Prospective Student Information

Individuals interested in visiting the Human Performance Laboratory can come directly to campus and schedule an appointment with someone here. The lab is located on the first floor of the Engineering Lab Building (Elab 1) at the northwest corner of the University of Massachusetts campus near the intersections of Holdsworth and Natural Resources Roads (click here for directions). Alternatively, you can call the lab at 413-545-3393 during most weekdays or email

Graduate School Applications

Financial support is provided to many entering graduate students through fellowships, teaching assistantships or research assistantships. Graduate students who are interested in working closely with the Human Performance Laboratory usually study one of the following disciplines:

Human Factors and Ergonomics. Students interested in entering the Human Factors and Ergonomics Program can request an application at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and subsequently to the Graduate Programs. You should also feel free to call the Director of the Program, Dr. Donald L. Fisher, at 413-545-1657, or via email at .

Transportation Engineering. Students primarily interested in entering the Transportation Engineering Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering should contact Dr. Michael Knodler via email at

Cognitive Psychology. Students interested in an advanced degree in Cognitive Psychology with a focus on human factors should contact Dr. Alexander Pollatsek via email at . Computer Science: Straddling the fence between Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, and Computer Science, recent research in the lab has been related to Intelligent Tutor development. A student interested in this type of research from an engineering or training perspective can apply through the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. Or, if the student's research interests lie more in the coding of these tutors, then one can contact Dr. Beverly Woolf, the Program Director in the Computer Science Department, via email at .