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UMassSafe is a multidisciplinary traffic safety research program housed in the University of Massachusetts Transportation Center in the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Working for many state and federal agencies, UMassSafe collects and analyzes crash related data, provides online data access, develops training materials and examines data quality challenges within the databases, providing recommendations for improvements.


What's New At UMassSAFE


Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit: Best Practices for Advancing Safety through Partnerships with Universities - November 9th & 10th

The CMV Safety Research Summit will gather a diverse group of CDL/CMV stakeholders from the FMCSA ESC Region; including law enforcement and licensing agencies, university researchers and students. This Summit, focused in the FMCSA ESC Region, will foster university partnerships that will aid in the development, sharing and implementation of best practices that will enhance the CDL program. These partnerships, which bring university researchers and students to the discussion, help to close the gap between the expertise and resources of universities and the needs of CDL/CMV safety stakeholders. Topics that will be addressed in the Summit will include but not be limited to data quality improvements, fraud prevention/detection and removing high risk drivers. Some states’ law enforcement and licensing agencies already work closely with universities on project and safety programming, while others wish to do so in the future. Through collaboration with university partners, States will broaden their programing capabilities, which will improve the national CDL program.

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