"The IE/OR program at UMASS Amherst provided me with a comprehensive foundation in IE and OR methods and their application to various industries.  The faculty, curriculum and labs provided a challenging and an exciting experience. The Senior Design class consisting of a capstone course was an opportunity to tackle and solve real world problems; my team conducted a capacity analysis for an expansion of a commercial printing company. The project allowed for innovative solutions by applying the knowledge from coursework, collaborating with teammates and industry professionals, and conducting a study of the facility and its operations.  The school also provided great extracurricular programs such as IIE and SWE, through which I was able to network with other students, professors, and professionals.   Overall, it was an excellent program with outstanding faculty, committed to providing effective engineering education. The experience has definitely prepared me to face some of the challenges in the industry as an Operations Research Analyst, and motivated me to pursue my MSIE." - Mitha


"The IE faculty at UMass Amherst not only are focused on their outstanding research, but also their students. The professors are always available for their students whether it be a question on homework, a project, or career advice. The students and faculty are a truly a team in the IE department.

The IE program is a big supporter of undergraduate research. As a junior, I completed an independent research study with Professor Erin Baker. Working in the Energy, Environment, and Economic Decision-Making Lab was a great experience. I was able to work independently as a research assistant, and also have access to Erin and the graduate students in the lab. I worked with Erin on my honors senior thesis as well, and graduated having a year of graduate level research experience in climate change economics. I would recommend undergraduate research to any engineering student, and fortunately for the IE professors agree!

The IE department is amazing! The faculty is brilliant, the research is exciting, and the curriculum is excellent." - Ashley


My absolute favorite part of the IE program is the faculty.  I cannot imagine learning from a nicer and more knowledgable group of people.  Their encouragement made me feel as though they knew I could succeed and it made me want to try harder. - Lindsay