR 615Capacity & Measurement of Effectiveness
TRR 616Soil Mechanics: Rutting in Asphalt Pavements, Embankments on Varied Clays & Foundations
TRR 618Transportation Issues: The Disadvantaged, the Elderly & Citizen Involvement
TRR 621Skidding Accidents: Tires, Vehicles, and Vehicle Components
TRR 622Skidding Accidents: Pavement Characteristics
TRR 623Skidding Accidents: Wet-Weather Accident Experience, Human Factors, and Legal Aspect
TRR 624Skidding Accidents: Ancillary Papers
TRR 625Transit Planning & Operations
TRR 626Bus Service Planning
TRR 627Rail Transit
TRR 628Lighting, Visibility, & Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
TRR 630Evaluation of Transportation Operational Improvements
TRR 634Predicting and Measuring Impacts of Transportation Systems
TRR 638Transportation Planning Techniques for Small Communities
TRR 641Stabilization of Soils
TRR 642Soil Taxonomy and Soil Properties
TRR 644Highway Capacity, Traffic Flow, & Traffic Control Devices
TRR 645Bridge Tests
TRR 646Transportation Ride Quality
TRR 647Evaluating Bridge Structures, Pavement Maintenance, Roadside Management, Deicing Salts, Transport of Hazardous Materials
TRR 648Environmental and Conservation Concerns in Transportation: Energy, Noise, and Air Quality
TRR 651Concrete, Aggregates, Marking Materials, Corrosion, & Joint Seals
TRR 652Construction & Quality Control of Pavements & Structures
TRR 653Track Systems & Other Related Railroad Topics
TRR 654Elements in the Transportation Planning & Programming Process in the Public Forum
TRR 655Airport Capacity & Planning
TRR 656Rail Planning
TRR 657Applications of Interactive Graphics
TRR 658Transportation Development & Land Use Planning
TRR 659Bituminous Concrete Materials, Mixtures, & Additives
TRR 661Public Transportation in Rural & Suburban Areas
TRR 663Recent Developments in Bus Transportation
TRR 664Bridge Engineering: Volume 1
TRR 665Bridge Engineering: Volume 2
TRR 668Freight Movement and Demand
TRR 669Waterborne Commerce & Inland Port Development
TRR 670Air Quality Analysis in Transportation Planning
TRR 671Analysis of Pavement Systems
TRR 672Accident Analysis, Ride Quality, Driver Education, & Behavior Research
TRR 675Moisture & Frost-Related Soil Properties
TRR 676Bridge Design, Evaluation, & Repair
TRR 677Transportation System Analysis
TRR 679Roadside Safety Appurtenances
TRR 680Transportation Finance & Charges, Programming, & Costs
TRR 681Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, & Geometric
TRR 682Urban System Operation & Freeways
TRR 683Road User Information Needs, Pedestrian Movement, and Bicycle Travel Patterns
TRR 684Tunneling & Underground Structures
TRR 685Geometric, Hydraulics, & Hydrology
TRR 687Surface Transport Regulation & Railroad Planning
TRR 689Energy Efficiency of Various Transportation Modes
TRR 690Stabilization & Compaction
TRR 691Process Control in the Construction Industry
TRR 692Adhesive Materials, Paints, & Corrosion
TRR 693Safety in Construction & Maintenance Work Zones & Transportation of Hazardous Materials
TRR 694Railroad Track & Electrification Studies
TRR 695Bituminous Materials, Mixtures, & Performance
TRR 696Rural Public Transportation
TRR 697Quality Assurance: Performance, Sealers, & Materials Variation
TRR 698Priority Programming, Finance, & Highway Investment Analysis
TRR 700Pavement Evaluation & Overlay Design: A Symposium & Related Papers
TRR 701Applications & Use of Transportation Data
TRR 702Low-Volume Roads: Second International Conference
TRR 704Inland Waterway User Charges, Port Development, & Research Methodologies
TRR 705Subdrainage & Soil Moisture
TRR 711Probabilistic Design, Redundancy, & Other Bridge Papers
TRR 713Culvert Corrosion, Porous Lane Marking, Membranes, Polymer Concrete, & Reflectometer Evaluations
TRR 714Impact of Air Quality Control Measures
TRR 715Pavement Distress, Evaluation, & Performance
TRR 716Local & Regional Development & Transportation Needs
TRR 717Engineering Solutions to Environmental Constraints: I-70 Over Vail Pass
TRR 718Bus & Rural Transit
TRR 719Transit Development
TRR 720Superplasticizers in Concrete
TRR 721Rail & Motor Carrier Reports
TRR 722Urban Systems Operations
TRR 724Current Paratransit & Ride-Sharing Activities
TRR 725Pavement Systems: Assessment of Load Effects, Design, & Bases
TRR 726Energy Policy Impact Evaluation
TRR 727Maintenance, Economics, Management, & Pavements
TRR 729Application of Computer & Interactive Graphics
TRR 730Issues in Transportation Planning for Small & Medium-Sized Communities
TRR 731Evaluating Transportation Proposals
TRR 732Aviation Forecasting, Planning, & Operations
TRR 734Copper Mill Tailings, Incinerator Residue, Low-Quality Aggregate Characteristics and Energy Savings in Construction
TRR 735Public Transportation Planning & Development
TRR 736Aerial Surveys, Geometric, Surface Drainage, Ecological Impacts, & Safety Appurtenances
TRR 739Driver Performance, Passenger Safety Devices, & The Bicyclist
TRR 740Highway Noise Abatement
TRR 741Performance of Pavements Designed with Low-Cost Materials
TRR 742Program Planning, Finance, & Preconstruction Management
TRR 743Pedestrian Behavior & Bicycle Traffic
TRR 744Railroad Track & Facilities
TRR 745Computer Aids & Statistics in Quality Assurance
TRR 747Economic & Social Aspects of Transportation
TRR 748New Directions in Transportation Education
TRR 749Embankment Stabilization & Soil Mechanics
TRR 751Transportation System Analysis & Planning 1980
TRR 753Traffic Accident Analysis & Application of Systems Safety
TRR 754Emulsion Mix Design, Stabilization & Compaction
TRR 755Evaluation & Analysis of Flexible Pavement Components & Properties
TRR 757Facility Design and Operational Effects
TRR 758Surface Freight: Rail, Truck, and Intermodal
TRR 759Critical Issues in Urban Transit Finance and Management
TRR 760Rail Transit Planning and Rail Stations
TRR 761Public Transportation Planning
TRR 763Inland Waterway Studies
TRR 765Consumer Perspectives in Travel Choice & Interactive Travel Data Collection
TRR 767Travel Impacts of TSM Actions
TRR 768Aviation Forecasting & Systems Analyses
TRR 769Roadside Hazards, Traffic Barriers, and Safety Appurtenances
TRR 771Advances in Urban Transportation Planning
TRR 773Grade Crossings, Devices, Visibility, & Freeway Operations
TRR 774Maintenance Management Systems & Transportation Ride Quality
TRR 775Travel Demand Models: Application, Limitations, & Quantitative Methods
TRR 776Guideway Snow & Ice Control & Roadside Maintenance
TRR 777Asphalt: Materials, Mixes, and Construction
TRR 778Paratransit 1980
TRR 779Transportation Information Systems: Applications and Uses
TRR 780Proceedings of the National Seminar on Asphalt Pavement Recycling
TRR 781Maintaining the Maintenance Management System
TRR 782Human Factors & Motorist Information Needs
TRR 783Rock Classifications and Horizontal Drilling and Drainage
TRR 785Bridges, Culverts, & Tunnels
TRR 786Parking
TRR 789Environmental Issues in Transportation: Analysis, Noise, and Air Quality
TRR 790Shales & Swelling Soils
TRR 791Transportation Finance, Equity, & Cost Allocation
TRR 792Contractual Relationships: An Essential Ingredient of the Quality-Assurance System & Other Quality-Control Papers
TRR 793Transportation Education & Training: Meeting the Needs of the 1980's
TRR 794Household Activities and Consumer Perspectives
TRR 795Traffic Flow Theory & Characteristics
TRR 796Highway Safety Appurtenances
TRR 797Transit Planning & Management
TRR 798Bus Planning & Operations
TRR 799Transit Fare Policies
TRR 800Bridge & Pavement Maintenance
TRR 801Energy: Forecasting, Data, & Conservation
TRR 802Railroad Track Structure, Electrification, & Operations Management
TRR 803Air Service, Airport Access, & Future Technology
TRR 804Surface Regulatory Reform: Rail, Truck, & Intermodal
TRR 806Highway Geometric Design
TRR 808Highway Safety: Roadway Improvements, Accident Rates, & Bicycle Programs
TRR 809Frost Action & Risk Assessment in Soil Mechanics
TRR 810Layered Pavement Systems
TRR 811Speed Enforcement, Visibility, and Effects of Traffic Control Measures on Drives
TRR 812Economic, Social, & Energy Effects of Highway Transportation
TRR 813Finance Issues: County Highways and Public Transit
TRR 814Pavement Management & Rehabilitation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
TRR 815Improvements in Travel Monitoring & Data Aspects of the Energy Problem
TRR 816Transportation System Management - Parking, Enforcement, & Other Issues
TRR 817Rail Transit & Terminals
TRR 818Design of Public Transport Services
TRR 819Operational Effects of Geometric & Improvement Evaluations
TRR 820Land Use & Economic Development
TRR 821Bituminous Mixes, Concrete Pavements & Structures, Testing, & Construction Prices
TRR 823Current Status of Ridesharing Activities
TRR 824Transportation of Coal, Grain, & Passengers by Rail & Waterways
TRR 825National Studies of Commodity Flow (including Operational Issues on Inland Waterways)
TRR 826Transportation Programming, User Benefit Analysis, & Vehicle Licensing
TRR 827General Soils Problems
TRR 828Analysis of Transportation Investment & Use
TRR 829Research Programming & the Value of Research
TRR 830Mobility & Accessibility to Transportation for the Elderly & the Handicapped
TRR 831Rural Public Transportation: Fifth National Conference Proceedings
TRR 832Erosion, Sedimentation, Flood, Frequency, and Bridge Testing
TRR 833Work Zone Safety, Maintenance Management & Equipment, & Transportation of
TRR 834Use of Historic Transportation Structures
