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18 Marston Hall
Dept of CEE
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

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Elab II, room 210













Paul MoodyPaul Moody



PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMass – Amherst exp. May 2013
MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, Feb 1996
BS Civil Engineering, MIT, May 1994


P.E. Civil Engineering, VA
Project Management Professional

Current PhD Research

My PhD research pertains to:


Other Experience

MIT Parson’s Lab, project advisor: Ole Madsen
Laboratory Study of the Effect of Seawalls on Beach Erosion. M.S. Thesis

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, United States Military Academy (2003-2007)
ME362 – Fluid Mechanics
CE380 – Hydrology and Hydraulic Design
CE300 – Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design
CE350 – Design of Timber and Masonry Structures