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James A. Donovan



  • B.S., Notre Dame, 1959
  • M.S., Notre Dame, 1961
  • Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1967

Research interests:

Professor Donovan’s research focuses on the relation of microstructure, environment and strength of plastics. Strength includes the resistance to reversible and irreversible deformation, and crack propagation. His research includes developing models for the wear resistance of elastomers as a function of their strength and the characteristics of the abrader. A recent discovery of his research is the deformation enhanced transport of ions in nylon.

Selected Publications

  • Y. Liu and J. A. Donovan, "The Effect of Secondary Relaxations on the Fracture Toughness of Nylon 6/Nylon 6I coT Blends," Poly. Eng. and Sci., 36 (1996) September.
  • R. Ramakrishnan, J. Kliman, and J. A. Donovan, "Temperature Distribution in the Rubber Wheel During Wear Testing," Rubber Chem. and Tech., 69 (1996) 1.
  • V. Krishnan and R. Ramakrishnan and J. A. Donovan, "Correlation of Laboratory and Road Wear Tests," Rubber Chem. and Tech., 68 (1995) 804.
  • P. R. Stupak and J. A. Donovan, "Effect of Bead Fusion on Toughness of PS Foam," Microstructural Sci., 18 (1990) 505.
  • P. Chang and J. A. Donovan, "Detergent Assisted Stress Cracking in Low Density PE," Poly. Eng. and Sci., 30 (1990) 1431.

Research Sponsors:

Exxon, Allied Signal, Perstorp, and General Electric.

Thesis Topics

  • "The Dependence of Mechanical Properties on Phase Miscibility of Aliphatic and Aromatic Blends."
  • "Adsorption of Aqueous Salt Solutions in Nylon 6 and Their Effects on Mechanical and Thermal Properties."
  • "Wear Mechanisms of Rubber Tread Compounds."
  • "Correlation of Laboratory and Road Tread Wear Tests."

Contact Information:

James A. Donovan
MIE Department
220 ELAB
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-2210
(413) 545-2074
(413) 545-1027

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