Lab Members




Lab Director

Frank C. Sup IV, PhD
Associate Professor

sup [at] umass.edu


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Research Scientist

Dr. Andrew K. LaPrè

alapree [at] umass.edu

PhD 2016, UMass-Amherst
MS 2012, UMass-Amherst
B.S. 2009, UMass-Amherst

Current Lab Members

Julio Aparicio

japaricio [at] umass.edu

Soft Sensing PhD Candidate

Ericber Jiménez Francisco

ejimenezfran [at] umass.edu

Knee Exoskeleton and Prosthetic Design

PhD Candidate

Vinh Nguyen

vinhnguyen [at] umass.edu

Optimizing and Modeling Amputee Gait

PhD Candidate

(2016 MS)

Mark Price

mprice [at] umass.edu

Lower Limb Prosthetic Optimization

PhD Candidate

(2016 MS)

Soumitra Sitole

spsitole [at] umass.edu

Capturing Prosthetic Alignment MS Candidate
Steven Luk

Prosthesis Testing Device

Undergraduate Honors Thesis


John Melloni


Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Jacqueline Lagasse

Assistive Tech

Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Ian McGinty

Load Cell Design

Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Mandira Marambe

Soft Sensing

Undergraduate Independent Study

Smith College

Shannon Fan Lab Volunteer Undergraduate

Nick Sawyer

Lab Volunteer Undergraduate
USA Vietnam
Jordan India
China Turkey Japan

Lab Alumni



Went on to:

Jade Saint-Paul Summer 2017 Lab Volunteer BS, UMass
Punith Lakshmi 2017 MS  
Youssef Jaber 2017 MS Ingersoll Rand

Mandira Marambe

2017 Undergraduate Summer Scholar

BS, Smith College

Megan McGahren

2017 Undergraduate Summer Scholar

BS, Smith College
Dr. Abhijit Kadrolkar 2016 PhD Medtronic

Dr. Andrew LaPrè

2016 PhD

2012 MS

FTL Labs Corp.

MRRL, Research Scientist

Qiandong Nie 2016 MS

MS in Computer Science,

Lousiana State Univ. (LSU)

Dr. Lieselle Trinidad

Visiting Summer Scholar

2015, 2016

Assistant Professor

New York City College of Technology

Dr. Ulvi Başpinar

Visiting Scholar


Assistant Professor

Marmara  University  (Turkey)

:) Brian Jin 2016 BS Honors MS, Columbia University
Carmine (CJ) Taglienti 2016 BS Honors MS, UMass-Amherst
Caitlin McLain 2015 BS Honors Apple
Karl Schmeckpeper


Lab Assistant

PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Rebecca Schliemann 2015 Summer Student Scholar

BS, Biomedical Eng.

Virgina Tech

Devin Carroll

2015 BS Honors

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Yoshiaki Uwamino 2015 Visiting Student Scholar MS, Hokkaido University, Japan
Matthew Ryder 2015 MS Sensata Technologies
Jonathan Cummings 2014 MS MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Airton da Silva 2014 MS GE Power & Water

Haohan Zhang

2014 MS

PhD, Columbia University

Liam Robert Kelly

2014 BS Honors

Bose Corporation


Neil Mahesh Bajaj

2014 BS Honors

PhD, Yale University

(GRAB Lab)


Jacob Miller-Mack

2013 BS

Pika Energy

Zhe Zhang

2013 MS

China Mobile Group Design and Consulting Company

Natalie Zucker

2013 BS Honors

Bose Corporation

Andrew Erwin

2012 BS Honors

PhD, Rice University

(MAHI Lab)

Amanda Willis

2012 BS Honors


Steve Mckinley

2011 BS Honors

PhD, U.C. Berkley