Shimadzu TOCV Analyzer Resource Page




In EVE we have several Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers. These include a series of Shimadzu instruments as well as older Dohrmann and Beckman units. The Shimadzu 4000 is for continuous monitoring. The 5000 has historically been the general purpose high-sensitivity analyzer of choice. However, for studies were TN is required, our TOCV is the instrument to use.

Operation & Maintenance

Relevant Methods and SOPs

Fundamentals of TOC


Unit Identifiers

Name Model # Ser# UMA#
Carbon Analyzer
TOCV TOC-VCPH 638-91062-32 138000
ASI ASI-V 638-93141-04 138001
Nitrogen Module
TNM TNM-1 638-91065-01 138002


  • Ken Mercer, Boning Liu, Cynthia Castellon, Kirsten Studer
  questions or comments: Dave Reckhow