Affiliated Faculty

  • Kyle Cave,   Department of Psychology
    Interests:  Visual cognition, including visual attention, visual imagery, and object recognition.

  • John Collura, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Director of the University of Massachusetts Transportation Center

  • Patty Freedson, Department of Exercise Science
    Interests:  physiological basis of human performance

  • Richard L. Freyman,  Department of Communications Disorders 
    Interests: sound localization

  • Song Gao,   Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Interests:  Optimization in stochastic networks, econometric models of (adaptive) travel behavior, traffic models of uncertain networks with traveler information.

  • Ian Grosse,  Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Interests: finite element analysis, intelligent tutors, visualization and spatial reasoning. 

  • Elizabeth A. Henneman, School of Nursing.

  • Michael A. Knodler, Jr.,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Director, UMassSafe Program
    Interests: transportation Safety, driver behavior, traffic operations, human factors, geometric design, pedestrians and bicycles, geometric design, traffic operations, intelligent transportation systems, and geographic information systems. 

  • Jenna MarquardDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. 
    Interests: Presenting models and analyses to decision makers; consumer, executive and policy-level decision-making in health care; measuring decision quality for decisions under uncertainty. 

  • Daiheng Ni,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering  
    Interests:  Traffic flow modeling and simulation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, traffic sensing and information technology, transportation logistics and optimization.

  • Alexander Pollatsek,  Department of Psychology. 
    Interests: eye movements, visual search, transportation human factors, visualization.

  • Keith Rayner,  Department of Psychology. 
    Interests: eye movements, language comprehension, visualization.

  • Donald A. Robinson,  Director, Environmental Health and Safety.
    Interests:  safety engineering.
  • Beverly P. Woolf,  Department of Computer Science.
    Interests:  Intelligent tutoring and training, computational strategies in learning and education.