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The IAC program is funded by the Office of Industrial Technology under the US DOE Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This program has been in existence for over fifteen years and is nationally recognized for its economic assistance to small and medium-sized industrial manufacturers. There are currently thirty IACs situated at engineering departments in major universities throughout the US. The IACs have been instrumental in assisting companies in conserving energy, reducing pollution, increasing productivity, and lowering operating costs. The University of Massachusetts IAC provides assistance to small and medium-sized manufacturing plants in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and portions of New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont by providing Industrial Assessments of manufacturing, plant, and process operations. Over 400 plants having annual gross sales totaling $5.85 billion, with 45,000 employees, and 31 million square feet of building space have been visited since 1984. Annual energy use at these plants exceeds the equivalent of 3.35 million barrels of oil at a cost of over $134 million. Beginning in the 1994 contract year, IAC program services have been expanded to include waste minimization and pollution prevention in the assessments as well. The IAC assessments assist manufacturers in becoming more economically competitive by reducing their energy use, minimizing manufacturing waste, and increasing productivity.  Over 1900 Assessment Recommendation measures (ARs) have been identified with average annual recommended cost savings of $35,000 per year and an average simple payback of 1.2 years.



Lawrence Ambs, Ph.D. Director and University Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Director of CEERE. Major research interests are in the area of applied thermodynamics and energy conversion with particular emphasis on building systems, thermal power generation and industrial thermal processes.

Dr. J. Edward Sunderland - Assistant Director  

Beka Kosanovic, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering. Project Engineer responsible for technical assessments, reviews and technical demonstrations of energy related technologies.


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