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Upcoming Events

What: UMALUG Meeting
When: Monday, February 14, 2005, 6:30 PM
Where: Machmer W13, IBM Open Source Lab
Why: Second Meeting - It's a surprise :-)

Please bring questions you may want answered. We hope to see a large turnout, as more experienced members can help in answering questions as well! Wireless access is available for those who own laptops -- but others may use the guest terminals provided courtesy of IBM (running Red Hat). See you all on Monday evening.


News and Updates

This semester with all the Spire problems, student being blocked for viruses, and other network related problems we thought it would be a good service to offer a hand. We are planning on making a contact list of every member who can offer help to the needy. If you are someone in need or someone willing to offer it then please contact us by email. This is also a great way to meet new people on campus!!!

For anyone who didn't hear, last semester IBM donated a brand new Linux lab to UMass. This past summer A UMass student and faculty member worked to complete the new facility. I know we are eagerly awaiting the grand opening! We will post information on this lab as soon as it become available.

If you are interested in learning about the Linux operating system or if you use it and would like to share your experiences, this group is for you. Some other topics covered in our meetings will include program configurations, security, and networking.

For those who aren't sure about who we are or what we do, take a look at Boston's LUG. They have an excellent site with great topics.


Official Announcement

UMass Amherst Linux User Group (UMALUG) is a non-profit RSO (Pending) undergraduate student organization; our mission is to educate about and advocate for Open Source, Open Systems, and Free Software ("free speech" not "free beer"), such as Linux, Unix and freely-redistributable software.

Membership with UMALUG is free, and our monthly user group meetings are open to all men and women of the 5 college community, their dependents, staff, faculty, and alumni. Information and announcements are posted on our web server as the primary information source; announcements are then further disseminated from there to other distribution channels such as our mailing lists.

Next Meeting: 2/14/2005
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The whole "United We Stand" mantra really gets to me. Analyze "United States of America", broken down it's like united individual states, we're not one communistic body, were a community of individuals; unity in liberty. Divided we are Free!
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With the current state of the anti-trust trial and Lindows PCs being sold at Walmart, I can't see any possible future for a Microsoft dominated world.
 Comment by Admin
According to, it appears Lycoris has put together an OS for handhelds like the iPAQ and Zaurus. It's based on the Open Source OpenZaurus and OPIE projects, so it should look pretty familiar to Linux-on-PDA fans.

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