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Potential Applications of Rapid Thermal Response Molding

  1. Micro injection molding.

  2. Thin-walled injection or co-injection molded parts.

  3. Thin-walled applications of slow crystallizing resin like poly (lactic acid).

  4. High optical quality (lenses, etc.) applications where a minimum of birefringence could be developed.

  5. Molded-in color parts, both high and low gloss applications.

  6. Syndiotactic Polystyrene (high melting point polymer) molding

  7. Moldings where low residue stress and high dimensional stability are required. One current example is pipe fittings, which is a very cycle-time intensive market.

  8. Parts that are plated.  These parts generally require a low stress surface.

  9. A high mold surface temperature at injection should provide better reproduction of that   surface and like promote better uniformity of gloss across the surface. 

  10. Elimination of the weldlines from the molded plastics parts.

  11. Programmable control of mold surface temperature which provides optimum part quality.

  12. Heat setting process of stretch blow molded poly (ethylene terephthalate).