TRR 835Transportation System Analysis
TRR 836Pavement Roughness & Skid Properties
TRR 837Intergovernmental Relations & Policy Processes
TRR 838Railroad Rail, Track, Regulation, Operations, Management, & Commuter Issues
TRR 839Soil Stabilization 1982
TRR 840Airport Landside Operations & Air Service
TRR 841Freeway Operations, Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings, & Evaluating Highway Improvements
TRR 842Transportation Planning Analysis Used in Small & Medium-Sized Communities
TRR 843Asphalts, Asphalt Mixtures, & Additives
TRR 844Automotive Technology, Information Needs of Highway Users, & Promotion of Safety Belt Usage
TRR 845Transportation System Management & Parking
TRR 846Pavement Management
TRR 847Analysis of Highway Accidents, Pedestrian Behavior, & Bicycle Program Implementation
TRR 848Transport & Urban Activity Systems
TRR 849Symposium on Aspects of Subsurface Drainage Related to Pavement Design & Performance
TRR 850Issues in the Provision of Transportation Services for the Elderly & the Handicapped
TRR 851Economic Development & Regulatory Reform Issues
TRR 852Strength & Deformation Characteristics of Pavements
TRR 853Concrete Analysis & Deterioration
TRR 854Bus Services
TRR 855Visibility & Operational Effects of Geometric
TRR 856Highway Preconstruction Management
TRR 858Cost Responsibility, User Charges, & Finance Issues
TRR 859Roadside Management
TRR 860Snow Control, Traffic Effects on New Concrete & Corrosion
TRR 861Transportation & Land Use Impacts on Major Activity Centers
TRR 862Short-Range Transit Operations Planning & Development
TRR 863Paratransit Planning & Management
TRR 864Transit Bus Maintenance, Equipment Management, Routine Maintenance, & Improving Work Zone Safety
TRR 865Airport & Highway Noise Control, Planning, & Analysis
TRR 866Urban Transportation Planning Using Interactive Graphics
TRR 867Transportation Programming Process
TRR 868Testing, Evaluation & Upgrading of Safety Appurtenances
TRR 871Segmental & System Bridge Construction; Concrete Box Girder & Steel Design
TRR 872Centrifuge-Soil Testing, Soil Mechanics, & Soil Properties
TRR 873Over consolidated Clays: Shales
TRR 874Advances in Trip Generation & Quantitative Methods
TRR 875Design & Upgrading of Surfacing and Other Aspects of Low-Volume Roads
TRR 876Ridesharing 1981
TRR 877Urban Public Transportation Planning Issues
TRR 878Soil-Structure Interaction of Subsurface Conduits
TRR 880Port Development, Waterway System Analysis, & Marine Transit
TRR 881Traffic Control Devices & Traffic Signal Systems
TRR 882Transportation Systems: New Technologies & Automobile Restricted Zones
TRR 883Tunnel Ventilation, Lighting, & Operation
TRR 884Piling 1982
TRR 885Quality Assurance of Recycled Material: Construction Delay Damage
TRR 886New Concepts in Data Analysis
TRR 887Economic Analysis Issues
TRR 888Structural Performance of Pavement Systems
TRR 890Attitudes, Perceptions, & Constraints on Travel
TRR 891Collection & Use of Survey Data
TRR 892Leachates: Terrain Analysis
TRR 893Distress Measurement & Interaction of Vehicles with Pavement Surfaces
TRR 894Evaluation & Measurement of Ride Quality: State-of-the-Art Report
TRR 895Travel Demand Forecasting Procedures 1982
TRR 896Hydrology & Hydraulics: Water, Noise, & Air Quality
TRR 897Earthwork Compaction
TRR 898Low-Volume Roads: Third International Conference, 1983
TRR 899Bridge Inspection & Rehabilitation
TRR 900State & Local Transportation Finance & Cost Allocation
TRR 901Energy Impacts of Geometric- A Symposium
TRR 902Atmospheric Emergencies: Existing Capabilities & Future Needs
TRR 903Bridges & Culverts
TRR 904Highway Information Systems, Visibility, and Pedestrian Safety
TRR 905Traffic Flow, Capacity, & Measurements
TRR 906Urban Traffic Systems
TRR 908Transit Terminal Facilities & Urban Rail Planning
TRR 909Motor Vehicle Technology Assessment; & Motorcycle, Moped, & Bicycle Use
TRR 910Traffic Records, Accident Analysis, & Traffic Law Enforcement
TRR 911Asphalt Materials, Mixtures, Construction, Moisture Effects, & Sulfur
TRR 912Economic Analysis of Transportation Problems
TRR 913Roadside Vegetation, Restoration, & Protection
TRR 914Transportation Innovations: Ridesharing Techniques & Public -Private Cooperation
TRR 915Urban Buses: Planning & Operations
TRR 916Engineering Fabrics in Transportation Construction
TRR 917Rail Freight
TRR 918Frost Action on Transportation Facilities
TRR 919Evaluating Strength Parameters of Simple Clays: Geotechnical Consideration of Residual Soils
TRR 922Improving Estimates from Flood Studies
TRR 924Concrete Overlays & Inlays, Effects of High Temperature on Concrete, & Statistical Techniques in Construction
TRR 925Inland Water Transportation
TRR 926Traffic Control Devices, 1983
TRR 927Innovation in Classification Yard Technology: Proceedings of the Third Railroad Classification Yard Workshop
TRR 928Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Transportation Data
TRR 929Education & Training
TRR 930Pavement Design, Performance, & Rehabilitation
TRR 931Transportation & Land Use Planning
TRR 932Microcomputers in Transportation
TRR 933Traffic Delineation, Work-Zone Protection, & Winter Maintenance
TRR 934Transportation Issues Affecting the Elderly & the Handicapped: American & Canadian Perspective
TRR 936Public Transportation & Transit Operations Planning
TRR 937Transportation Noise: Prediction & Analysis
TRR 938Pavement Management & Evaluation
TRR 939 Traffic Design & Railroad Electrification
TRR 940Transportation Management, Finance, & Pricing Issues
TRR 942Development of Safer Highway Appurtenances & Utility Poles
TRR 944Transportation Forecasting: Analysis and Quantitative Methods
TRR 945Subgrade Moisture: Soil Properties, Foundations, Tunnel Reinforcement
TRR 947Transit Management & Services
TRR 948Wetlands, Floodplains, Erosion, & Storm Water Pumping
TRR 949Pavements: Designs for Heavy Vehicles, Computer Simulations & Geogrid Reinforcements
TRR 950Second Bridge Engineering Conference, Volume 1
TRR 951Maintenance Management Systems in Evolution
TRR 953Rail Papers - 1984
TRR 954Design, Evaluation, & Performance of Pavements
TRR 955Analytic Methods & Decision Making for Transportation Planning & Programming
TRR 956Traffic Control Devices & Grade Crossings
TRR 958Issues in Air Transport
TRR 959Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities
TRR 960Geometric & Safety Considerations
TRR 961Transit Performance Evaluation & Auditing
TRR 962Bridge Maintenance Management, Corrosion Control, Heating, & Deicing Chemicals
TRR 964Transportation & Land Development Issues
TRR 965Soil Reinforcement & Moisture Effects on Slope Stability
TRR 966Rail & Motor Carrier Freight
TRR 967State & Local Finance Issues: Roads & Transit
TRR 968Asphalt Mixtures & Performance
TRR 969Wetlands & Roadside Management
TRR 970Safety Appurtenances & Utility Accommodation
TRR 972Trends in Transit Marketing & Fare Policy
TRR 973New Developments in Transportation for the Elderly & Handicapped
TRR 974Police Traffic Enforcement & Alcohol Countermeasures
TRR 975Analysis & Management of Traffic Accident Records
TRR 976Travel Model Development & Operations Research Methods
TRR 980Techniques for Making Key Transportation Decisions
TRR 981Census Data & Urban Transportation Planning in the 1980s
TRR 982Bridges & Foundations
TRR 983Issues in Transportation Noise Mitigation: Highway & Railway Studies
TRR 984Economic Analysis of Transportation Investments & Economic Development
TRR 985Localized Pavement Repairs & Pavement Maintenance Management
TRR 986Construction: Quality Control & Specifications
TRR 987Travel Measurement Issues
TRR 989Mineral Aggregates
TRR 990Sealing Bridge & Pavement Joints
TRR 992Transit Research Developments
TRR 993Factors Affecting Pavement Performance
TRR 994Recent Advances in Bus Transit Operations Planning
TRR 995Wastewater Treatment & Hydraulics
TRR 996Motorist Information Needs & Visibility Factors
TRR 998Testing & Modeling Soils & Soil Stabilizers
TRR 999The Asphalt Triangle: Supply, Demand, & Technology; & Asphalt Durability
TRR 1000Surface Properties-Vehicle Interaction
TRR 1001Symposium on Durability of Culverts & Storm Drains
TRR 1002Labor & Manpower Management Issues
TRR 1003International Symposium on Mechanical Properties of Special Concrete
TRR 1004Reliability of Geotechnical Instrumentation
TRR 1005Highway Capacity, Traffic Characteristics, & Flow Theory
TRR 1006Track Design & Construction
TRR 1007Nondestructive Pavement Evaluation & Overlay Design
TRR 1008Culverts: Analysis of Soil-Culvert Interaction & Design
TRR 1009Financing State & Local Transportation
TRR 1010Traffic Control Devices & Rail-Highway Crossings
TRR 1011Advances in Bus Service Planning Practices
TRR 1012Economic & Regulatory Issues in Intercity Bus & Other Transportation
TRR 1013Improving Utilization of Transit Resources
TRR 1014The Evolution of Transportation Planning
TRR 1015Waterway & Port Planning Issues
TRR 1016The Roadside Environment
TRR 1017Surface Drainage & Highway Runoff Pollutants
TRR 1018Transportation for Elderly & Handicapped Persons, Paratransit, & Ridesharing
TRR 1019Winter & Transit Bus Maintenance & Highway Maintenance Management
TRR 1021Transportation System Management & Signal Systems
TRR 1022Analysis & Testing of Granular Bases & Subbases
TRR 1023Rail Passenger Service, Electrification, & Training
TRR 1025Airport Operations
TRR 1026Evaluation Methods & Design & Operational Effects of Geometric
TRR 1028Planning, Programming, & Systems Evaluation in the United States & Developing Countries
