Gold S. and Krishnamurty, S., “Tradeoffs in Robust Engineering Design”, Proceeding of 1997 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, DETC97/DAC-3757. 


This paper introduces one robust multicriteria based design methodology for rapid exploration of design space and systematic identification of optimal designs. This work fully exploits and integrates utility theory, that is best suited for quantitatively incorporating the subjective preferences into the design problem to maximize overall utility (the ‘goodness’ of the design), with the sophisticated Taguchi philosophy based design of experiments to best achieve robust optimal designs. This integrated approach can be expected to uniquely address the many issues associated with the design of real world engineering problems such as the multiple objective based decision model formulation, treatment of constraints, as well as tolerances, quality control and uncertainties. The synthesis of the utility theory with  the statistical design of experiments approach is illustrated with the aid of an example design problem and the results are discussed.