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The following courses are taught by Prof. Frank Sup

Course Title Frequency
MIE 597G/643 Mechatronics Every Spring
MIE 597R/697R BioRobotics Every other year
MIE 597W/697W Adaptive and Nonlinear Control Every other year
MIE 415 Senior Capstone Design Every Fall

The following courses offered at UMass Amherst are suggested for students interested in BioMechatronics.

Computer Science

Embedded Systems

CMPSCI 603 Robotics
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 112 Circuits I
ECE 323 Electronics I
ECE 575

Introduction to Analog Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 604 Linear Systems Theory
ECE 697k Signal Processing
ECE 697BE Bio-Electronics
KIN 530 Mechanical Analysis of Human Movement
KIN 535 Muscle Mechanics
KIN 797U Computer Simulation of Human Movement
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
MIE 597G/643 Mechatronics
MIE 597W/697W Adaptive and Nonlinear Control
MIE 603 Advanced Numerical Methods
MIE 605 Finite Element Analysis
MIE 609 Mechanical Properties of Materials
MIE 616 Engineering Design Optimization
MIE 630 Advanced Solid Mechanics
MIE 644 Applied Data Analysis
MIE 597R/697R Biorobotics
MIE 697T Orthopaedic Biomechanics