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The purpose of the manufacturing tutors under development at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with the financial support of EASNE, is to assist the user a student or anyone not familiar with manufacturing processes, to understand the relationship between a part design and the ease or difficulty of producing the part by a given process. There are three tutors currently under development, one for injection molding, one for die casting and one for stamping.

The injection molding tutor is divided into two distinct modules an Introduction Module and an Experiential Module. In the former module the user is introduced to the injection molding process via a series of screens that contain both text and animations. The emphasis in the introductory module is to make the user aware of the relationship between part geometry and the ease or difficulty of constructing the dies (tooling) required to produce the part. The second module provides the user with the opportunity to determine how well they have learned/absorbed the concepts presented in the first module. In this module the user is allowed to design and 'build' a part from a rather restricted family of part geometries. If the user has understood the concepts presented in the first module, they should be able to design easy to mold parts and/or understand why the parts they have designed are difficult to mold. In the second module the user is able to obtain advise concerning their proposed design and to obtain an animated illustration of the tooling required to produce the part via injection molding.

Like the Injection Molding Tutor (IMT), the Stamping Tutor (ST) is also divided into an Introduction Module and an Experiential Module. Once again the Introduction Module is used to acquaint the user with the stamping process and to make the user aware of how part geometry affects the ease or difficulty of creating the necessary tooling, while the Experiential Module is used to reinforce the concepts presented in the Introduction. Unlike the IMT in which the user is required to become familiar with the entire injection molding process before attempting to reinforce the concepts presented there, the Stamping Tutor is designed to permit interleaving between the Introduction and the Experiential modules. Thus, as each new concept is presented the user is able to strengthen it through a design application. Upon completion of the entire Introduction the user is provided the additional opportunity to synthesize all concepts by use of the Application module. While the Stamping Tutor is still underdevelopment, it is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 1996.

This work is being supported the Engineering Academy of Southern New England and is being jointly developed by faculty and students in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and the Department of Computer Science


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