Director of the lab:
Dr. Byung Kim
Students in the lab:

Weidan Liu

Master and Ph.D student

Yiyan Peng

Master's student
Tom Kimerling Master's student
Soohong Kim Master's student
Recent alumni:
Dongang Yao Ph.D degree
Ming Chen Master's degree
Rakesh Sahu Master's degree
Ashok Kalluraya Master's degree 
Soheb Farooqi Master's degree 
Byung H Lee Ph.D degree
James Rioux Master's degree
M.C Ramesh Master's degree
Steve Witkus Master's degree



Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department 
Engineering Laboratory
University of Massachusetts 
Amherst, MA 01003-2210 
phone: (413)545-0026 
fax: (413) 577-2365