TRR 1029Railroad Productivity
TRR 1030Track Maintenance & Classification Yards
TRR 1031Geotechnical Engineering Research
TRR 1032Evaluation & Control of Expansive Soils
TRR 1034Asphalt Materials, Mixes, Construction, & Quality
TRR 1035Traffic Management in Highway Work Zones & Setting Optimal Maintenance Levels & Rehabilitation Frequencies
TRR 1037Transportation Demand Analysis & Issues in Travel Behavior
TRR 1039Transit Marketing & Fare Structure
TRR 1040Concrete Pavement Construction
TRR 1041Cathodic Protection, Concrete & Bituminous Maintenance, & Bridge Repainting
TRR 1042Second Railroad Maintenance Workshop
TRR 1043Pavement System Analysis
TRR 1044Structures & Foundations
TRR 1045Innovations in Transportation Planning & Development
TRR 1046Economic Development, Land Use Modeling, & Transportation Requirements
TRR 1047Traffic Accident Data, Driver Performance, & Motor Vehicle Update
TRR 1048Pavement Management, Data Storage, Surface Properties, & Weigh-in-Motion
TRR 1051Bus Transit Service Strategies
TRR 1053Timber Bridges
TRR 1054Transit Terminals: Planning & Design Elements
TRR 1055Low-Volume Rural Roads
TRR 1056Statistically Based Acceptance Procedures, Quality Assurance, & Construction Management
TRR 1057Traffic Signal Systems
TRR 1059Vehicular Simulation & User Behavioral Studies
TRR 1060Pavement Management, Rehabilitation, & Weigh-in-Motion
TRR 1061Freight Transportation
TRR 1062Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements & Concrete Construction
TRR 1064Transit Planning & Operations: Issues & Options
TRR 1065Roadside Safety
TRR 1067Social & Economic Factors in Transportation
TRR 1069Traffic Control Devices & Rail-Highway Crossings
TRR 1070Pavement Response, Evaluation, & Data Collection
TRR 1071Rail Track & Structures
TRR 1072Structural Design of Bridges
TRR 1073Hydraulics & Hydrology
TRR 1074Economic Factors in the Provision of Transportation Services
TRR 1077Highway Finance & Management Issues
TRR 1079Land Development Simulation & Traffic Mitigation
TRR 1080Technology Transfer to Transportation Agencies
TRR 1081Urban Traffic Management
TRR 1082Innovations in Ridesharing
TRR 1083Pavement & Bridge Maintenance
TRR 1084Pavement Roughness & Skid Resistance
TRR 1086Roadway Markings & Traffic Control in Work Zones
TRR 1087Durability, Strength, & Analysis of Culverts & Tunneling Machines
TRR 1088System Issues of Concern to Waterway Operators
TRR 1091Traffic Flow Theory, Characteristics, & Highway Capacity
TRR 1092Energy Demand Analysis & Alternative Fuels
TRR 1093Visibility & Highway Navigation
TRR 1094Issues in Air Transport & Air Management
TRR 1095Design & Performance of Flexible Pavements
TRR 1096Asphalt Analysis, Sulfur, Mixes, & Seal Coats
TRR 1097Innovations in Travel Survey Methods
TRR 1098Issues in Providing Mobility for the Transportation Handicapped
TRR 1099Concrete Pavement Design & Performance
TRR 1100Design & Operational Effects of Geometric
TRR 1102Highway Maintenance Planning
TRR 1103Taxicabs
TRR 1104Geotechnical Grouting
TRR 1105Structure Foundations
TRR 1106Fourth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads, Volume 1
TRR 1106Fourth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads, Volume 2
TRR 1107Private-Sector Involvement & Toll Road Financing in the Provision of Highways
TRR 1109Assessing Pavement Maintenance Needs
TRR 1110Concrete & Concrete Construction
TRR 1111Traffic Accident Analysis, Visibility Factors, & Motorist Information Needs
TRR 1112Highway Capacity & Flow Theory & Characteristics
TRR 1113Bridge Maintenance, Corrosion, Joint Seals, & Polymer Mortar Materials
TRR 1114Traffic Control Devices & Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
TRR 1115Asphalt Materials & Mixtures
TRR 1118Bridge Needs, Design, & Performance
TRR 1119Geotechnology
TRR 1120Transportation Logistics
TRR 1121Effects of Temperature & Water on Pavement Performance
TRR 1122Geometric Design & Operational Effects
TRR 1123Pavement Management & Weight-in-Motion
TRR 1124Transportation Needs, Priorities, & Financing
TRR 1125Relationships of Transportation & Land Use, Economic Development, & Intercity Bus Issues
TRR 1126Construction
TRR 1127Innovation, Winter Maintenance, & Roadside Management
TRR 1128Road Deterioration in Developing Countries & Low-Volume Road Engineering
TRR 1129Soil-Structure Interaction
TRR 1130Recent Ridesharing Research & Policy Findings
TRR 1131Performance of Aggregates in Railroads & Other Track Performance Issues
TRR 1133Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1134Transportation Data
TRR 1135Working Women & the Aging: Impact on Travel Patterns & Transportation
TRR 1136Pavement Design
TRR 1137Soil Mechanics Considerations in Arid & Semiarid Areas
TRR 1138Capturing the Dynamics of Travel Behavior
TRR 1139Urban Travel Forecasting
TRR 1140Transit Bus Maintenance
TRR 1141Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning with Safety Considerations
TRR 1142Urban Signal Systems & Transportation System Management
TRR 1143Environmental Issues: Noise, Rail Noise, & High-Speed Rail
TRR 1144Transit Management, Marketing, & Performance
TRR 1145Expert Systems for Transportation Applications
TRR 1146Frost Protection & Insulation for Transportation Facilities
TRR 1147Air Transportation Issues
TRR 1148Hazardous Materials Transportation, Work-Zone Traffic Control, & Traffic Marking Materials
TRR 1149Visibility for Highway Guidance & Hazard Detection
TRR 1150Tunneling
TRR 1151Hydraulic Erosion
TRR 1152Rapid Rail Transit & Planning Tools
TRR 1153Reinforce Layered Systems
TRR 1154Freight Transportation Issues
TRR 1156Transportation Systems Planning & Management
TRR 1157Deicing Chemicals & Snow Control
TRR 1158Aviation Papers
TRR 1159Prefabricated Vertical Drains & Pavement Drainage Systems
TRR 1160Traffic Control Devices 1988
TRR 1161Public-Sector Aviation Issues: 1986-1987 Graduate Research Award Papers
TRR 1162Commuter, Regional, & Rail Transit: Research Analysis
TRR 1163Traffic Control in Work Zones
TRR 1165Transit Management & Replacement Capital Planning
TRR 1167Transportation Planning & Automated Guideways
TRR 1168Driver Performance, Pedestrian Planning, & Bicycle Facilities
TRR 1169Geotechnical Instrumentation
TRR 1171Asphalt Materials & Mixtures
TRR 1172Traffic Accident Analysis and Roadway Visibility
TRR 1173Urban Freeway Operations
TRR 1174Rail Replacement Maintenance Management
TRR 1177Railroad Regulation Issues, Rail Passenger Services, Railroad Bridges, & Track Maintenance Management
TRR 1178Flexible Pavement Construction
TRR 1179Freight Transportation Research
TRR 1180Bridge Design & Testing
TRR 1182Concrete Pavements
TRR 1183Systematic Approach to Maintenance
TRR 1184Structures Maintenance
TRR 1185Methods for Evaluating Highway Improvements
TRR 1186Construction 1988
TRR 1187Expert Systems in Transportation
TRR 1188Effects of Geosynthetics on Soil Properties & of Environment on Pavement Systems
TRR 1191Culverts & Tiebacks
TRR 1192Soil Engineering
TRR 1193Transportation of Hazardous Materials
TRR 1195Geometric Design & Operational Effects
TRR 1196Pavement Evaluation & Rehabilitation
TRR 1197Transportation Finance & Economic Analysis Issues
TRR 1198Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1199Airport Landside Planning Techniques
TRR 1201Arid Lands: Hydrology, Scour, & Water Quality
TRR 1203Demand Forecasting & Trip Generation-Route Choice Dynamics
TRR 1204Portland Cement Concrete Modifiers
TRR 1206Transportation Organization & Systems Planning
TRR 1207Pavement Design
TRR 1208highway Sight Distance Design Issues
TRR 1209Transit Administration & Planning Research
TRR 1210Safety Issues: Pedestrians, Law Enforcement, Seat Belts, Elderly Drivers, & Economics
TRR 1211Concrete Bridge Design & Maintenance: Steel Corrosion in Concrete
TRR 1213Human Performance & Highway Visibility: Design, Safety, & Methods
TRR 1214Modeling & Analysis of Airport & Aircraft Operations
TRR 1215Pavement Management & Rehabilitation
TRR 1217Asphalt Construction, Premature Rutting, & Surface Friction Courses
TRR 1218Public-Sector Aviation Issues: 1987-1988 Graduate Research Award Papers
TRR 1220Forecasting
TRR 1222Ports, Waterways, & Inland Water Transportation
TRR 1223Bridge Design & Performance & Composite Materials
TRR 1224Rest Areas, Wetlands, & Hydrology
TRR 1225Highway Capacity, Flow, & Measurement, & Theory
TRR 1226International Symposium on Recent Developments in Concrete Fibewr Composites
TRR 1227Rigid & Flexible Pavement Design & Analysis: Unbound Granular Materials, Tire Pressures, Backcalculation & Design Methods
TRR 1228Asphalt Mixtures & Asphalt Chemistry
TRR 1229Economics, Finance, Planning, & Administration
TRR 1230Work-Zone Traffic Control & Tests of Delineation Material
TRR 1231Analysis, Design, & Behavior of Underground Culverts
TRR 1232Urban Traffic Systems & Operations
TRR 1233Design & Testing of Roadside Safety Devices
TRR 1234Concrete & Construction: New Developments & Management
TRR 1235In Situ Testing of Soil Properties for Transportation
TRR 1237Congestion, Land Use, Growth Management, & Transportation Planning
TRR 1238Application & Management of Accident Data
TRR 1240Current Environmental Research in Transportation
TRR 1242Innovative Earth-Retaining Systems
TRR 1243Future of Statewide Transportation Planning
TRR 1244Traffic & Grade Crossing Control Devices
TRR 1245Transportation of Hazardous Materials 1989
TRR 1246Winter Maintenance, Roadside Management, & Rating Routine Maintenance Activities
