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J. MacGregor Smith


Personal Homepage


  • B.Arch., University of California at Berkeley, 1968
  • M.Arch., University of California at Berkeley, 1969
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1978

Research Interests:

Professor Smith conducts research on topological network design, facility layout and location, and stochastic network design and analysis. In particular, he is doing research on Steiner minimal Trees in 3-dimensions, Quadratic Set Packing and Layout problems, State Dependent Queueing network analysis and finite buffer queueing network models. Of more recent interest, is the modelling of proteins and other biochemical structures with Combinatorial Optimization as well as Computational Geometry concepts and algorithms. He has also carried out extensive research projects with local industries modelling their layout and manufacturing flow process problems.

Selected Publications:

  • H. Gosavi and J. MacGregor Smith An Algorithm for Sub-Optimal Routing in Series-Parallel Queueing Networks, The International Journal of Production Research 35 (5), 1997, 1413-1430.

  • Smith, J. MacGregor and Badri Toppur, Euclidean Steiner Minimal Trees, Minimum Energy Configurations, and the Embedding Problem of Weighted Graphs in E^3, Discrete Applied Mathematics 71 (1996), 187-215.

  • Smith, J. MacGregor. Topological Network Design of State Dependent Queueing Networks. Networks. Vol. 28, 55-68, 1996.

  • Smith, J. MacGregor, Rich Weiss, Minoo Patel. An O(NxN) Heuristic for Steiner Minimal Trees in E^3, Networks. Vol. 25, 273-289, 1995.

  • Smith, J. MacGregor and N. Chikhale. Buffer Allocation for a Class of Nonlinear Stochastic Knapsack Problems Annals of Operations Research Vol. 58 323-360, 1995

  • Smith, J. MacGregor. Cellular Arrangement Problems with Random Flows. Engineering Optimization, 24, 59-74, 1995.

Research Sponsors:

NSF, Natick Laboratories, CMP, Digital Equipment, IBM

Thesis Topics

  • Gonzales, E. (PhD) The Optimal Resource Allocation Problem in Closed Finite Queueing Networks with Blocking After Service"
  • Fain, R. (PhD) "The Optimal Routing Problem with Open Finite M/G/C/C State Dependent Queueing Networks"
  • Thumsi, V. (PhD) "Stochastic Facility Layout Planning and Material Handling Network Design"
  • Toppur, B., (PhD) "On Steiner Minimal Tree Problems in 3-Dimensional Euclidean Space"
  • Patterson, M., (PhD) "Graph Theoretic Models of Facility Layout and Location Problems"
  • Yun, Y. (MS) On the Design of Cellular Networks with Diversity and Capacity Constraints"
  • Gosavi, H PHD The Optimal Routing Problem in Open, Finite Queueing Networks, 1995.
  • Wang, X., PhD, A Generalized Deisgn Methodology for Large Scale Systems with Open Finite Queueing Networks, 1994.
  • Li, W., PhD, Stochastic Facility Layout Planning and Traffic Flow Network Design, 1993.
  • Bakuli, D, PhD, Stochastic Network Evacuation Models, 1993.
  • Mitchell, D., MS, Optimal Resource Allocation in M/G/C/C Static Dependent Queueing Networks, 1995.
  • Casstevens, M, MS, Approximating Closed Queueing Models Using Open Queueing Models, 1995.
  • Singh, A, MS, A System for Topological Network Design of Queueing Systems with Multi-Server Queues, 1993.

Contact Information:

Marston 111B
J. MacGregor Smith
MIE Department
220 ELAB
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-4542
Electronic mail:

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