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Computer Codes for Groundwater Management

available for free download.

GWM – the Ground Water Management Process for MODFLOW-2000 and MODFLOW-2005.  The code couples MODFLOW with a simplex algorithm to solve linear, mildly nonlinear and mixed binary optimization problems.  This code is distributed by the USGS.  Frequent updates and extensions to the code are distributed.  For instruction on compiling GWM go to this site.

MODOFC 3.0 (2006) utilizes GWM input, output and solution methods while coupling with MODFLOW-96.  DOS Executable, source code, documentation and samples  for MODOFC 3.0 is available here.   This version is compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6.5 and distributed in a ZIP file that has been compressed using Winzip 8.0.  MODOFC 2.3 and all prior versions of MODOFC contain several known bugs and are no longer supported.

VCON (1994) - A code for groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation combined with optimal remedial design.  Contact the Groundwater Management Group to request a copy of this code.

GW2SEN (1987) - A code for groundwater transport simulation and sensitivity analysis.  Contact the Groundwater Management Group to request a copy of this code.

To remain informed of updates to codes listed here please register by providing your name, affiliation and email address to the Groundwater Management Group.