Mechanism Design Lab

The Advanced Mechanism Design laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is involved in research in numerous mechanism topics ranging from type synthesis to dimension synthesis of mechanisms.

Wondering what we do ! Here's what -

Unified Standard Codes for Mechanism Synthesis. Click here for papers published

Analysis of Branching and Mobility conditions in Non-Dyadic Mechanisms. Click here for papers published

Mechanism Design Optimization. Design Optimization techniques play a very useful role in Mechanism Path, Motion, and Function Generation. Traditionally, numerical iterative techniques were used for this purpose. We explore non-traditional global optimization techniques for mechanism design optimization. Click here for papers published

Multi-Criteria Design Optimization. The design phase of any product involves optimization of design parameters at different stages and at each stage with differing objectives. Thus the final design is a compromise between the various performance criteria that are used to evaluate the product. Here, we investigate the possible uses of statistical design concepts for optimization of multiple objectives. Click here for papers published

Comparison of Global Optimization Methods. Global optimization techiques are used when a problem has a number of different local minima. Here three different methods are examined which include: Simulated Annealing, Genetics Algorithms, and a special technique of using Orthogonal Arrays to find a suitable starting point for a conventional method such as the Generallized Reduced Gradient Methods. Select Abstract or Paper and Slide Presentation

Wondering who does it ! Here's who -

Prof. Sundar Krishnamurty.

Srinath Jonnalagadda

Venkatesh Komarla

Steve Gold

Arun Kunjur

Tiefu Shao

Past Glory -

Basant Nanda

Jawaharlal Mariappan

Harsh Soni

Sumant Mauskar

Ramakrishnanand Chilukuri

Thomas Mattapallil

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