TRR 1247Visibility Criteria for Signs, Signals, & Roadway Lighting
TRR 1248Geosynthetics, Geomembranes, & Silt Curtains in Transportation Facilities
TRR 1249Truck Transportation & Safety Issues
TRR 1250Innovation in Aggregate Testing
TRR 1251Transport Supply Analysis
TRR 1252Design, Management, & Operation of Pavements
TRR 1253Data Resources for National Transportation Decision Making 1990
TRR 1254Traffic Control Devices for Highways, Work Zones, & Railroad Grade Crossings 1990
TRR 1255Energy & Environment 1990: Transportation-Induced Noise & Air Pollution
TRR 1256Trucking Issues 1990: Freight Transportation
TRR 1257Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers 1988-1989
TRR 1258Roadside Safety 1990
TRR 1259Chip Seals, Friction Courses, & Asphalt Pavement Rutting 1990
TRR 1260Measurement of Pavement Surface Condition
TRR 1262Planning, Management, & Economic Analysis 1990
TRR 1263Ports, Waterways, Rail & International Trade Issues 1990
TRR 1265Porous Asphalt Pavements: An International Perspective 1990
TRR 1267Global Warming: Transportation z& Energy Considerations 1990
TRR 1269Asphalt Mix Materials & Mixtures 1990
TRR 1270Safety Research: Accident Studies, Enforcement, EMS, Management, & Simulation 1990
TRR 1271Transportation Data & Information Systems: Current Applications & Needs 1990
TRR 1272Pavement Management & Rehabilitation 1990
TRR 1273Airport Terminal & Landslide Design & Operation 1990
TRR 1274Transportation and Economic Development 1990
TRR 1275Bridge Research 1990
TRR 1277Modern Geotechnical Methods: Instrumentation & Vibratory Hammers 1990
TRR 1278Dynamic Testing of Aggregates & Soils & Lateral Stress Measurements 1990
TRR 1279Hydrology & Environmental Design 1990
TRR 1282Transportation Construction 1990
TRR 1284Cement, Admixtures, & Concrete 1990
TRR 1285Transportation Forecasting 1990
TRR 1286Design & Evaluation of Rigid & Flexible Pavements 1990
TRR 1287Traffic Flow, Capacity, Roadway Lighting, & Urban Traffic Systems 1990
TRR 1288Geotechnical Engineering 1990
TRR 1289Lateral Track Stability
TRR 1290Fifth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads 1991, Vol. 1
TRR 1290Third Bridge Engineering Conference, Vol. 1
TRR 1291Fifth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads 1991, Vol. 2
TRR 1291Third Bridge Engineering Conference, Vol. 2
TRR 1292Specialized Transportation
TRR 1293Backcalculation of Pavement Moduli
TRR 1294Nonmotorized Transportation
TRR 1295Soil Stabilization
TRR 1296Airport Capacity and Operations
TRR 1297Public Transit Research: Management and Planning
TRR 1298Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers 1989-1990
TRR 1299HOV Facilities and Transportation Systems Management
TRR 1300Asphalt Pavement and Surface Treatments: Construction and Performance
TRR 1301Factors Affecting Properties and Performance of Pavements and Bridges
TRR 1302Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1303Geometric Design Considerations
TRR 1304Highway Maintenance Operations and Research
TRR 1305Finance, Planning, Programming, Economic Analysis, and Land Development
TRR 1307Pavement Analysis, Design, Rehabilitation, and Environmental Factors
TRR 1308Public Transit Research: Rail, Bus, and New Technology
TRR 1310Construction Innovations
TRR 1311Pavement Management: Data Collection, Analysis and Storage
TRR 1314Advanced Train Control Systems
TRR 1315Culverts and Pipelines: Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Repair
TRR 1317Asphalt Mixtures: Design, Testing and Evaluation
TRR 1318Highway Systems, Human Performance and Safety
TRR 1319Bridge and Hydrology Research
TRR 1322Large Vehicle Safety: Transit and Trucks
TRR 1323Asphalt Mix Materials
TRR 1324Communications, Traffic Signals, and Traffic Control Devices
TRR 1325Highway Safety: Older Drivers, Seat Belts, Alcohol, Motorcycles and Pedestrians
TRR 1326Safety Rest Areas, Roadway Vegetation and Utility and Highway Issues
TRR 1327Visibility, Rail-Highway Grade Crossings and Highway Improvement Evaluation
TRR 1328Travel Demand Forecasting: New Methodologies and Travel Behavior Research
TRR 1329Geocomposite Pavement Drain Systems
TRR 1330Behavior of Jointed Rock Masses and Reinforced Soil Structures
TRR 1331Integrity Testing of Foundations
TRR 1332Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers 1990-1991
TRR 1334Maintenance of Pavements, Lane Markings and Roadsides
TRR 1335Concrete Technology
TRR 1337Flexible Pavement Construction, Performance and Recycling
TRR 1339Recycled Tire Rubber in Asphalt Pavements
TRR 1340Managing Quality: A National Perspective
TRR 1341Railroad Issues
TRR 1342Asphalt and Asphalt Additives
TRR 1343Rockfall Prediction and Control and Landslide Case Histories
TRR 1344Pavement Management and Performance
TRR 1345Geoenvironmental and Engineering Properties of Rock, Soil and Aggregate
TRR 1347Maintenance of Highway Structures
TRR 1348Pavement Surface Properties: Roughness, Rutting, Skid Resistance and Surface Distress
TRR 1349Public Transit: Management, Operations and Planning and Development
TRR 1351Construction Quality and Construction Management
TRR 1352Maintenance, Management, Traffic Safety and Snow Removal
TRR 1353Asphalt Mixture Design
TRR 1354Part 1-TRB Distinguished Lecture, 1992, Part 2 - Developments in Pavement Design
TRR 1355Nondestructive Structural Evaluation of Pavements
TRR 1356Operational Effects of Geometric and Geometric Design
TRR 1362Aggregate and Pavement-Related Research
TRR 1363Scenic Byways
TRR 1365Highway Capacity and Traffic Flow
TRR 1366Air Quality, Environment and Energy
TRR 1367Development and Evaluation of Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1368Traffic Control Devices and Highway Visibility
TRR 1369Advances in Geotechnical Engineering
TRR 1370Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
TRR 1371Bridge, Culvert and Tunnel Research
TRR 1372Nonmotorized Transportation
TRR 1373Airport Landslide Planning and Operations
TRR 1374Pavement Rehabilitation
TRR 1375Safety Research: Enforcement, Speed, Older Drivers and Pedestrians
TRR 1376Safety Research: Heavy Vehicles, Information Systems and Crash Studies and Methods
TRR 1377Nondestructive Deflection Testing and Backcalculation for Pavements
TRR 1378Accessible Transportation and Mobility
TRR 1379Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers, 1991-1992
TRR 1380Autostress Design of Highway Bridges
TRR 1382Part 1-TRB Distinguished Lecture, 1993, Part 2 - Developments in Concrete Technology
TRR 1385Intersection and Interchange Design
TRR 1386Conference on SHRP Asphalt Research
TRR 1387Snow Removal and Ice Control Technology
TRR 1389Innovations in Construction
TRR 1391Asphalt Cement and Asphalt/Polymer Blends
TRR 1392Maintenance of Roadway Pavement and Structures
TRR 1393Structures
TRR 1395Finance, Taxation, Pricing, Economic Analysis, Socioeconomic, Education, and Management
TRR 1396Nonmotorized Transportation Research and Issues
TRR 1397Pavement Management Systems
TRR 1399Artificial Intelligence
TRR 1401Highway and Traffic Safety and Accident Research, Management and Issues
TRR 1402Public Transit: Current Research in Planning, Marketing, Operations and Technology
TRR 1405Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Older Driver Research
TRR 1406Construction Robotics and Automation and Foundations Engineering
TRR 1407Large Vehicle Safety Research
TRR 1408Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
TRR 1409Maintenance Management, Traffic Safety and Roadsides
TRR 1411Earthquake Induced Ground Failure Hazards
TRR 1412Innovations in Travel Survey Methods
TRR 1413Innovations in Travel Behavior Analysis, Demand Forecasting and Modeling Networks
TRR 1414Segmental Concrete MSE Walls, Geogrid Reinforcements and Soil Nailing
TRR 1415Field Performance of Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation of Subsurface Infrastructure
TRR 1417Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
TRR 1418Performance-Related Testing and Evaluation of Characteristics of Aggregates and New Geomaterials
TRR 1419Roadside Safety Features and Landscape and Environmental Design
TRR 1420Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Quality
TRR 1421Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Traffic Signal Systems
TRR 1422Lightweight Artificial and Waste Materials for Embankment over Soft Soils
TRR 1423Airport Planning Operation and Management
TRR 1424Environmental Issues Related to Materials and Stabilization
TRR 1426Low-Volume Roads: Environmental Planning and Assessment, Modern Timber Bridges and Other Issues
TRR 1427Pavement Surface Courses, Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavements and Asphalt Concrete Recycling
TRR 1428Public-Sector Aviation Issues Graduate Research Award Papers 1992-1993
TRR 1429Multimodal Priority Setting and Application of Geographic Information Systems
TRR 1431Culvert Distress and Failure Case Histories and Trenchless Technology
TRR 1432Innovations in Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems
TRR 1433Public Transportation: Bus, Rail, Ridesharing, Paratransit Services, and Transit Security
TRR 1434Subsurface Drainage, Soil-Fluid Interface Phenomena, and Management of Unpaved Surfaces
TRR 1435Pavement and Traffic Monitoring and Evaluation
TRR 1436Asphalt Concrete Mix Materials
TRR 1437Aggregates: Waste and Recycled Materials; New Rapid Evaluation Technology
TRR 1439Durability of Geosynthetics
TRR 1440Design and Performance of Stabilized Bases, and Lime and Fly Ash Stabilization
