Decision Model Development in Engineering Design


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Table of Contents

Decision Model Development in Engineering Design

Research Activities

Normative Decision Analysis in Decision-Making (Dr. Howard)

Decision Based Design Approach

Decision-based Engineering Design

Decision based Engineering Design

Decision Making and Analysis

Utility Theory

Value Theory Preference Assessment


Three-Bar Truss Design

Preference Metric: Utility Functions

Non-Monotonic Situations?

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Beam Design

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Preference Model Consitency

Preference Learning Mechanism

Taguchií Philosophy based Design

Preference-based Design Metric

Comparison of Design Metrics

Constraint Formulation

Preference Incosistency in infeasible design

Constraint Handling

Attribute-Constraint Model

Knowledge Influenced Preference Update

Analysis Model Uncertainity

FEA Modeling

How to Model Uncertainty?

Author: Sundar Krishnamurty

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