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Students and Alumni of the Groundwater Management Group

Mikaela Martin, M.S., expected 2009

Kris Baker, M.S.,  2008, “Extension of MF2005-GWM (Ground-Water Management Process) to Solve Management Formulations which Optimize Hydraulic Head and Solve Quadratic Programming Problems”

Gemma Baro-Montes, M.S., 2007, “Groundwater Management Formulations to Control Subsidence in a Large Scale Transient Problem”

Yamen Hoque, M.S., 2007, “The Use of Numerical Modeling Techniques to Optimize Groundwater Withdrawals and Minimize Streamflow Depletion”

David Pulido-Velazquez, Post-Doc from University of Valencia, January 2006 to June 2006

Aparna Vemuri, M.S., 2005, “Nonlinear Response of Head Dependent Boundary Conditions in MODFLOW”

Yi-Chang Ethan Lin, Post-Doc from Duke University, September 2004 to March 2006.

Michele Minihane, M.S. 2002, “Stream-Aquifer Interactions and a Water Supply Management Model”

Ann Mulligan, Ph.D., 1999, "Advective Control of Groundwater Contaminant Plumes Using Simulation and Optimization" 

Paul Barlow, Ph.D., 1998, “Evaluation of Optimal Management Strategies for Stream-Aquifer Systems in the Northeastern United States”

Vladimir Stepanenko, Visiting Research Scientist, January 1995 to June 1996.

Joan Dannenhoffer, M.S.,  1995, “The Effect of Spatial Variability of Hydraulic Conductivity on the Robustness of Optimal Hydraulic Control Pumping Strategies”

Mary Palumbo, M.S., 1995, “Investigation of Nonconvexity of Simulated Groundwater Concentration Response Functions”

Carolyn Verdon, M.S., 1995, “Measure of Robustness for a Linear Groundwater Optimization Problem”         

Edward Hill, M.S., 1994, “Sensitivity of Optimal Pumping Strategies to Aquifer Heterogeneity”

Jon Dombek, M.S., 1994, “Sensitivity of Groundwater Optimization Solutions to Variation in Hydraulic Constraints”

Antigoni Zafirakou, M.S., 1994, "An Algorithm for Approximate Solution of the Groundwater Contaminant Remediation Problem" 

Wen Wang, Ph.D.,  1993, "A New Formulation for Determining Optimal Well Location without Fixed Well Points in Groundwater Management"

Charles Sawyer, Ph.D., 1992, "A Mixed-Integer Model for Three-Dimensional Groundwater Remediation Design"

Larry Deschaine, M.S. 1992, "Cost Minimization Evaluation for Groundwater Pump and Treat Design"