Hossein Pishro-Nik
Undergraduate Projects


Accident Warning System at Intersection - 2007


Team Members

  • Richa Prasad, EE '07
  • Raza Kanjee, EE '07
  • Thai Nguyen, EE '07
  • Hui Zhu, EE '07


Team Faculty Advisors

Project Summary

Vehicle collisions at intersections account for a large percentage of overall traffic accidents. Figure 1 shows three of the most common ways for collisions at intersections.


Collision at Intersection
Figure 1: Common reasons for collisions at intersections


The situations illustrated in Figure 1 account for 65% of injury accidents and 70% of fatal accidents. It is also true that for the past thirty years, the annual fatality rate due to traffic accidents in the United States has been over 40,000.
We can prevent a large number of these accidents from occurring if we could provide drivers with warnings about potential collisions. For example, if a system could warn a car sitting at an intersection that another car is about to run the light, the driver waiting at the intersection would then not immediately start driving the minute the light turns green for him since he would be aware that there could be a potential collision with a car running the light.
Our project concentrates on using technology to provide warnings to drivers about potential accidents and collisions at intersections.


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