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The academic honesty policy for the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department (MIE) is given below. Please read it carefully.

1. The following MIE Department regulations are in addition to those causes for academic discipline actions found in the Academic Honesty section of Undergraduate Rights and Responsibilities.

2. If a student is dishonest with homework, lab reports, or other material from an uncontrolled environment, he/she will receive an "F" for that work. A second occurrence will mean a failure in the course.

3. If a student is dishonest in an examination or similar situation, the student will fail the course. A second occurrence will result in a recommendation to the Department Head for expulsion from the University.

4. Theft of or altering materials associated with the course by a student will result in his/her receiving a grade of "F" for the course. Depending upon the severity of the offense, the Department Head may also recommend expulsion from the University. Examples of such materials, but not limited to these listed, are the following:

a) Theft of grade books, equipment, computers, computer programs, laboratory or class reference books, course materials stored in the library, sample laboratory reports, or any similar course materials obtained in an unauthorized manner.

b) The altering of grades recorded in the instructor's grade book.

5. Any use of Solutions or Instructors Manuals by students including Teaching Assistants is prohibited unless specifically approved by a faculty member in writing. Teaching Assistants after receiving approval for using these manuals from the faculty member must use them only in the course where they are serving as a T.A.

A student accused of having committed a breach of this academic honesty policy in a MIE course, has the option to file a grievance according to the grievance procedure as published in the University of Massachusetts "Undergraduate Rights and Responsibilities Booklet" issued by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Office of the Provost.

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