TRR 1441Nonmotorized Transportation Around the World
TRR 1442Maintenance of the Highway Infrastructure
TRR 1443Travel Demand Modeling and Network Assignment Models
TRR 1445Cross Section and Alignment Design Issues
TRR 1446High-Occupancy-Vehicle Systems and Freeway Operations
TRR 1447 Design and Construction of Auger Cast Piles, and Other Foundation Issues
TRR 1448Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Pavement Sections
TRR 1449Design and Rehabilitation of Pavements
TRR 1451Public Transportation in 1994: Current Research in Planning and Development; Management, Marketing, and Fare Policy; and Technology
TRR 1452Travel Forecasting and Supply Models
TRR 1454Asphalt Concrete Mixture Design and Performance
TRR 1455Pavement Management Systems
TRR 14571994 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 1; Traffic Flow and Capacity, Part 2
TRR 1458Concrete Research
TRR 1459Parking and Transportation Demand Management
TRR 1460Structures
TRR 1461Airport and Airspace Planning and Operations
TRR 1462Compaction of Difficult Soils and Resilient Modulus Testing
TRR 1463Travel Behavior Analysis, Telecommuting and Public Participation
TRR 1465Construction Research
TRR 1466Issues in Land Use and Transportation Planning, Models and Applications
TRR 1468Recent Research on Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1469Flexible Pavement Construction Issues
TRR 1470Railroad Research Issues
TRR 1473Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Pavement Sections and Pavement Rehabilitation
TRR 1474Mechanically Stabilized Backfill and Properties of Geosynthetics and Geocomposites
TRR 1476Steel, Concrete and Wood Bridges
TRR 1477Statewide Travel Surveys, Traffic Data Collection, and Urban Travel Patterns
TRR 1478Concrete and Concrete Pavement Construction
TRR 1479Engineering Properties and Practice in Overconsolidated Clays
TRR 1480Public-Sector Aviation Issues Graduate Research Award Papers 1993-1994
TRR 1481Environmental Moisture Effects on Transportation Facilities and Nonearth Materials' Thermal Effects on Pavements
TRR 1482Pavement Design and Analysis
TRR 14831993 Midwest Floods and Water Quality Best Management Practices
TRR 1484Traffic Operations: Highway Capacity
TRR 1486Environmental Testing and Evaluation of Stabilized Wastes, Performance of Stabilized Materials, and New Aggregate Tests
TRR 1487Nonmotorized Transportation Research, Issues and Use
TRR 1488Unmodified and Modified Asphalt Binders
TRR 1489Railroad Transportation Research
TRR 1490Management and Maintenance of Bridge Structures
TRR 1491Construction: Specifications and Management
TRR 1492Hot-Mix Asphalt Design, Testing, Evaluation, and Performance
TRR 1493Travel Demand Forecasting, Travel Behavior Analysis, Time-Sensitive Transportation, and Traffic Assignment Methods
TRR 1494Traffic Operations, Traffic Signal Systems, and Freeway Operations 1995
TRR 1496Public Transportation 1995: Current Research in Planning, Management, Technology and Ridesharing
TRR 1499Transportation Planning, Management Systems, Public Participation, and Land Use Modeling
TRR 1500Geometric Design, Roadside Safety Features, Roadside Hardware Monitoring, and Scenic Loop Tours
TRR 1503Public Transportation 1995: Current Research in Operations
TRR 1504Modeling and Model Verification; Testing Pavement Layers and Materials; and Low-Cost Drainage Structures
TRR 1505Pavement Monitoring and Evaluation Issues
TRR 1506Airport and Air Transportation Issues
TRR 1507Seal Coats and Asphalt Recycling
TRR 1508Pavement Performance Data
TRR 1509Maintenance Management and Safety
TRR 1510Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics with Applications for Intelligent Transportation System Technologies
TRR 1511Issues in Marine, Intermodal, and Motor Carrier Transportation
TRR 1512Safety Effects of Roadway Design Decisions
TRR 1513Flexible Pavement Construction
TRR 1514Design and Performance of Underground Pipe
TRR 1515Recycled Tire Rubber and Other Waste Materials in Asphalt Mixtures
TRR 1516Intelligent Transportation Systems
TRR 1517Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers 1994-1995
TRR 1519Effectiveness of Subsurface Drainage
TRR 1521Public Transportation 1996: Planning, Management, Marketing, New Technology and Safety and Security
TRR 1524Pavement Management Systems for Streets, Highways and Airports
TRR 1525Rigid Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Issues
TRR 1526Emerging Technologies in Geotechnical Engineering
TRR 1527Transportation Law Issues 1996
TRR 1529Work Zone Safety and Pavement Markings and Materials
TRR 1530Recycled Rubber, Aggregate, and Filler in Asphalt Paving Mixtures
TRR 1531Railroad Safety and Environmental Research
TRR 1532Advancements in Concrete Materials Technology
TRR 1533Maintenance Management and Winter Operations
TRR 1534Geosynthetics: Cold Regions, Flexible Pavements and Other Issues
TRR 1535Characteristics of Asphalt Binders
TRR 1536Traffic and Pavement Surface Monitoring Issues
TRR 1537Intelligent Transportation Systems: Deployment and User Needs
TRR 1539Flexible Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Issues
TRR 1540Recent Research in Pavement Performance
TRR 1542Statistical Methods and Accident Analysis for Highway and Traffic Safety
TRR 1543Design and Construction of Asphalt Overlays and Hot-Mix Asphalt Construction Practices
TRR 1544Portland Cement Concrete Pavements, Bridges, and Quality Management
TRR 1545Asphalt Pavement Surfaces and Asphalt Mixtures
TRR 1546Issues in Geotechnical Engineering Research
TRR 1547Aggregate and Material Tests and Properties Related to Performance
TRR 1548Small-Magnitude Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering
TRR 1549Transportation Aesthetics
TRR 1553Traffic Control Devices, Visibility and Evaluations
TRR 1555Highway Capacity Analysis for Interrupted and Uninterrupted Flow Facilities
TRR 1557Public Transportation 1996: Bus, Rural and Intercity, and Paratransit
TRR 1559Environmental, Social, and Economic Effects of Transportation
TRR 1560Traffic and Highway Safety: Occupant Restraints, Safety Management, and Emergency and Commercial Vehicles
TRR 1561Maintenance and Management of Highway Structures
TRR 1562Aviation Management, Systems, and Economic Issues
TRR 1563Nonmotorized Transportation: International Perspectives on Planning and Safety
TRR 1564Transportation Demand Management and Ridesharing
TRR 1565Technology Transfer, Evaluation, and Partnerships
TRR 1567Public-Sector Aviation Issues: Graduate Research Award Papers 1995-1996
TRR 1568Pavement Rehabilitation and Design
TRR 1570Pavement Research Issues
TRR 1571Public Transit 1997: Bus, Paratransit, Intermodal and Rail
TRR 1572Highway Capacity Issues and Analysis
TRR 1573Human Performance in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Information Systems, and Highway Design and Older Drivers
TRR 1574Advances in Concrete and Concrete Pavement Construction
TRR 1575Construction Flexible Pavements, Bridges, Quality and Management
TRR 1576Financial, Economic, and Social Topics in Transportation
TRR 1577Pavement Base and Foundation Materials, Deformation Characteristics of Subgrade and Properties of Unconventional Aggregates
TRR 1579Geometric Design and Its Effects on Operations
TRR 1580Partnerships for Effective Technology Transfer
TRR 1581Traffic Records, Accident Prediction and Analysis, and Statistical Methods
TRR 1582Centrifuge Modeling, Intelligent Geotechnical Systems and Reliability-Based Designs
TRR 1583Aggregate, Filler, and Reutilized Materials in Asphalt Mixtures
TRR 1584Railroad Research Topics Costs of High-Speed Rail, Communications-Based Control and Track Research
TRR 1585Safety and Management in Maintenance and Construction Operations
TRR 1587Effects of Transportation on Energy and Air Quality
TRR 1589Asphalt Mixture Quality, Characteristics, and Performance
TRR 1589Intelligent Transportation Systems and Artificial Intelligence
TRR 1590Variable Tire Pressure, Flowable Fill, Dust Control and Base and Slope Stabilization
TRR 1591Traffic Flow Issues and Analysis
TRR 1592Pavement Management and Performance
TRR 1593Advances in Transportation Data: 1997
TRR 15941997 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 1, Structures, Part 2
TRR 1596Pavements and Structures Monitoring, Pavement Instrumentation, and Drainage Systems Evaluation
TRR 1597Maintenance of Highway Pavements and Structures
TRR 1598Transportation Demand Management and Ridesharing
TRR 1599Roadside Safety Features and Other General Design Issues
TRR 1600Airports Ground Access and Economic Issues
TRR 1601Environmental Issues in Transportation
TRR 1603Advanced Transportation Management Systems and Transportation System Management
TRR 1606Transportation Planning, Programming, and Land Use
TRR 1607Transportation Forecasting and Travel Behavior
TRR 1608Ferry Transportation Planning and Operations
TRR 1609Superpave Binder Specifications, Mixture Design and Construction
TRR 1610Concrete in Construction
TRR 1611Stabilization and Geosynthetics
TRR 1612Highway Geometric Design Issues
TRR 1614In Situ Testing Devices and Strain Measurements
TRR 1615Applications of Emerging Technologies in Transportation
TRR 1616Asphalt Pavement Construction and Surface Mixtures
TRR 1617Land Use and Transportation Planning and Programming Applications
TRR 1618Transit Planning, Management, Marketing, New Technology, Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1619Testing of Conventional and Unconventional Aggregates and Soils
