Dennis L. Goeckel

Office: 215L Marcus Hall
Telephone: (413) 545-3514

Curriculum Vitae (PDF File)

RESEARCH: My principal research interest is currently in physical layer communication theory and practice, and wireless network theory.

Follow these links to learn more about our research in a few selected areas (roughly in order from more recent interests to older interests):

  • Low Probability of Detection (LPD) Communication Systems
  • Everlasting Security in Wireless Communication Systems
  • Robust Compressive Sensing in Wideband Receivers
  • RF Fingerprinting
  • Network Theory: Connectivity and Capacity
  • Network Theory: Security
  • Frequency-Shifted Reference UWB (TR-UWB without the delay element!)
  • Multiple-Antenna Systems
  • Asymptotic Capacity Calculations for Fixed-Sized Arrays
  • Asynchronous Cooperative Diversity
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Systems
  • Signaling for Improved Diversity and PMEPR Reduction
  • Characterization of the Peak-to-Mean Envelope Power Ratio (PMEPR)
  • Adaptive Signaling Under Measurement Uncertainty
  • Publications in other areas are available through e-mail request.

    SPONSORS: National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, Army Research Laboratory, Pro-Sensing/Quadrant Engineering, M/A-COM, Analog Devices, Narad Networks, Mabuhay Networks, Association for Maximum Service Television.


    Our goal is to provide research training at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

    Above: March 2010 photo of the research group (and associated folks) celebrating Harshit Joshi's MS completion.


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