Term Project Proposal
Spring 2003

The term project for this course counts for 60% of the course grade and is expected to be full-semester project. The term project is selected by the student and approved by the instructor. It is in your best interest to propose a term project that interests you and that is also in your area of research. Ideally, the results of your term project will help support your Master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation work in some way. The challenge is to select a term project that is sufficiently complex and of engineering interest to warrant finite element analysis but also within the constraints of this one semester introductory course.

Please submit to my by February 11, 2003 a typed description of your proposed project, not exceeding three pages in length including figures. The project description must include one or more graphical representations (drawings, sketches, etc.) of the proposed term project. Be sure to indicate what your analysis objectives are and what major modeling assumptions you expect to be able to make (i.e. 2-D versus 3-D, linear versus nonlinear material behavior, etc.). Examples of some past term projects can be found at


and links to various FEA resources on the web can be found at