TRR 1622Air Transportation
TRR 1623Transit Bus, Paratransit, Rural, Intermodal, Rail, Commuter and Intercity Rail, Light Rail
TRR 1624Structural Analysis and Design: Bridges, Culverts and Pipes
TRR 1625Progress in Transportation Data 1998
TRR 1626Environmental and Social Effects of Transportation
TRR 1627Pavement and Winter Maintenance
TRR 1628Human Performance, User Information, and Highway Design
TRR 1629Design and Rehabilitation of Pavements 1998
TRR 1630Asphalt Mixtures: Stiffness Characterization, Variables, and Performance
TRR 1631Driver and Vehicle Modeling
TRR 1632Construction Quality and Management
TRR 1633Liquefaction, Differential Settlement, and Foundation Engineering
TRR 1634Managing Urban Traffic Systems: Freeway Operations, High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems and Traffic Signal Systems
TRR 1635Highway Safety Modeling, Analysis and Design
TRR 1637Technology Transfer and Training
TRR 1638Asphalt Mixture Components
TRR 1639Recent Pavement Research Issues
TRR 1641Energy, Air Quality and Fuels 1998
TRR 1642Maintenance and Management of Bridge Structures
TRR 1643Pavement Management and Monitoring of Traffic and Pavements
TRR 1644Traffic Flow Theory: Simulation Models, Macroscopic Flow Relationships, and Flow Estimation and Prediction
TRR 1646Highway Capacity Issues 1998
TRR 1647General Design and Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1649Transportation Finance, Economics and Management
TRR 16501998 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 1, Maintenance Challenge and Safety Issues, Part 2
TRR 1651Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automated Highway Systems, Traveler Information and Artificial Intelligence
TRR 1652, Vol. 1Seventh International Conference on Low-Volume Roads 1999
TRR 1652, Vol. 2Seventh International Conference on Low-Volume Roads 1999
TRR 1653Issues in Freight Transportation Analysis and Planning
TRR 1654Construction: Pavement, Bridge, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, and Management
TRR 1655Pavement Management Systems and Other Pavement Design Issues
TRR 1656Underground and Other Structural Design Issues
TRR 1657Traffic Flow and Safety in Work Zones, Signing, and Marking Materials
TRR 1658Highway Geometric Design and Operational Effects Issues
TRR 1659Transportation Finance, Economics, Pricing, and Management
TRR 1660Part 1: 1999 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 2: Improving Transportation Data
TRR 1661Hot-Mix Asphalt Binders
TRR 1662Safety, Economic, Environmental, and Technical Issues in Air Transportation
TRR 1663Pile Setup, Pile Load Tests, and Sheet Piles
TRR 1664Energy, Air Quality and Fuels 1999
TRR 1665Statistical Methods in Transportation and Safety Data Analysis for Highway Geometry, Design and Operations
TRR 1666Transit Bus; Rural, Intercity, and Paratransit; New Technology, Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1667Transportation Network Modeling
TRR 1668Concrete in Pavements and Structures
TRR 1669Public Transit Planning, Management and Performance, and Marketing and Fare Policy
TRR 1670Transportation and Environment
TRR 1671Accessible Transportation and Mobility 1999
TRR 1672Maintenance Management and Winter Services
TRR 1673Geomaterials
TRR 1674Pedestrian and Bicycle Research 1999
TRR 1675Cone Penetration Testing, Corrosion in Earth-Retaining Structures, and Other Emerging Technologies
TRR 1676Travel Behavior and Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting
TRR 1677Transit Intermodal Facilities, Rail Systems, Commuter Rail, Major Activity Center Circulation Systems, Light Rail, Ferry Systems and Rail Maintenance
TRR 1678Highway Capacity, Quality of Service, and Traffic Flow and Characteristics
TRR 1679Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vehicle-Highway Automation, and Artificial Intelligence
TRR 1680Preventive Maintenance and Evaluation of Pavements and Structures
TRR 1681Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures
TRR 1682Transportation System Management, Transportation Demand Management, and High-Occupancy Vehicles Systems
TRR 1683Advanced Traffic Management Systems
TRR 1684Issues in The Design of New and Rehabilitated Pavements
TRR 1685Transportation Planning, Programming, Public Participation, and Land Use
TRR 1686Truck Safety Research
TRR 1687Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements
TRR 1688Various Bridge Design Issues
TRR 1689Simulation, Instrumental Vehicles, and Human Performance in Highway Design and Research
TRR 169Urban Transportation Systems: Executive Summary, Carpooling Seminar
TRR 1690Roadside Safety and Other General Design Issues
TRR 1691Research Issues in Intercity Rail Passenger Systems and Railroad Track Structure Design
TRR 1692Traffic Signing, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
TRR 1693Highway and Traffic Safety, Enforcement, Older Person Mobility, and Women's Issues Research
TRR 1694Research on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Human Factors, and Advanced Traveler Information Systen Design and Effects
TRR 1695Nonmotorized Transportation and Developing Country Research
TRR 1696, Vol. 1Fifth Internation Bridge Engineering Conference
TRR 1696, Vol. 2Fifth Internation Bridge Engineering Conference
TRR 1697Maintenance and Management of Bridges and Pavements
TRR 1698Concrete 2000
TRR 1699Pavement Management and Monitoring
TRR 1700Winter Maintenance Innovations; Vehicle Rental Rates
TRR 1701Design Speed, Operating Speed, and Sight Distance Issues
TRR 1702Sustainability and Environmental Concerns in Transportation
TRR 1703Issues, Problems and Performance Measures in Airports and Airspace
TRR 1704Transit: Rail Transit and Maintenance, Commuter Rail, Major Activity Center Circulation Systems, Light Rail Transit and Ferry Service
TRR 1705Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Research 2000
TRR 1706Transportation Planning Participation, and Telecommuting
TRR 1707Freight Transportation Research
TRR 1709Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements 2000
TRR 171Urban Transportation Systems: Reports on OECD Conference on "Better Towns with Less Traffic" and Field Visits to Various Western European Cities - April 1975
TRR 1710Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity 2000
TRR 1711High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems and Demand Management 2000
TRR 1712Construction 2000
TRR 1713Railroad Track Engineering and Maintenance; Passenger Rail Planning and Operations
TRR 1714Recycled and Secondary Materials, Soil Remediation, and In Situ Testing
TRR 1715Work Zone Safety; Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity
TRR 1716Pavement Assessment and Testing
TRR 1717Highway and Traffic Safety: Crash Data, Analysis Tools, and Statistical Methods
TRR 1718Activity Pattern Analysis and Exploration: Travel Behavior Analysis and Modeling
TRR 1719Transportation Data, Statistics, and Information Technology
TRR 1720Roadside Safety Features and Hydraulic, Hydrology, and Water Quality Issues
TRR 1721Geomaterials 2000
TRR 1722Transportation Land Use and Smart Growth
TRR 1723Part 1: 2000 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 2: Asphalt Mixtures 2000
TRR 1724Human Performance: Driver Behavior, Road Design, and Intelligent Transportation Systems
TRR 1725Freigh Travel Behavior, Route Choice Behavior, and Advanced Traveler Information Systems
TRR 1726Public and Nonmotorized Transportation in Other Nations; Women's Issues in Transportation
TRR 1728Asphalt Binders 2000
TRR 1729Transportation Management and Education
TRR 1730Issues in Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
TRR 1732Transportation Finance, Pricing and Economics
TRR 1733Transportation Network Planning
TRR 1734Highway and Traffic Safety: Engineering, Evaluation, and Enforcement: Trucking and Motorcycles
TRR 1736Soil Mechanics 2000
TRR 1737Geometric Design and Effects on Traffic Operations 2000
TRR 1738Energy, Air Quality and Fuels 2000
TRR 1739Evaluating Intelligent Transportation Systems, Advanced Traveler Information Systems, and Other Artificial Intelligence Applications
TRR 1740Structural Design Issues
TRR 1741Advances and Issues in Snow-Removal and Ice-Control Technology
TRR 1742Intercity Passenger Rail; Freight Rail; and Track Design and Maintenance
TRR 1743Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Quality; Roadside Safety Features
TRR 1744Issues in Aviation: Airports, Capacity, and Air Traffic Control and Management
TRR 1745Transportation Work-Zone Safety and Winter Services
TRR 1746Highway Safety: Modeling, Analysis, Management, Statistical Methods, and Crash Location
TRR 1747Transportation and Public Policy 2001
TRR 1748Advanced Traffic Management Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2001
TRR 1749Maintenance of Transportation Pavements and Structures
TRR 1750Energy, Air Quality and Fuels 2001
TRR 1751Geometric Design and the Effects on Traffic Operation 2001
TRR 1752Travel Patterns and Behavior; Effects of Communications Technology
TRR 1753Transit Planning, Intermodal Facilities, and Marketing
TRR 1754Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 2001
TRR 1755Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2001
TRR 1756Sustainability and Environmental Concerns in Transportation 2001
TRR 1757Geomaterials 2001
TRR 1758Highway Safety: Design, Features and Evaluation
TRR 1759Advanced Traveler Information Systems, Warnings Systems, and Intelligent Vehicles
