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This course is designed to be a one semester introduction into engineering thermodynamics with an emphasis on elements of classical thermodynamics. Standard concepts such as heat, work, internal energy and enthalpy will be introduced. Thermodynamic properties of gases, liquids and solids will be presented and the equations of state for ideal and real gases will be developed and applied. The concepts of control volume analysis, the conservation of mass and energy and the second law of thermodynamics will be discussed and applied. Finally several fundamentally important engineering applications such as heat engines, refrigeration and other power cycles will be outlined.



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Professor Jonathan P. Rothstein
Gunness 16

Office hours: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30PM
                    Other times by appointment


Thermodynamics – An Engineering Approach 7th Edition, Cengel and Boles, McGraw Hill., New York, 2010.

Homework                   15%
Evening Exams (2)        45%
Final Exam                    35%
Class Participation           5%

Assigned and collected every Tuesday.
Solutions posted on homework solutions page

Can be arranged if needed.

Physics 151 and 153, Math 233

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