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David O. Kazmer

Associate Research Professor

NOTE: In 2001, Dr. Kazmer took a leave of absence to be Director of Research & Development at Dynisco HotRunners. Afterwards, he joined the faculty at UMass Lowell in the Department of Plastics Engineering. While he remains on the faculty at UMass Amherst as an Associate Research Professor, his primary focus is UMass Lowell. His personal homepage is


  • Ph.D., Stanford University, 1995
  • M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1985
  • B.S., Cornell University, 1989

Research Interests:

Professor Kazmer's domain is design and manufacture of molded products from thermoplastic resin. This includes both design research (cost estimation, feasibility analysis, and robust design) as well as manufacturing research (process tuning, simulation & analysis, sensing & control). Examples of current research includes the development of new manufacturing processes with improved real-time control as well as new robust design tools.


Selected Publications:

  • Kazmer, D., Lotti, C., Breta, R. E. S., Zhu, L., "Tuning and Control of Dimensional Consistency in Molded Products," Accepted to Advances in Polymer Technology. Review.
  • C.B. Theurer, L. Zhang, D.O. Kazmer, and R.X. Gao, “Energy Extraction for a Self-Energized Pressure Sensor” IEEE Sensors Journal, v. 4, n. 1, p. 28-35, 2004. Review.
  • B. Fan, D. O. Kazmer, W.C. Bushko, R. P. Thierault, A. J. Poslinski, “Birefringence Prediction of Optical Media,” Polymer Engineering & Science, to appear. Review
  • Zhang, L., Theurer, C., Gao, R., and D. O. Kazmer, "A Self-Energized Sensor for Wireless Injection Mold Cavity Pressure Measurement: Design and Evaluation," ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, to appear. Review.
  • L. Zhang, C. Theurer, R. Gao, and D. Kazmer, “Frequency Design of an Ultrasonic Transmitter for Injection Molding Pressure Measurement", Transactions of the North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME, Vol. XXXI, p., 579-586, 2003. Review.
  • B. Fan and D. O. Kazmer, “Warpage Prediction of Optical Media,” Journal of Polymer Science: Part B Polymer Physics, v. 41, p. 859-872, 2003. Review.
  • L. Zhu and D. O. Kazmer, “An Extended Simplex Method for Global Feasibility Evaluation,” Journal of Engineering Optimization, v. 35, n. 2, p. 165-176, 2003. Review.

Research Sponsors

  • National Science Foundation
  • Office of Naval Research
  • GE Plastics
  • Mold-Masters Ltd.

Thesis Topics:

  • 2005, Ranjan Najeri, M.S., "On Line Estimation and Control of Flow Rates in Injection Molding"
  • 2005, Mark Doyle, M.S., "Hot Runner Performance Analysis"
  • 2005, Greg Rathbone, M.S., “A Comparison of Birefringence Levels in Coining and Stamping of DVDs”
  • 2004, Dheeraj Gupta, M.S., "A Low Force Melt Valve for Plastics Processing"
  • 2004, Akash Kamoolkar, M.S., "Optimization of Ejector Systems for Injection Molded Parts Using Genetic Algorithms"
  • 2005, David Hatch, Ph.D., "Manufacturing Process Performance Measurement and Design"
  • 2004, Charles Theurer, Ph.D., "Extraction and Digitization of A Process Signal for Self-Powering a Wireless Pressure Sensor"
  • 2003, Nirmal Doshi, M.S., “Design of a Platenless Injection Molding Machine,” Review. Product Manager/Product Development Coordinator, Alcoa Flexible Packaging Division.
  • 2003, Kaushik Manek, M.S., “Validation of Statistical Yield Prediction Methods”
  • 2003, Bingfeng Fan, Ph.D., , “Quality Simulation and Optimization of Optical Media Produced via Injection-Compression Molding”
  • 2003, Gautam Balasubrahmanyan, M.S., “The Stability of Plastic Melt Flows at Low Temperatures and Flow Rates”
  • 2003, Yash Dave, M.S., “Concept Validation of a Melt Brake for Extrusion”
  • 2001, Liang Zhu, Ph.D., “An Extensive Simplex Method for Global Feasibility Evaluation in Systems Design”
  • 2001, Prasanth Ambady, M.S., “Adaptive Control of the Injection Mold Cooling Process”
  • 2000, Charles Theurer, M.S., “Conceptual Design of a Remotely Energized Pressure Sensor”
  • 2000, Haihong Xu, M.S., “Shrinkage Prediction of Thermoformed Parts”
  • 1999, David Hatch, M.S., “Modeling and Optimization for Processing of Optical Media”
  • 1999, Christoph Roser, Ph.D., “A Flexible Design Methodology”
  • 1999, Haoyu Xu, M.S., “Cooling considerations for Injection Molding”
  • 1999, Ian Stuart, M.S., “Production Quality Improvements in Plastics Processing”
  • 1998, Adekunle Fagade, Ph.D., “The Role of Complexity in Product Life-Cycle Cost”
  • 1998, Tatiana Petrova, M.S., “Hybrid Neural Networks Models for Prediction pf Molded Part Quality”
  • 1997, Deepak Kapoor, M.S., “Multi-Cavity Melt Control in Injection Molding”

Contact Information:

223 Ball Hall
David O. Kazmer
Department of Plastics Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Avenure
Lowell, MA 01854
(978) 934-2962
(978) 458-4141


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