TRR 1760Transit: Bus Transit and Maintenance, Paratransit, and New Technology
TRR 1761Construction 2001
TRR 1763Multimodal and Marine Freight Transportation Issues
TRR 1764Assessing and Evaluating Pavements
TRR 1765High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems and Demand Management 2001
TRR 1766Asphalt Binders 2001
TRR 1767Asphalt Mixtures 2001
TRR 1768Transportation Data and Information Technology
TRR 1769Pavement Management, Monitoring, and Accelerated Testing
TRR 1770Design of Structures 2001
TRR 1771Transportation Network Modeling 2001
TRR 1772Soil Mechanics 2001
TRR 1773Part 1: 2001 TRB Distinguished Lecture, Part 2: Bicycle and Pedestrian Research
TRR 1774Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Transportation Systems
TRR 1775Concrete 2001
TRR 1776Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity 2001
TRR 1777Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting, Planned Applications and Statewide Multimodal Planning
TRR 1778Design and Rehabilitation of Pavements 2001
TRR 1779Traffic Safety 2001: Americans with Disabilities Act, Driver and Vehicle Modeling, Situation Awareness, Licensing, Driver Behavior, Enforcement, Trucks, and Motorcycles
TRR 1780Land Development and Public Involvement in Transportation
TRR 1781High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems and Demand Management 2001
TRR 1782Marine Transportation and Port Operations
TRR 1783Transportation Network Modeling 2002
TRR 1784Statistical Methodology: Applications to Design, Data Analysis, and Evaluation
TRR 1785Railroads: Intercity Rail Passenger Transport, Track Design and Maintenance
TRR 1786Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2002
TRR 1787Geomaterials 2002
TRR 1788Aviation: Airport and Air Traffic Economic and Operational Issues, including 2002 TRB Distinguished Lecture
TRR 1789Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2002
TRR 1790Freight Transportation 2002
TRR 1791Transit: Buses, Paratransit, Rural Public Buses, and Intercity Transit; New Transportation Systems and Technology; Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1792Sustainability and Environmental Concerns in Transportation 2002
TRR 1793Transit: Intermodal Facilities, Rail Transit, Commuter Rail, Light Rail Transit, Maintenance and Ferry Transportation
TRR 1794Safety and Maintenance Services
TRR 1795Maintenance of Pavements and Structures
TRR 1796Geometric Design and the Effects on Traffic Operations 2002
TRR 1797Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Quality; Roadside Safety Features 2002
TRR 1798Concrete 2002
TRR 1799Transit: Planning and Development, Management and Performance, Marketing and Fare Policy
TRR 1800Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2002
TRR 1801Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 2002
TRR 1802Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity 2002
TRR 1803Human Performance: Models, Intelligent Vehicle Initiative, Traveler Advisory and Information Systems
TRR 1804Transportation Data and Information Technology Research
TRR 1805Travel Demand and Land Use
TRR 1806Assessing and Evaluating Pavements 2002
TRR 1807Traveler Behavior and Values
TRR 1808Soil Mechanics 2002
TRR 1809Design and Rehabilitation of Pavements
TRR 1810Bituminous Binders 2002
TRR 1811Advanced Traffic Management Systems for Freeways and Traffic Signal Systems
TRR 1812Transportation and Public Policy 2002
TRR 1813Construction 2002
TRR 1814Design of Structures 2002
TRR 1815Energy, Air Quality and Fuels 2002
TRR 1816Pavement Management, Monitoring, and Accelerated Testing 2002
TRR 1817Transportation Planning and Analysis 2002
TRR 1818Highway Safety: Work Zones, Law Enforcement, Motorcycles, Trucks, Older Drivers, and Pedestrians
TRR 1820Water Transportation, Ports, and International Trade
TRR 1822Transportation Security and Infastructure Protection
TRR 1823Pavement Rehabilitation and Accelerated Testing 2003
TRR 1824Highway Maintenance Safety, Support, and Services
TRR 1825Railroad Research: Intercity Passenger Transportation, Track Design and Maintenance, and Hazardous Materials Transport
TRR 1826Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2003
TRR 1827Highway Pavement and Structures Maintenance and Security
TRR 1828Pedestrians and Bicycles 2003
TRR 1829Bituminous Binders 2003
TRR 1830Highway Safety, Traffic Law Enforcement, and Truck Safety
TRR 1831Travel Demand and Land Use 2003
TRR 1832Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2003
TRR 1833Freight Policy, Economics, and Logistics; Truck Transportation
TRR 1834Concrete 2003
TRR 1835Transit: Planning and Development, Management and Performance, Marketing and Fare Policy, and Intermodal Transfer Facilities
TRR 1836Initiatives in Information Technology and Geospatial Science for Transportation
TRR 1837Geomaterials 2003
TRR 1838Transit: Rail Transit, Commuter Rail. Light Rail Transit, Major Activity Center Circulation Systems, New Technology, and Maintenance
TRR 1839Transportation Finance, Economics, and Economic Development 2003 - Including 2003 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
TRR 1840Statistical methods and Modeling and Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation
TRR 1841Transit: Bus, Paratransit, Rural Public and Intercity Bus, New Transportation Systems and Technology, Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1842Energy, Air Quality, and Fuels 2003
TRR 1844Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway grade Crossings 2003
TRR 1845Design of Structures 2003
TRR 1846Transportation in Developing Countries
TRR 1847Operational Effects of Geometrics 2003
TRR 1848Transportation Management and Public Policy 2003
TRR 1849Soil Mechanics 2003
TRR 1850Air Transportation Challenges: Airspace, Airports, and Acess
TRR 1851Highway Facility Design 2003
TRR 1852Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity 2003
TRR 1853Pavement Management and Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design 2003
TRR 1854Traveler Behavior and Values 2003
TRR 1855Transportation Data Research
TRR 1856Freeways, High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems, and Traffic Signal Systems 2003
TRR 1857Transportation Network Modeling 2003
TRR 1859Sustainability and Environmental Concerns in Transportation 2003
TRR 1860Pavement Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation
TRR 1861Construction 2003: Materials and Construction
TRR 1862Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 2004
TRR 1863Railroads: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Railway Bridges, and Track Design and Maintenance
TRR 1864Transportation Finance, Economics, and Economic Development 2004
TRR 1865Highway Safety: Older Persons; Traffic Law Enforcement; Management and Trucking
TRR 1866Maintenance and Management of Pavement and Structures
TRR 1867Freeway Operations and Traffic Signal Systems 2004
TRR 1868Soil Mechanics 2004
TRR 1869Pavement Rehabilitation, Strength and Deformation Characteristics, and Surface Properties
TRR 1871Water Transport
TRR 1872Intermodal Transfer Facilities, Rail Transit, Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Ferry, and Major Activity Center Circulation Systems
TRR 1873Intermodal Freight Transportation; Freight Transportation Planning
TRR 1874Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2004
TRR 1875Bituminous Binders 2004
TRR 1876Calibration and Validation of Simulation Models 2004
TRR 1877Maintenance Management and Services
TRR 1878Pedestrians and Bicycles; Developing Countries
TRR 1879Information Systems and Technology
TRR 1880Energy and Environmental Concerns 2004
TRR 1881Geometric Design and the Effects on Traffic Operations 2004
TRR 1882Transportation Network Modeling 2004
TRR 1883Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity and Quality of Service 2004
TRR 1884Transit: Bus, Rural Public Transportation, and Paratransit
TRR 1885Transportation Management and Public Policy
TRR 1886Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2004
TRR 1887Transit Planning and Development, Management and Performance, Marketing and Fare Policy, and Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1888Safety, Economy, and Efficiency in Airport and Airspace Management and Operations
TRR 1890Highway Facility Design 2004 - Including 2004 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
TRR 1891Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2004
TRR 1892Design of Structures 2004
TRR 1893Concrete 2004
TRR 1895Transportation Planning and Analysis 2004
TRR 1896Pavement Design and Accelerated Testing 2004
TRR 1897Statistical Metods and Safety Data Analysis and Evaluations
TRR 1898Travel Demand and Land Use 2004
TRR 1899Driver and Vehicle Simulation, Human Performance, and Information Systems for Highways; Railroad Safety; and Visualization in Transportation
TRR 1901Bituminous Binders 2005
TRR 1902Transportation and Land Development 2005
TRR 1903Transit: Bus, Rural Public and Intercity, and Paratransit
TRR 1904Highway Facility Design
TRR 1905Pavement Rehabilitaion, Strength and Deformation Characteristics, and Surface Properties 2005
TRR 1906Freight Analysis, Evaluation, and Modeling
TRR 1907Construction 2005
TRR 1908Statistical Methods; Highway Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation; Occupant Protection; Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
TRR 1909Inland Waterways; Ports and Channels; and the Marine Environment
