Central Artery/Tunnel Virtual Tours
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      I-90 Eastbound to I-93 Northbound (New Videos)

      I-90 Eastbound to I-93 Southbound (New Videos)

      I-90 Westbound to I-93 Northbound (New Videos)

      I-90 Westbound to I-93 Southbound (New Videos)

      I-93 Southbound to I-90 Westbound (New Videos)

Research Sponsored By:
Federal Highway Administration
Massachusetts Highway Department
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

 All videos from the Driving Simulator at the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Disclaimer: The signs in the simulation of I90 and I93 are accurate representations of the signs that were given to the University of Massachusetts. The entrance to the tunnels are not exact recreations, nor are the depictions of the environment outside the tunnel sections. Traffic in the tunnel was not included so that the individuals visiting the website will be able to focus on the location of the signs and the message in those signs.
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