Current Projects

       Distributed Pressure Profile Sensing for Stamping Process Monitoring (NSF);

       Wireless Sensor Array for Process Monitoring of Injection Molding  (NSF);

       Complex System Monitoring Using Large Scale Sensor Networks (NSF);

       Sensor Networks in Adverse and Stochastic Environments (NSF);

       Smart Spindles for Smart Machine Tools (NIST and Timken);

       Self-Energized Sensor Networks in Downhole Environment (Schlumberger).



Past Projects

       Sensor-Integrated Bearing with Self-diagnosis Capability (NSF, 1996-2000);

       Signal Processing for Bearing Health Assessment and Life Prediction (NSF, 2002-2005);

       Self-Energized Micro Sensors for Pressure Measurement in Injection Molding (NSF, 2000-2004);

       Sensing for Enhanced e-Design of Products and Systems (NSF, 2003-2005);

       Senior Design Projects to Aid the Disabled (NSF, 2000-2005);

       Energy Harvesting from Environmental Vibrations (DoE, 2004-2005);

       Load and Speed-Controlled Bearing and Spindle Test Bed (Timken, 2002-2004);

       Embedded Sensing for Condition Monitoring of Helicopter Gearbox (NASA, 2000-2004);

       Biomedical Evaluation of Lumbar Spine Fixation (Baystate Medical Center, 1999-2003);

       Bearing-Embedded Sensor Package Design (SKF, 1998-2000);

       Sensor-Embedded Long Cane for the Blind (NSF, 1995-1999);

       Sensor-Integrated `Intelligent¨ Grinding Wheel (DoE, 1996-1999);

       A Bearing Test Bed with Radial and Axial Load Application Capability  (SKF, 1996-1999);

       Ultrasonic Transducers with High Directionality (UMass, 1996-1997);

       Manufacturing of Microelectronic and Micromechanical Devices (Product REALIZATIOM Consortium, 1996-1997).