TRR 1910Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation
TRR 1911Maintenance Management and Operations Services
TRR 1912Geometric Design and the Effect on Traffic Operations 2005
TRR 1913Geology and Properties of Earth Materials
TRR 1914Concrete Materials 2005
TRR 1915Airports, Airspace, and Passenger Management
TRR 1916Railroads: Intercity Rail Passenger Transport; Track Design and Maintenance; and Other Topics
TRR 1917Data Initiatives
TRR 1918Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 2005
TRR 1919Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design 2005
TRR 1920Higway Capacity and Quality of Service 2005
TRR 1921Travel Demand 2005
TRR 1922Safety: Olader Drivers; Traffic Law Enforcement; Management; School Transportation; Emergency Evacuation; Truck and Bus; and Motorcycles
TRR 1923Network Modeling 2005
TRR 1924Management and Public Policy 2005
TRR 1926Traveler Behavior and Values 2005
TRR 1927Transit: Planning, Management, and Maintenance, Technology, Marketing and Fare Policy, and Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1928Design of Structures 2005
TRR 1929Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2005
TRR 1931Planning and Analysis 2005
TRR 1932Finance, Economics, and Economic Development 2005
TRR 1933Preservation of Roadway Structures and Pavements
TRR 1934Traffic Flow Theory 2005
TRR 1935Information Systems and Technology
TRR 1936Soil Mechanics 2005
TRR 1937Human Performance; Simulation and Visualization
TRR 1938Security
TRR 1939Bicycles and Pedestrians; Developing Countries 2005
TRR 1940Pavement Management; Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data Storage; and Accelerated Testing 2005
TRR 1941Energy and Environmental Concerns 2005
TRR 1943Railways
TRR 1944Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2006
TRR 1945Traffic and Urban Data
TRR 1946Construction 2006
TRR 1947Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design 2006
TRR 1948Management and Delivery of Maintenance and Operations Services
TRR 1949Pavement Rehabilitation Strength and Deformation Characteristics, and Surface Properties-Vehicle Interaction 2006
TRR 1950Statistical Methods and Crash Prediction Modeling
TRR 1952Geomaterials 2006
TRR 1953Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation
TRR 1954Developing Countires
TRR 1955Transit: Intermodal Transfer Facilities and Ferry Transportation; Commuter Rail; Light Rail and Major Activity Center Circulation Systems; Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1956Management and Public Policy 2006
TRR 1957National, State, and Frieght Data Issues and Asset Management
TRR 1958Managing and Maintaining Highway Structures and Pavements
TRR 1959Freeway Operations and High-Occupancy Vehicle Systems 2006
TRR 1960Finance, Economics, and Economic Development 2006
TRR 1961Geometric Design and the Effects on Traffic Operations 2006
TRR 1962Bituminous Materials and Nonbituminous Components of Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2006
TRR 1963Inland Waterway, Ports, and Shipping
TRR 1964Network Modeling 2006
TRR 1965Traffic Flow Theory 2006
TRR 1966Freight Analysis, Evaluation, and Modeling; Truck Transportation
TRR 1967Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2006
TRR 1968Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications
TRR 1969Highway Safety: Law Enforcement; Alcohol; Driver Traigning; Safety Planning and Management; Commercial Vehicles; and Motorcycles
TRR 1970Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2006
TRR 1971Transit: Bus, Paratransit, and Marketing and Fare Policy
TRR 1972Travel Survey Methods, Information Technology, and Geospatial Data
TRR 1973Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 2006
TRR 1974Pavement Management; Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data Storage; and Accelerated Testing 2006
TRR 1975Soil Mechanics 2006
TRR 1976Design of Structures 2006
TRR 1977Travel Demand and Land Use 2006
TRR 1978Traffic Signal Systems and Regional Systems Management 2006
TRR 1979Concrete Materials 2006
TRR 1980Driver Behavior, Older Drivers, Simulation, User Information Systems, and Visualization
TRR 1981Planning and Analysis 2006
TRR 1982Pedestrians and Bicycles
TRR 1983Energy and Environmental Concerns 2006 including 2006 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
TRR 1984Highway Facility Design 2006
TRR 1985Traveler Behavior and Values
TRR 1986Transit: Management, Maintenance, Technology, and Planning
TRR 1987Air Quality 2006
TRR 1988Highway Capacity and Quality of Service
TRR 1989Vol. 1 Low Volume Roads
TRR 1989Vol. 2 Low Volume Roads
TRR 1993Data. Survey Methods, Traffic Monitoring and Asset Management
TRR 2036Startegic Management and Productivity 227
TRRD 21Consequences of the Development of the Interstate Highway System for Transit
TRRD 29Continuing Examination of Successful Transit Rider ship Initiatives
TRRD 32Accessibility of Automated Fare Vending and Collection for Customers with Disabilities
TRRD 33International Transit Studies Program Report on the Spring 1998 Mission: Private Urban Transit Systems and Low-Cost Mobility Solutions in Major Latin American Cities
TRRD 35Highlights of the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual: First Edition
TRRD 36International Transit Studies Program Report on the Fall 1998 Mission: Revitalizing Urban Public Transport in Australia and New Zealand
TRRD 37Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 38Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials: Application and Refinement
TRRD 39Alternative-Fuel Transit Bus Hazard Assessment Model
TRRD 40Revised Inventory Management Desk Guide
TRRD 41Guidelines for Collecting, Analyzing and Reporting Transit Crime Data
TRRD 42International Transit Studies Program Report on the Spring 1999 Mission: Technology and Joint Development of Cost-Effective Transit Systems in the Asian Pacific Region
TRRD 43Supplementing and Updating TCRP Report 52: Joint Operation of Light Rail Transit or Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles with Railroads
TRRD 44Consensus Standards for the Rail Transit Industry
TRRD 45Identification of the Critical Workforce Development Issues in the Transit Industry
TRRD 46Supplemental Analysis of National Survey on Contracting Transit Services
TRRD 47International Transit Studies Program Report on the Spring 2000 Mission: Germany's Track Sharing Experience: Mixed Use of Rail Corridors
TRRD 48Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 49International Transit Studies Program Report of the Fall 2000 Mission: Excellence in Transit Operations in Small and Medium European Cities
TRRD 50Legal Aspects of Transit and Intermodal Transportation Programs
TRRD 51Second Train Coming Warning Sign Demonstration Projects
TRRD 52Transit-Oriented Development and Joint Development in the United States: A Literature Review
TRRD 53International Transit Studies Program Report on the Spring 2001 Mission: Design-Build Transit Infrastructure Projects in Asia and Australia
TRRD 54International Transit Studies Program Report on the Fall 2001 Mission: Emerging Trends in European Public Transport
TRRD 55Support for Fundamental Change in Public Transportation
TRRD 56A Summary of TCRP Report 88: A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System
TRRD 57Developing a Recommended Standard for Automated Fare Collection for Transit: Scoping Study - Regional Fare Management Programs
TRRD 61Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes: An Interim Introduction to the Handbook
TRRD 62International Transit Studies Program, Transit Operations in Central and Eastern Europe
TRRD 63Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 64International Transit Studies Program: Excellence in Customer Service in Transit Operations in Small to Medium-Sized Cities in Western Europe
TRRD 66Transit Design, Construction, and Operations in the Mediterranean Region
TRRD 67Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 68Vehicle Design Standards and Procurement Practices in Europe
TRRD 71Implementing New Technologies in Maintenance Systems and Departments in Europe
TRRD 72Guidelines for An Alternative Transit Switch Design
TRRD 73Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 75Exectutive Summary: Cost Benefit Analysis of providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
TRRD 78Managing Capital Costs of Major Fedearlly Funded Public Transportation Projects
TRRD 79Design of Track Transition
TRRD 80Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems
TRRD 81Coordinated Approaches to Expanding Access to Public Transportation
TRRD 83Performance and Testing Requirementrs for Portable Track Geometry Inspection Stations
TRRD 84Audible Signals for Pedestrian Safety in LRT Environments
TRRD 85Rail Passenger Saftey: Equipment and Technologies
May-75Public Involvement Through Prescriptive Planning with An Annotated Bibliography
Jan-77Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering
May-83Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964: As Amended through May of 1983 and Related Laws
Oct-83Federal Laws and Material Relating to the Federal Highway Administration
Apr-90Code of Federal Regulations: Highways
Jun-91Evaluation of Image Processing Technology for Applications on Highway Operations
Dec-94Intermodal Technical Assistance for Transportation Planners and Policymakers
May-03Intelligent Transportation Systems Benefits and Costs
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