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The Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering involves a total of 30 credits. The required courses are:

MIE 620 Linear Programming
MIE 651 Production Planning I or MIE 697Q Logistics
MIE 657 Human Factors Design Engineering
MIE 684 Stochastic Processes in Industrial Engineering
MIE 754 Economic Decision Making for Engineers II
A graduate level course in the student’s area of interest approved by their advisor

In addition, incoming M.S. students amay choose a Thesis or Coursework only oprion. Those choosing the Thesis option are required to plan and carry out a research, design, or development thesis (MIE 699) or project (MIE 688) of six to nine credits. For details on the thesis, see Section III of the Graduate Handbook. I. For details on the project, see Section III. J. For waiver of this requirement see Section III. H. Students must declare which option they are pursuing when applying to UMass. Students are not generally permitted to switch from one option to the other; they may only switch options with the permission of the MIE Graduate Program Director.

PhD students also need to take all the above listed required courses. For other requirements and details, see pages 4-7 of the graduate handbook.