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Current Research

Prof. Schmidt studies sprays and multiphase flow. This work is motivated by the need to reduce pollution from gasoline, diesel, and aircraft engines. With the right spray, an engine can often produce less emissions and maintain good fuel economy. Prof. Schmidt's research program uses advanced computational techniques to predict what a spray will do in an engine. His group works on new models to simulate droplet breakup, collision, evaporation, and turbulent dispersion. These new models then find their way into corporate research programs, commerical simulation codes, and other academic investigations. The end result is better, cleaner, engines.

Below is a computation of an airblast spray. The spray droplets are colored by their radius. This computation was done in collaboration between Fluent Inc., Convergent Thinking LLC, and an aircraft engine manufacturer. The computations wereperformed using a specially modified version of Fluent 5.

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